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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your votes will benefit a school - The sony WX1 Photo contest

Sony will be donating cameras to a school so if you don't want
to read the whole thing, please cut to the chase... I mean the end.

A while back I was on Twitter and saw this tweet go by me about a Sony/Technorati photo contest. It involved Sony sending me a camera to use for the contest and even though my first reaction was, Oh! yeah right that'll happen... I submitted my information and you know what?

I was picked to participate.

I was jazzed and couldn't wait. When I got the camera the directions for the contest said I had to use the sweeping panorama feature and the contest was for panorama shots only.

I was pretty much, say what? because I'd never taken a panorama shot in my life.


I read about the camera and found out this was a setting on the camera and basically involved me moving the camera horizontally. Pretty much, that's all that was required of me. I believe you can change the settings some but I didn't. What ever the factory panorama setting were, were the settings I used.

I've been posting some pictures lately using this camera (these are not in the contest!)...
I think you've seen them...

Remember Ginger's beach?


And my frosty rainbows?


This one too...


They were thanks to the panorama feature...

And you know, as much as people have been very kind and always say nice things about my photography? I think I've gotten the kindest compliments since I've started doing these panorama shots. And I'm so not kidding.

I will continue posting about the camera on my blog but as to the contest...
There will be a winner...

The winner will pick a school and Sony will donate cameras to the winner's choice of school. And how fabulous is that? So, please ... Go to WeSay where the contest is and vote for the photo or photos of your choice (or choices).


Ann 12/10/09, 5:17 PM  

That's a great contest. But even better are those shots. What a cool feature to have on a camera.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/10/09, 5:27 PM  

Ann, I know! Hope you went to the site and voted. Those weren't the contest photos!

Maureen 12/10/09, 9:11 PM  


Fresh Mommy 12/10/09, 10:17 PM  

Oh wow, these are amazing!! I'm glad you're in the contest, you've got a great shot at it... haha, no pun intended... but it works. :)

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