The Crazy Suburban Mom: Wizzypoo

Monday, December 21, 2009


I've mentioned my first cat, Whisky (but I called him Wizzypoo) a few times lately so I wanted write a post.

Wizzy-poo was a big pink indoor cat...


Who turned on the bathroom sink so he
could drink out of the faucet.

He loved to hang out in the windows
looking ... just looking.... for hours.


Although sometimes we went outside and he...


...Love every minute of it...


But his absolute favorite thing was....


Crouching in the high weeds waiting for
absolutely anything to go by!

I lost a lot of ankles that way.

Wizzypoo lived well into his teens and I've never replaced him.

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Maureen 12/21/09, 3:08 PM  

What a sweet cat. They must all be silly. I've always had dogs but I've had two cats for the last 4-5 years. What an adventure! Such silly creatures.

Charlotte 12/21/09, 6:11 PM  

I have a 6-toed cat named Oscar who has been amazingly tolerant of my children, who drag him all around house and let my daughter dress him in baby bonnets. Wizzy looks like a character as well.

RainGardener 12/21/09, 8:41 PM  

Whiskey looks like he was a very entertaining cat to have around. It's strange I love everyone elses cats but can't have one of my own. I think it's a power thing! LOL

Lin 12/21/09, 8:58 PM  

You can't "replace" Wizzypoo! Sheesh! You may get another cat someday, but there is no replacing your animal friends. I heart Wizzypoo. I like his stealth manner. :)

mama-face 12/22/09, 12:28 AM  

You have succeeded in making me want a cat-though I'm sure Wizzypoo was the best around. I love the photos.

heidi 12/22/09, 9:22 AM  

what an awesome kitty kat! love his name & his pinky aura!

Daisy 12/23/09, 8:45 AM  

Wizzypoo sounds like he was a fabulous kitty. Maybe it is time to consider getting another cat?! I think Wizzypoo would approve.

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