The Crazy Suburban Mom: Return of Making Lemonade out of Dell

Monday, December 7, 2009

Return of Making Lemonade out of Dell

Part one Making Lemonade Out of Dell is here

I'm Fed-exing my Laptop back to Dell tomorrow for the forth (or third) time. I shot another email to the Dell higher-ups this morning in response to what's happened so far.


This is the email:

I received a call from what I assume is one of your escalation departments. I want to thank you for the quick call and I have taken his suggestion of sending the computer back once again. What he said was that Dell would try one more time and if the issue reoccurred again my laptop would be replaced with ' a refurbished unit'. I stopped him at that point and said that was entirely unacceptable and he told me that was all he could offer. I can only assume you did not forward my email to the 'executive level' escalation department if he was unable to offer me anything other than a used computer to replace the new one that I bought and never worked.


Sir, what part of implied federal warranty law does giving me a used computer to replace the expensive one I bought that never worked fulfill?


The computer is going back fed-ex, tomorrow. It is my hope that you will be REPLACING IT with a new and better unit - not a used unit and certainly not another unit of the same kind. Your attempts to fix it have been a year long inconvenience to me and to do this again and with your promise of a used unit on the back end is just insulting.


I wonder what will come back? A new, current model? My old computer that's been worked on four (or three) times? A new one of the model I have? Or a refurbished model of who knows what ilk?


This whole thing is chafing me something awful. I have an accidental warranty. A very expensive addition. Had I dropped the laptop out of my second floor window on the day the lawn guys were here and a lawn guy rode over it with the mower - five times, Dell would be replacing the computer.

Without this aggravation.

Had my son been using the computer in his car at Sonic while drinking a Rt. 44 Oreo blast and the gooey cookie goodness oozed inside all the way to the motherboard... and than in his freak of wrecking my laptop he threw the laptop out the window and a sonic waiter in skates roller bladed over it followed by a pick-up truck full of high school students drinking cherry limeade slushes driving over it causing mucho cherry limeade spillage in the ensuing fracas? .... Dell would send me a new one.

Without this aggravation.

Or, I took a shower - and had a brain snap - and forgot I wasn't supposed to take my laptop with me and than tripped on a bar of soap sending my laptop crashing on to the tile bathroom floor blasting it into a million computer-y bits? I'd have a new one.

Without this aggravation.


But I didn't do any of that. So how come I have aggravation when all I need is for Dell to fix a problem original to the unit and one that involves no cherry limeade spillage or involvement on my part whatsoever?


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Maureen 12/7/09, 3:25 PM  

Hear, hear (or is it here, here - hmmm, not sure)... well said.

@eloh 12/7/09, 4:15 PM  

Well done.

All I can afford or handle is whatever crap wally world puts on sale. When it dies...oh well.

@eloh 12/7/09, 4:48 PM  

What I meant to say before the real world interrupted me was... I shall stop coveting the Dell ads.

mama-face 12/7/09, 5:05 PM  

A refurbished one? ridiculous.

Good email; heads should roll. Hopefully the higher ups see it.

Shelle 12/8/09, 12:23 AM  

My Mum bought a dell and she hated it, had problems all the time. She lives in Australia, and I believe some of them are made in Malaysia.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/8/09, 8:15 AM  

Well, I have to say... I have two desktops ... two laptops and one mini - I wasnt so happy with the mini but it is what it is, not so bad. The desktops seem to be tanks - and really fine. One was very expensive one was pretty darned cheap. Like about $400. A great great deal. Both are like engergizer bunnies. That one laptop is the only problem.

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