The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2009-04-26

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is this the look of a dog that just doodied in a gym bag?

ginger and the doody in the gym bag...

Yesterday Ginger and I were in the car and she's not great in the car. It's not that she gets sick, I've had dogs that threw up if they had to go on car rides longer than 25 feet, that's not her issue. Ginger barks at everyone and everything. People, dogs... bicycles ....leaves...mailboxes...fuzz.

Ginger's thing is to run all over the car, frantically. I have to take her collar off in the car because once she hung herself on the gear shift.


I had to pull over and disengage her before she disengaged me.

But yesterday we were driving along uneventfully; she was quiet and I wasn't paying much attention. All of a sudden I said to her, Man, someone must have hit a skunk, Ginger....

A mile later I'm thinking I must be getting close 'cause it smells much worse now....

Than I catch a glimpse of Ginger in the rear view mirror, have a horrible realization and turn around to take a peek.

And see...

Doody on my back seat.

Than I look a little to the left and see...

More doody on my back seat....

And realize, to my horror, there is a whole Hansel and Gretel Bread Crumb Doody trail all the way to the gym bag...

Quick as a bunny, I pull over, get out of the car and look in (cause I'm not touching that bag)...

And yes, there is even more doody in the bag. And a truly impressive amount of doody it was considering my dog weighs 10 pounds and there was a whole doody preamble before the actual doody constitution.

So I ask you again....

Is this the look of a dog that just doodied in a gym bag?
Oh yes. It is.

And I implore you... If you ever see this look...
Don't touch the bag.


What's in my pantry for dinner? canned cream of potato soup (and randomly... whats in my powder room)

This is something I rarely have.

I got two of them over the week-end for a recipe. I ended up only making half the recipe. A good thing, in retrospect, because it fit more easily down my garbage disposal.


I hate to do that... I try to salvage things if I can... but this?


This had to go.

I'm now left with a can of Campbell's Cream of Potato soup and decided to fashion a Stuffed Baked Potato Soup out of it.

But lightly.

As delish as a loaded stuffed baked potato is... I feel like a load after eating one, so I'm going to try and lighten the fat content.

I've named the recipe...

' Cream of Loaded Baked Potato Soup That Doesn't Make my Ass Look Fat' Soup

The recipe is (so simple) more of a method really and you don't have to use the light and low fat version if you don't want too. The main thing is really to make it pantry and use what you have:

One can of Campbells Cream of potato soup
One 29 ounce can of white potatoes (rinsed, rinsed, rinsed so they don't taste like can) and diced
Fat Free Half and Half - about 2 cups
salt and pepper

Heat the potato pieces with the condensed soup until hot (There are a lot of potatoes and not so much soup at this point. Heat slowly on low). Add the fat free half and half. You can't boil the fat free version of half and half like you can the regular version - it will break. Once you add it, get a good heat on...but don't boil!

Garnish with:

Reduced or fat free Sour Cream
Crispy cooked bacon or turkey bacon
A toss of reduced fat or regular shredded cheddar


Served the soup with a grilled cheddar sandwich, on an onion roll, with a sprinkle of crispy bacon. I grilled the sandwiches in a Pam sprayed pan and smoooshed them down so they were flat like paninis.

The verdict?

Oh! This was good. Very good. To me it tasted just like a loaded baked potato. This recipe, like stuffed baked all about the garnishes.

If you want a to be totally authentic don't use canned potatoes - no matter what you do they remain a bit canny...but really, this is GOOD, even with the canned potatoes I had in my pantry.

This was as good or better than a lot of soups I've paid for in restaurants.


This is so totally random but I was thinking that I had posted in March about how I painted my kitchen back splash . I'd lived in this house at least 10 years and had the same old builder's paint everywhere. I had a drawer full of paint chips and walls full of yuk. I don't know if you've ever had new construction but builder's paint is not only unwashable but if you try to clean it, the paint come off.

Oddly the only way to deal with dirt is to leave it.

So one day I got all the craft paint I had in the house (which thankfully was not fuchsia, tangerine and puce) and had at my walls. I figured the worst that could happen would be that I would have to paint.

Which I already did.

I started with the kitchen back splash and than moved onto the powder room. I've never regretted either decision and I'm still really happy with both places.

