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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Retro Tuesday on Wednesay with the pattern...

Yes, well... I'm late.

Things got a bit crazy after the dust storm (here).

I couldn't sleep tonight and there is some huge storm brewing (which has knocked out Direct TV) so I'm catching up on Retro Tuesday although I guess it's pretty much Wednesday so...

retro wednesday

I love vintage aprons and bought a few at estate sales. I really do need to wear them - I always fear 'ruining' them but they are for wearing, right?

Found an article this morning in an August 1953 Woman's Day about aprons and realized it was a 'get a jump' on your Christmas present making type article. Fun!
Normally these have a mail-away for the patterns but this article had patterns in the back of the magazine so I scanned them all and made small clickable images for anyone who sews!

The patterns are never there so I had to use it for retro Tuesday, I mean Wednesday. Vintage apron patterns from the 50's go for tons of bucks on eBay and I thought, why not just scan it and people can print it? Plus everyone who just likes the apron thing....can look at the aprons.


I wish sewed... I'm just an apron viewer...


They are adorable!


I would totally wear them. Or maybe I would be afraid of ruining them.

But I would totally want them.

And here are the directions! Just click!

Don't know if anyone wants to do retro tuesday on wednesday but...

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ladyjanewriter 12/9/09, 9:53 AM  

One-Yard Aprons are surprisingly easy. I know for a fact you could do those!

mama-face 12/9/09, 11:11 AM  

These are totally back in style now-they're EVERYWHERE. But, i guess you knew that. :)

Lynette 12/9/09, 12:14 PM  

my mom makes us homemade aprons all the time i love them!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/9/09, 12:56 PM  

Lady Jane - Well, technically perhaps but that would involve first a sewing machine and second another hobby which OMG - I do not need! And Im really not precise. Following patterns just drives me nuts.

mamaface - LOL, I love them and they are really popular, yes!

lynette! Thats totally cool!

JamericanSpice 12/9/09, 1:42 PM  

I used to make aprons in school and had to wear them in Home EC class too. I loved how cute mine was.

I have some cute ones now. I should let the kids wear them before they outgrow them!

heidi 12/9/09, 3:20 PM  

fantastic! i looooove aprons. almost [almost] wants to make me learn to sew...

Maureen 12/9/09, 4:27 PM  

All the rage! I want one! I've never owned an apron and if anyone should be covering themselves up in the kitchen, that would be me! I would need the chin to knee version! lol

Ann 12/9/09, 4:38 PM  

Although I've never worn an apron at home I remember the good old days when everyone wore them. These are really cool, I may have to make some. Thanks for sharing

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit 12/9/09, 7:51 PM  

Those are lovely! I think I should have an appropriately British themed one for the kitchen!

I hope the storm wasn't too bad where you are. It was pretty bad here today!

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