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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wanna get lucky?

Sometimes I enjoy reading Psychology Today. The articles are insightful and thought provoking although I'd rather believe there is something more magical, more ethereal going on than is speculated in the pages of my favorite Psyc Mag.

Psychology Today, while interesting and less textbooky than it used to be, still relies heavily on studies of the great known.

I find the great unknown kinda kicky.


I was laying on the couch trying really, really hard to ignore a commercial for Dance Your Ass Off because they were promoing the Pole Dancing segment. Now, I thought Dance Your Ass Off (Non-Pole Dancing) was the worst concept ever, but I was mistaken.

Pole Dance Your Ass Off is much worse.

I grabbed for anything within reach to occupy my mind for the few agonizing minutes of commercial interruption. I ended up with Psychology Today Magazine, August 2009. One of the cover stories "4 Traits of Lucky People" intrigued me.

lucky people

See, luck fascinates me. Optimism, too. And Pole Dance Your Ass Off was mercifully reduced to a haranguing din in the background.

I agreed with the premise of the article albeit a bit differently here and there and I think the same qualities apply to optimists.

1. Break Routine - Breaking routines is important. It gives you a new perspective and yes, it does offer opportunities. It also helps you learn to deal with and embrace change. When people think of luck, most are thinking of good things they don't have. Getting what you want almost always involves some sort of change.

Change may be the single most important factor in luck.

2. Turn Bad Into Good - Oh! So true and a tough one for me because I have been told I do this too fast. When someone is telling me something awful that happened I'm all in their face (or that is how they feel I'm told) about how it's not that bad, or could have been worse, or this is how to turn it around, or here is how to go ahead, or okay than put a period there and move on.

As my therapist has (had to) gently reminded me about a gajillion times: Tracy, people aren't ready to move on as fast as you.

3. Follow your gut - I've never thought of it this way but it makes sense to me. If you are true to yourself than the decisions you make will always be right for you no matter the outcomes.

4. Look up - Oh yes. I'm like so there. It's like when I say to someone, It's raining and they say, of course it's raining its my day off. I so don't get that. I don't even understand what it's like to live knowing the Universe is conspiring against you. And why?

Do you know what my son calls the parking space closest to anything? Mommy's space. It's sort of a family joke. We will pull into a parking lot go towards the front of the lot and someone will yell, Yep, there's Mommy's space.

And there it is. Right next to the entrance of where we are going. Or not all that far. Now, do I think people drive by that space and go, Oh we can't park there that's Mommy's space? No, I'm not psychotic. Well, not most days. What I do think is most people pull into the lot and take the first space they see because....Why?

There's never a spot in the front, right?

Not me. I just assume that 50% of the parking spaces are near the entrance and 50% of them are farther away. People come and go and the people in the nearer spaces go too.

The difference is I try. That's the only difference. I don't assume things won't go well. That's all it takes.

How 'bout just for today you assume everything will go in your favor?

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Yoplait Thick and Creamy Gift Photo


Friday, July 17, 2009

It's not nice to fool with the internet

My blog's been down for the last 24 hours.

I decided to point it in another direction and while I did point it somewhere, a parallel suburbia most likely, it wasn't anywhere that my laptop, the lovely Loralie, could find.

I really don't know what happened.

All I can say is once you start altering @'s and WWW's and CNAMES and gigawhatnot's there is no easy way to back out.

The bottom line is no matter how many VentiCaramelMochaFrappaXanaxAdvilachinos you drink while ignoring the blank white page that used to be your blog and waiting for it to work itself out?

It won't.

You have to combat-gear up, go back in and unswallow the blue pill.

And I freely admit to several lapses of calm in the process.

Ginger's new muffin (bed)

Ginger however was fairly bored with the hullabaloo.

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Yoplait Thick and Creamy Gift Photo


Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Yoplait Yogurt twist of fate stationary giveaway

Isn't fate a funny thing?

Remember when I joined Weight Watchers a week ago?

And oh, I lost 5 pounds the first week! And yes, I know that kind of weight loss won't keep up and I won't be saying I lost 5 pounds every week but hey, I really enjoyed writing that once.

The night I joined I went to the grocery store to buy some foods that were light and I liked. There is no point in filling your fridge with 2 calorie foods that you can't bear to eat.

One of the foods I got was Yoplait yogurt, which is the funny twist of fate part, so please bear with me here (there is a giveaway at the end for two of you). I got my Yoplait thick and creamy lights home and put one in the freezer because I like my yogurt slightly frozen.

The next morning I opened my email just like every other morning ...and there was an offer from the Yoplait people. They wanted to send me a free Thick & Creamy yogurt which was way cool and very timely. And clearly they didn't know I already had about 5 in my fridge! But that wasn't even the end of it. They also wanted to send me stationary and a pen.

I don't think I've spoken of my love for all things stationary? My ridiculous ability to aimlessly walk the aisles at Staples? My joy in finding new Post-It notes? My thing for Paper Planners? My love of pens? Oh man. I have a serious issues with these things.

And even that wasn't all.

The Yoplait people also want to send two of my blog readers sets of the stationary from Galison. And It's really adorable.

Yoplait Thick and Creamy Gift Photo

Will you look at those note cards?

That squeel-worthy stationary in the middle?

And on the left?