In the powder room I used yellows, whites, golds and tans. It does have a metallic glaze so it's a bit shiny in the pictures. Well, mostly that first picture ... but it's close.




Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ever think of using a ped-egg?

Yeah me too, with some unintended consequences....

Nine of them to be exact.

See this?


That's my toe covered with duct tape.

Want to know what that has to do with a Ped -Egg?

Read on....

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time... I checked out all the warnings and precautions...

• For intended use only
• Do not use on irritated, inflamed or infected skin, or on open wounds.
• Do not use if you are diabetic or have poor blood circulation.
• Do not use if metal becomes rusted, bent or damaged, injury may result.
• Consult a physician before use if any skin conditions exist.
• Intended for use on callused feet only, do not use on uncallused, smooth skin.
• Seek medical attention if skin becomes severely irritated or bleeds.
• As a personal care product, Ped Egg™ is not recommended to be shared or used by more than one person.

Check, check, check on all of that... except for one thing... Apparently I had a small plantar's wart I didn't know about.

And than there were five... All in a neat little line

Sort of like how I used the Ped-Egg...

And than I got four more...because warts spread like a cold in a day-care facility.

The one on my toe is the only one left. It's covered with mediplast and duct tape. Which is how I got rid of the other eight.

It wasn't the Ped-Eggs fault because clearly the Ped-Egg wasn't meant to be used on warts. But C'mom. There is a point when they are so small you really don't know you have them. And I hadn't had one in....Oh? Decades? I was thinking more about my soon to be smooth and silky feet... not so much my soon to be wart covered feet.

So, would I use one again?

That would be a no.

Although it's rockin' effective for spreading warts.

If the need to do that ever arises...


10 Really Random things about me...

1. The only food I can't stomach is pumpkin. When I was 16 I went to my than boyfriend's grandmother's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I'd never had pumpkin pie before so they sliced me up a piece big enough to make up for those lost 16 years.

I'd never had anything so awful in my whole life. I thought I was being strangled by a gooey crusted paste of cloves and orange. Of course, being 16 I wanted to be polite and managed to get it down without tossing my entire dinner back onto the table. A remarkable feat, really.

I might not have been pumpkin-scarred for life if the torture ended there but seeing I'd eating the whole thing ("And so fast, too! Rosie, get the girl another slice!") they served me up another piece. And this one was even bigger. It was monstrous. It was monolithic... It was the most elephantine slice of gargantuan crusted orange mucilage imaginable.

I can't look at a piece of pumpkin pie without gagging.


2. My 3 favorite party appetizers are:

  • A bowl of Nutella next to a bowl of pretzel sticks (Heaven, I tell you!)*
  • A platter with a loaf of French Bread, a wheel of Brie Cheese and a jar of Hot pepper jelly.*
  • A bowl of chips and a dip made of Ranch dressing mixed with salsa.*

*If you haven't had Nutella, you haven't tasted heaven. It's sort of peanut butter, all growed up. It's a mix of hazelnuts and cocoa.... And with the salty thing pretzels have going on ...Mmmm! Get the smallest jar you can or you will be sorry and find yourself sitting on the couch eating with a spoon... and in the bed...and in the tub....

*The french bread, brie, hot pepper jelly thing has the same salty, sweet, savory, creamy thing going on. And - I've also done it with crackers instead of bread and cream cheese instead of Brie (actually sometimes I put out both because not everyone likes Brie). And the hot pepper jelly? Mmmmm... I've gotten several brands, this is one I like, but not the only one. I like brands that are as hot as they are sweet.

The ranch dressing/ salsa dip is mixed by taste. Start with half a bowl of ranch and start adding salsa to taste. It's so good and it's a rockin' spread for sandwiches and burgers too. And for tacos... And for pretzels... And for nachos... And it's so tasty you can easily use reduced fat Ranch dressing.

3. Ginger, our Mini-Pain is actually a pure bred miniature pinscher. We got her when she was 4, she's now 14. She had a series of homes and was rescued at one point from a 72 hour kill dog pound in New York City. Lasting, loving pets don't always come in the form of puppies...


I are royalty....

4. In High School French Class I was assigned to do a report on Notre Dame.

The Cathedral in Paris

I did a report on

Notre Dame University.

