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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vintage Declutting

I think it needs to be vintage thingies decluttering Thursday....

And by the way, when did I accumulate things I never used? Can you tell me that? And how unfair is it that I have to sell things I adore because I have no room?

I really, really hate that.

I went to an estate sale a while back at an incredible house. Like some sort of kitchy time capsule. And I would have bought the kitchen table if I could have. All gray Formica marblized on top and all burnt orange sparklish chairs and I know that sounds weird but it so worked. And it was cluttered the way those kinds of houses usually are. And some creepy guy beat me to a garbage can filled with buttons and looked smug about it, besides.

But I enjoyed just the experience of being there and found these...


I got three big ones and three small. I since found out they are by Federal Glass, the amoeba pattern. I'm keeping the big ones because I am using them

And these...


I guess these were standard issue souvenir Florida glasses from the 50's and I loved them instantly. I never used them. Not once. I have this weird thing about frosted glass. I hate the way it feels and don't ever use glasses that are frosted. I thought I could get past it because I loved these glasses so much but I can't. I hung on to these for quite some time but than I got this last week....

syracuse china nordic mug and bread plates

and their big sisters...

syracuse china dinner plates in nordic

And I need the space so I'm listing the Flamingo glasses today on eBay....

And it's kind of sad that I have to let stuff go....

But I guess maybe it's kind of not if
someone else gets stuff they want.


Hope I can get over the sad part though.

Colorado Lady

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Vonlipi 12/17/09, 8:44 AM  

Oh my those glasses! I love the frosted ones, they are so tackily beautiful!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/17/09, 8:49 AM  

I know, I feel the same way. Totally but I have this aversion to frosted glasses. know some people, most people, cant stand the nails on a blackboard thing? I have the same aversion to frosted glassware. Plates too, matte plates. sigh.

Postcardy 12/17/09, 8:52 AM  

I love those glasses! They are great to look at, but I don't think I would use them either.

Miri 12/17/09, 10:07 AM  

Oh wonderful kitchy Florida souvenir glasses-that they're frosted just adds to their wonderfulness!

I too have gotten rid of things over the years and the many moves we've made...thing is now I can't always remember what's really gone and what's just packed away!

Maureen 12/17/09, 10:37 AM  

The amoeba glasses are awesome. Like you with the frosting thing (which I kind of agree with) I have an aversion to tapered glasses. Silly but true.

CC 12/17/09, 11:53 AM  

What a shame you didn't get the buttons, but what you got was wonderful. I love it all.

Carrie 12/17/09, 2:55 PM  

Oh-h the ameoba glasses are just a great design. Also, they should work well with the plates you found.
Happy holidays!

~~Carol~~ 12/17/09, 5:45 PM  

Wish I could see pictures of that kitchen. Sounds awesome! I loooove those blue glasses, and I'm betting those Florida glasses will bring you a pretty penny. And those plates. I can't remember the pattern, but I looove those plates too!
Merry Christmas and Happy VTT!

My Grama's Soul 12/17/09, 7:17 PM  

Love the Florida glasses. I had some similar ones here in AZ only they featured cactus.

Cheers to you,


Coloradolady 12/17/09, 9:36 PM  

Great glasses, but I can not give things away...or sell them...that is why my small house is busting at the seams!! Have a great VTT!

Manang Kim 12/17/09, 10:19 PM  

I love that frosted glasses...they are awesome to keep.

My VTT-Guitar

heidi 12/18/09, 12:37 AM  

all of these finds are fab. whatcha gonna drink out of the glasses [shot glass included in the question, of course]?

Keetha Broyles 12/18/09, 8:58 AM  

I just love those first two glasses.

Merry Christmas

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