Those are all different sizes of post-its in the cutest permutations ever.

And a pink pen. I mean. Pink.

Pink as the Barbie Convertible I wanted when I was 8 and never got.


The stationary got me all off track. That's what happens to me every time.

Back to the yogurt! I took my coupon out this morning with the intention of getting another yogurt and perhaps doing something different with it. So I give you:

Yoplait Frozen Key Lime Pie Graham Cracker Smacker Stackers


Pardon my picture - I was experimenting with how much to put between the graham
crackers. Even though a few are yummily overloaded I still wanted some photographs.

1 carton key lime pie light thick and creamy yoplait yogurt
1 container vanilla no sugar pudding (refrigerated - single serve)
4 Tbsp light or no sugar cool whip
juice of half a lime
zest of half a lime

graham crackers

Mix together the yogurt and the pudding. When incorporated well add lime juice. Mix again and add the zest.

Add cool whip. Mix until just incorporated. Don't over mix as cool whip tends to disintegrate.

Break graham crackers in half and put about tablespoon (no more than two tablespoons) of the lime yogurt mixture on half of the graham crackers. Let them set, untopped in the freezer for about 15 minutes before topping them with another half of a graham cracker. Put them back in the freezer until you're really to gobble them up. *

I just had one and they are really really yummy. Mmmmm. Major Guilt-free Noms.

Cool and light, very refreshing and summery. Very much like an ice cream sandwich but crispier and not as dense. I've also got another flavor in mind for the Yoplait berry flavor I bought. I'm thinking Yoplait mixed berry yogurt and chocolate graham crackers, whatcha think?

Please leave me a comment for an entry and as always Ginger will be monitoring the giveaway. She's been sleeping during the last few and I've figured a way to keep her on top of this one.



I've put my laptop beside her muffin and she has a view of it all the time.

The one problem I'm having is she's discovered the laptop is toasty and now she want's to sleep on it, and she drools, but you can't have everything as they say.

So ginger will be monitoring the Stationary Giveaway from her new bed, my laptop.

If you want you can tell me something:

Maybe something you do with yogurt?

Maybe if you have a problem with stationary too?

Maybe how you explain to tech support that your computer wasn't exactly immersed in water but you dog just drooled on it?

Please one comment per person or I send Ginger to your house to drool on your computer.

And please leave your email or subscribe to this post or I won't be able to find you!

The entry period for this giveaway has ended - winners will be announced shortly.

* I did add a schooch of green food coloring to the smacker stackers because I was going to be taking the pictures. It's not necessary to do, they are a pretty very very pale green without the coloring*


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why it's Retro Tuesday again!


I awoke before the crack of dawn and pulled out my stack of estate sale magazines. Even though I've looked at them dozens of times in the last few weeks they never get old. Well, they are old but y'all know what I mean. They are fascinating.

Today I noticed how empty the kitchens looked in late 40's - 50's advertising. At first I thought photo-stylists hadn't yet been invented or advertising wasn't all that sophisticated but you know what I think it is?

The tolerance we have for visual clutter is just so much higher now. Granted there is more disposable income - although now, not so much - but I think 60 years ago people bought what they needed and shopping wasn't an activity.

The first ad is from a House Beautiful, 1961 and the main cover story was a 52 page spread on Remodeling, Adding, and Restoring. There were a fair amount of color ads in this issue. The bulk of print advertising I've been seeing is black and white but perhaps an issue on remodeling got advertisers to put up the big bucks for color.

My Retro Tuesday ad is for Frigidaire Dishwashers and I love the color. I spent a lot of happy childhood time in a kitchen with a dishwasher this color. My best friend's mom loved aqua and this was the color of her appliances and kitchen chairs.

It wasn't only the dishwasher that got to me. All that stuff in the dishwasher started releasing my endorphins like a loading dose of zoloft. If I could find all those plates, cups and what-nots I'd adopt them all, give them names and call them my children.


In case you were wondering about it; I do look at the black and white ads. Here is one from the same magzine to prove it.

Forgive me.

I'm so sorry.


I can't quite get a handle on what you do with this, exactly. Although, I do get what you do with this, generally. And to the dudes who made this thing? You have to mount it on your wall? How awful would that moment of conversation be for your children to explain to their friends?


The written description sort of made sense in a disturbing, creepy sorta way. But when I examined the picture I couldn't make any sense at all of the knobs, dials, hoses and accouterments.

Near as I can figure you can give yourself an enema while douching and simultaneously bathe your baby.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Why I love community cookbooks...

Perfect example.

This one?


Is a community cookbook from a hospital in the 60's

There are a bunch of pages in the beginning about health, dieting, calories and illnesses as well as some cooking stuff. This being a hospital and all I guess they were going for health.

But the first page of the cookbook proper is household hints. The first hint is this:


And the first recipe is this:


Is it just me? Or is it just bizarre that the first hint is about an ashtray? And that the very first recipe (that has followed a whole section on diets, calories and health) contains:

31 eggs
1 pound of ham
1 pound of bacon
1 pound of salami
1 pound of pepperoni
1 pound of famer's cheese
and a cup of oil or Spry (which is like Crisco, I think)

and that's almost all there is?

I mean. What in the world could this have tasted like?

Or felt like when it hit your stomach for that matter?


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