It was an oral report. I had the option of doing a written report but that would have to be written in French which was, of course, out. She let me go on a while, not to be mean, but because the woman was just in shock.

She stopped me when I started talking about "The Fighting Irish."

5. In the month of March I had surgery on both my eyes.

6. I'm an artist/ photographer.... The cartoons I post are my own creations.

I used to paint more or less realistically.

Satisfylingly Lemony Deux

But when I started to lose my sight I moved to looser more abstract painting...

Much closer up of shredded comic piece

I've decided to name this after my favorite poem INVICTUS            "...and bring a living will if you have one...."and if that little gem won't freak you out I dont know what will....

An update on the Teal blue gray putty and black WIP 3

Red square on blue with mica

And I quite love them....

7. I haven't gotten all my eyesight back. I still need laser on both eyes so I'm not able to really do photography the way I'd like but these are some of my older favorites.

On giving and generosity...

The Secret Sits

Beauty is in the simplicity

Walking away....

8. I am ridiculously early for everything. Yesterday I was on time for a dental hygiene appointment. My appointment was for 10 and I got there at, ya know, 10. But for the rest of the day I was so totally off because I felt late all day... not having made it there with 30 minutes to spare.

9. I'm not that jazzed about chocolate. No, really, it's true. I mean I like it but the way I hear other people talk about it... I know I don't feel the same visceral thing... On the other hand I am crazy-addicted to Ramen noodles and Bubble tea. Neither of which I indulge in very often because my pants don't fit already.

10. I lived on an island for 2 years when I was a kid. Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Mid-Pacific ocean... Around the equator. Can we talk hair-frizz here?


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I've seen this look before

peeking ginger

Mommy, I doodied under the dining room table


CSM Featured Website - Teacup Parenting

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Vanessa has been featured on CNN, CBS 4 Miami and Fox 5 New York and has been in the Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, Atlanta Insite Magazine, the World Journal and many other media outlets (see our press page). She has been an expert on numerous radio programs including Playboy Radio, KBUR, WCOJ Philadelphia and more for giving a young perspective on awesome parenting.

Teacup Parenting: Is your Child too Fragile? Here I delve into the four different types of kids I see today and what their pitfalls and strengths are!

This article is by Vanessa Van Petten who runs a parenting blog written from the kid's perspective with 20 teen writers. Their goal is to give parents a secret view into the world of kids and youth.

*Some content from*


Monday, May 4, 2009

Ma. Your hair it's....

Ma, Your's...

I know, I just spent the day at an outdoor rummage sale... in the rain. 100% humidity...and...

But Ma, your hair, its...

A mess?

Yeah but...


Yeah but...

Frizzy? Curly? What?

You know what a Q-tip looks like when it comes out of a persons ear?

Oh, ew... C'mon...

No, I mean a clean ear. Without all the ear goo on it. Wait... Let me go get a Q-tip, I'll show you.

No, no... I don't want to know anymore. I'm going to go shower now and fix my hair and wash off the thoughts of ear goo.


Where is the justice?

Okay. Time for a reality check.

I knew a mans hair got thinner as they aged but I didn't know it happened to women.

Except, of course, on your chin where it grows lush and luxuriant.


I'd always thought these break-outs would stop eventually. And someday I would stop having to peruse the pimple cream aisle for the next break-through that promised to work.

And I never (NEVER!) expected to be sharing pimple cream with the child I birthed. That's just wrong.


I certainly never expected to STILL be breaking out at a time when I pee if I sneeze.

I mean, where is the justice?

Will I be standing at the CVS check out and realize my cart is full of Clearasil, Depends and tweezers?

And it's all for me?

And as awful as that is...All I can think is, Please don't let me sneeze in the store....


A positively ballular parking job...

I was doing some on-the-permit driving with my boy yesterday.

He needs the practice.

He really needs the practice.

I'm so disappointed in myself because I assumed I would be such a cool mom about teaching my kid to drive.

My own father, an exceeding patient man in all things could not handle teaching his own kids to drive. The nail marks on the front passenger seat of my first car?

A testament to his horror.

It was partially my fault because I talked him into letting me get a stick shift in my first car.

I couldn't drive a standard shift and he hadn't driven one since World War II.

That was a disaster of apocalyptic proportion in the making. The first time he took me out in my brand new used car, he explained carefully what I was to do. I did a lot of nodding and eye-rolling than got in the driver's seat, somehow got into first gear and once I was moving threw the thing smack into reverse.

I don't have total recall of the entire horrifying fracas that ensued. Only vague feelings and impressions of those awful moments that followed and a weird memory of what sounded like an automobile actually sobbing.... the gears grinded, the car bucked, and finally the engine emitted an almost human-like whine.

I could see the plumes of smoke billowing out from under the hood... And from somewhere, seemingly far away, like a dream, I could hear Dad screaming all manner of awful things. And every sentence ended with... And I knew it too, damn it.

I only heard Dad swear a few times and it was always about my cars.

I would be cooler. Oh, so much cooler. But I'm not. I go with my son and I'm gelatinous ooze. All I can think of are those anti-psychotics I've been saving for a rainy day.

And how I hope they haven't expired.

So there I was the other day clutching the passenger seat a la Dad and the boy was driving to his destination. (At least there was an end planned to this madness; I couldn't have handled endless touring) When, finally, we got the the blessed end of the line, he parked, got out, surveyed his parking job and said, Oh man, that is SO ballular.

'Scuse me?

Look! See how straight I parked?

And indeed he had.

I'd forgotten he'd taken to calling all things extraordinary, ballular.

Males are so odd aren't they? Can you imagine a woman doing the equivalent of that?

I can't.

I've tried to imagine the scenario ... You know, maybe one friend is showing another the Vera Bradley purse she just got?

But I can't see a conversation where one says:

Tiffany, look at my new Villager Vera Bradley bag! I'm in love with it...Is it boobular, or what?

And Tiffany says... OH MY GOD... To die for... positively labial!

I mean.... Yuk, right?

Yet, to my son....and his friends, ballular makes perfect sense.

Testosterone. Clearly a strange and mysterious thing.


Oh I bought too much... to eBay we go...

In between the pointless job of trying to get my old fiberglass sink clean (although I don't think that is even possible) I want to post some of my VNA Rummage Sale Scores!

I was overwhelmed by the amount of things, because I knew it wouldn't be back until October and because the rain just beat me down.

And so I bought too much and I think I see eBay in my future. I don't know what to do with some of the cookbooks. The older obscure ones that are, frankly HUGE!

So here goes...

These I needed


They are vintage Sweet N' Low bowls with little spoons and I'm using one for
splenda and one for German Rock Sugar

These I needed too


I'm using the green new copy of jadeite sugar pourer for sugar
and the adorable creamer or syrup dispenser thingy for cream

This I didn't need


another syrup dispenser...
what was I thinking?

And some amazingly great vintage cookbooks


It's from 1959 and I couldn't pass it up but after getting it home I realized I have no room for a cook book thats bigger than my ottoman with over 1500 pages. sigh.

I mean....look at this thing




I think this is going on eBay

This too...


It's from the 1940's I think...


pages and pages of bakery sized recipes for all kinds of goodies...


must be 100's of recipes


I think I'm listing that too because what am I going to do with it?

And these too...


first printing



I clearly bought a bit too much. Check ebay for these listings...


CSM Featured website - Radical Parenting - Cotton Candy Friends

Vanessa Van Petten was 17 when she wrote her parenting book from the teen’s perspective, called “You’re Grounded!. She is now on a national speaking tour, reaching out to both parents and teenagers talking about what young people really wish adults knew about them.

Her blog and company:, which she runs with 15 other teen writers, is read by thousands of teens and adults daily and has been featured on hundreds of other parenting sites around the web as the only teen written parenting blog.

Vanessa has been featured on CNN, CBS 4 Miami and Fox 5 New York and has been in the Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, Atlanta Insite Magazine, the World Journal and many other media outlets (see our press page). She has been an expert on numerous radio programs including Playboy Radio, KBUR, WCOJ Philadelphia and more for giving a young perspective on awesome parenting.

The featured article today is Cotton Candy Friends How social networking, IMing, texting and the Internet are changing teen’s friendships

This article is by Vanessa Van Petten who runs a parenting blog written from the kid's perspective with 20 teen writers. Their goal is to give parents a secret view into the world of kids and youth.

*Some content from*


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fricton, it's a bitch...

The joy of chafing...


Saturday, May 2, 2009

I hate my hair...

I did this card years ago.

No one is ever happy with their hair....

It's not just me, is it?


mothers day give a way link back

Ohhhhh giveaways!


Mothers Day 2009


I have to get rid of these hot dogs before I have to get rid of these hot dogs...

I had a realization after watching the video of Clara, a 93 year old gramma who does you tube videos of depression era recipes.

Oh! No! I've got half a pack of hot dogs in the fridge.

That may not seem like a big deal to you but I've had childhood Hot-Dogs-Gone-Bad trauma. (If you have a strong stomach here's the post.) I've seen the dark side of wieners. I've seen what happens when Hot Dogs Go Bad.

What got me going with this was Clara's recipe for Poorman's Meal. The recipe is hash brown potatoes with hot dogs.

And while I didn't have everything I needed in my pantry, I had to get rid of those hot dogs before I had to get rid of those hot dogs.

Clara used fresh potatoes but the store I went to had some especially shady looking tubers. Kind of wrinkly, kind of old and just this side of green. I thought of checking out another place but living frugal isn't always about getting the best price. If I have to drive 10 more miles to find some good looking 'taters, it's not very cost effective.

I looked around for an alternative and got a good price on big cans of potatoes. Canned potatoes are easy to work with, easy to prep and easy to store. And fairly cheap too. I got some big cans (over a pound each) for $1.39.

Clara's recipe was very easy. A simple hash. She cut the potatoes up, added onions, sauteed it all, and added the hot dogs. You just cook it all until done (and crispy).

I didn't do that smooth a job of it and I will make it again but I learned a few things.

Using the canned potatoes was a time saver but it made them hard to brown. Short of deep frying them; putting them in a hot (450 degree) oven was the only way to get them brown and crispy.

While it was in the oven I had an Aha! moment... Next time I will do the whole shebang in the oven from the start... it be quicker, easier, and use less oil, too.

So, this is the recipe.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees

Line a cookie sheet with foil.

Drain and rinse and dry 2 large cans of potatoes. Cut up the potatoes if they aren't cut up. (Note:If you don't rinse them well they will taste like the inside of a can and if you don't dry them it will be like trying to crisp up a sponge. You have been duly notified.)

Dice a medium to large onion

Slice up how ever many hot dogs you want - at least half a pack

Put the potatoes on the lined cookie sheet. If you have much more than a single layer (I did) it's better to use more than one cookie sheet (I don't have more than one and that was a huge part of my browning problem).

Saute the onion in a some oil and than add to the potatoes

Add the cut up hot dogs

Put the cookie sheet into the oven and cook until everything is all brown and crispy. You will want to stir everything around once in a while so everything gets evenly browned and looked like this but browner... this was a test-run. When I make this again I will make this much browner and crispier.


This is the kind of recipe that I love because it's more a method than something exacting. You can cook the potatoes as brown and crispy and you like... lots of onion or a little. Add peppers if you love them... Sausage? Kielbasa? Corned Beef? Yep, yep , and yep...all would work.

I think a mix of sweet and white potatoes would be delish with some chicken sausage and maybe some thyme?

And this is a great pantry recipe because it's very easy recipe to change depending one what you have in the house (or need to use up) that day.


Visiting Nurse Association Flea Market - Score!

The VNA of Somerset County has a rummage sale every spring and fall and it's a huge deal. I've only gone once before but it's irresistible. I mean, what's not to love? Crap-loads of other


There are stalls of housewares, books, holiday things, furniture, clothes, expensive things (called Bon-Ton, what does Bon-Ton mean?) and much more... And everywhere the smell of port-a-potties and the sight of burgers fills the air.


Switch that last thing.

But, seriously, it's fabulous. I, still a novice, forgot my stash of sturdy bags and rolling devices. But it still rocked. This time it's running May 1, 2, 3 and all week I was thinking it started today. Than yesterday I got on the computer and realized - Holy Yard Sale, Batman! It going on now.

Thinking it was Friday and everyone was at work, plus the rain, I would have no trouble getting in. Silly, silly me. The line just to get on the line to get on the line to turn left onto the street was taking so long that the woman, all by herself, in the car in front of me was screaming her fool head off.

Good thing too. It was most entertaining during my long wait to get onto the line to get into the line to make that left.

Once I got in and actually had to park? Now that wasn't quite that much fun. Wanna see where I ended up parking?

That's right.
See my car?

However, after I strolled the leisurely 30 or 40 mile amble over to the sale I forgot all about having to park in a different hemisphere. And I was blissed out.

The first place I hit was the kitchen stall after waiting on the line to get in for at least 20 minutes. I let the lady in front of me let her friend in cause. ..

Lady in front of me: I'm holding a spot for my friend, I'm just letting you know, you don't mind do you?

I thought: Oh hell no. And while your texting her to tell her your getting close to the entrance why don't text your whole family and tell them to C'mon Down! Or how 'bout you and your friend get in line behind me? I've been holding that space for the two of you. Let's ask the lady behing me, shall we?

I said: 'Course not (because I'm such a weiner)

But I got in finally, after those two, and fed my kitchenalia sickness. And than moved on to the book stall where I bought some old cookbooks ( feeding the kitchenalia monster some more.)

I'll put of the pictures in another post soon but I'll leave you with this one. It came with a cookbook sponsored by Crisco and it's from 1959.


I totally love the vintage illustrations.

Well, most of them.

This one...


On the fried chicken page...

Is it me or does that woman look like Snow White on crack? And as to that poor chicken, all twisted and deformed, limbs askew.

I think it got one look at Snow and died of fright.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Pole Dancing Stripper Chicken Breast A La Stealth Result and a bonus...

Okay so the Pole Dancing Stripper Spicy Chicken Breasts A La Stealth is done and it's really good! The recipe is here.


When it was done crock potting, I took the chicken out and shredded it. And I must say cooking Pole Dancing Stripper Chicken Breasts this way was a really good idea because:

1. White meat tends to dry out and cooked this way, in all that tomatoy goodness, and than shredded? Not dry.

2. They were so big they would have taken forever to cook any other way so see # 1 and multiply by 1000.

3. These were so big that any recipe calling for a chicken breast was calling for these chicken breasts prepubescent younger sisters.

4. It's the perfect stealth dish. I put an entire can of fat free refried beans in there and you can't taste it.

5. When I told the boy I was making it he said, WORD! Which is a good thing, if you didn't know.

As to the recipe I used. I made it as it was stated in the prior post. The only thing I did by taste was at one point I tasted it and all I tasted was 'hot'. Not incendiary hot, send in the fire extinguisher... but there wasn't really - as Rachael Ray says - any flavor in the background that makes them go, Hmmmmm?


I was sure there were actually flavors in there but the 'hot' was covering them so I added a bit more sugar, covered the crock, let it cook a little and retested. After that I could taste the garlic, the spices (pleural) tomato...etc. So when in doubt add some sugar first...

This is hot but it sn't blow the back of your head off, hot. If your family likes incendiary food you will need to add something else for extra heat.

Also if you like cilantro and your family doesn't have any what-are-those-green-specks-in-the-food issues, I'd add that too.

Personally, I just don't want to hear about it.

On to the lime rice.

I make rice in a rice cooker. If you don't have one you're missing something great. While I have a lot of appliances out on my back porch that I was sure I need but are now waiting to go to Goodwill... my rice cooker I use all the time.

See, I cook a lot at one time. Divide it up in zip loc bags. Squeeze the air out, freeze them flat and than turn they vertical. It takes up hardly any room in my freezer, keeps great and I always have rice to serve.

I'm not sure of the brand I have but it was the one Martin Yan was pitching. It even came with a picture of Martin Yan on it. My son and his friend thought that was the best thing about my rice cooker and had a ridiculous amount of fun with the picture of Martin Yan, blackening a tooth and posting it as one of their Facebook profile pictures.

Boys, right? If I could only get them to use their powers for good....

Okay...on the the lime rice, for real this time. Like I said in the other post. Saute some rice in a little oil and butter (or either or), salt and pepper, and squeeze in some lime.

My son orders it all the time from Chipotle but the first time I made it for him he said, you didn't make it too limey did you? I was kind of confused because I thought that was the point. And I had made it limey.

Of course I said, Nope, not limey at all.

He ate it and the rest is history.

My son's verdict? He brought over the same friends that he brought over for the Bubble Pizza. It was a huge hit and proclaimed, The best thing ever. Well, all except for one girl who doesn't do spicy. I made her a ham and cheese sandwich.

No one suspected a can of beans inhabited their food. No foreign beanish flavors were detected. No beanile matter seen.

And as a bonus for anyone who is still reading... Bless you....

I made a second dinner tonight. The person who I chose to spend the rest of my life with, much like my son's friend, doesn't do spicy either.


It's too easy for a whole post. Let's just call it, I don't do spicy chicken, chicken... Take a whole package of chicken wings... salt and pepper both sides. Than sprinkle them with a little sugar. Both sides. Just a little, you're making chicken here, not creme brulee...

Heat oven to 400 and bake 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes put a spoon of Housin sauce on each peice and mush it around so the whole wing is covered, both sides and cook another 30 minutes.

They are really good. And very pretty :)

P.S. If you want some stealth cooking inspiration, these are the two books I have. I know there is another one, one that had some air time on Oprah... but I like this author best.


What's in the pantry today? Pole Dancing Stripper chicken breasts a La Stealth

I love Mexican food. Tex-mex. Thai. Indian. Until recently none of them crossed my cookware because it broke a variety of the picky eater commandments . But in the last year or so my son discovered Chipotle and my world has forever changed.

Bring on the peppers!

Granted, he only eats one thing there but I'm good with that... and I can make a reasonable version at home.

What he orders are soft tacos filled with a spicy chicken, and lime rice. I won't go so far to say it's a clone. It's not. Or maybe it is, I have no idea, I've never eaten there... But it makes my kid happy. It makes me happy and it's way cheaper than eating in a restaurant.

The down side is the person I chose to spend my life with won't eat it. No 'picy food there. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

So that's a big drag but like the saying can have anything, but you can't have everything.

I looked around the kitchen today and had the makings of the spicy chicken. I've made it different from time to time. I'm posting today's recipe because this is what I did today. Today, I had chicken breast, I usually don't. Today I had the packets of seasoning mix, I don't always have them. Today I even had the no-name brand of Ro-tel tomatos and jalepeno peppers. A rarity.

Use what you have, taste what you make and season it till you like it.

It works for me anyway.

Here's today's what's in the pantry recipe

4 Large boneless chicken breasts (These were huge. They weren't the dainty pre-cut, pre-shaped variety. These were some huge breasts. I'm serious. They looked like they had the chicken version of of a boob job. If there was such a thing as stripper chickens... The chickens that these breasts came from would have been hired to do pole dancing).


I'll stop now.

But I just know I'm going to have visions of pole dancing chickens all day.

1 Big (28 oz) Can tomatoes (diced, whole, whatever you like)

1 smaller can diced tomatoes and jalapeno peppers (I used the store brand copy of Ro-tel)

1 of those small packs of sauce mix - chili

1 of those small packs of sauce mix - taco seasoning

2 or more chopped up garlic cloves

1 can fat free refried beans

I want to pause here and give a shout out to stealth cooking.

"Hellooooo! Stealth cooking, I love you so!"

Ever trown stuff in a dish just 'cause it was good
for them? It didn't really 'go' with the recipe, per se. Well, I like to do that whenever I can. Did you know you can throw pureed carrots in pasta sauce and no one will know? And while your doing that add some pureed white beans. They add body, nutrients and no flavor.

It's perfect, really.

I know a lot of people are against stealth cooking on general principals. That kids (and adults) should just eat their veggies.

To that I say... Yeah, right.

I know you mean it with good intentions...but I'm happier knowing the kid is eating vegetables. I don't care if he is cognizant of that fact, or not.

Back to the recipe....

Better than Bouillon Beef flavored soup stock - 1 tsp on up, whatever it needs.

A few tablespoons of sugar.

All of that is in my crockpot at the moment, smelling rather wonderful, I might add. I'll be letting that cook all day. Tasting and adding this and that if I need to.

I'll do some pictures later.

As to the lime rice? Phhhhft!

I saute some cooked white rice a little butter and a little oil, add salt and pepper and some lime juice. No recipe needed. This is cooking. Cooking is an art, not a CSI storyline.


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