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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolutions, resolutions...resolutions...

Normally, I don't do the resolution thing. Ever.

But I just realized I've put a (yet another) decade behind me and am feeling all, Whoa! Where'd it all go? Didn't I just graduate high school? And than I say to myself, Um - No get a grip that was your kid.

Than I run screaming.

And time seems to move, I don't know... Quicker or something. So I'm feeling the need to make some changes.

So here is part 1 - I have a feeling there will be more tomorrow...

1. I will mail out the apron to Miss Vonlipi within 5 days. There I said it, now I have to do it. Damn procrastination.

2. I have been on a craptastic food fest over the last few weeks and I haven't been to weight watchers. Ergo, no Wednesday updates because ignorance is bliss and also makes for some, really really tight jeans. So for any of you that thought I was having some sort of diet-perfection. Ha! No way. But I'm back on track and have been since the week-end and you will have Weekly-update by January 13th...

3. I love my vintage stuff but I have to be more careful buying. It's nutsy-cuckoo to buy something that I can't use but don't want to sell and than have to sell it anyway for less than I paid. I mean, really...What's wrong with me? I've been in that situation a few times already and I can't pay to thrift. That's just stooooopid and makes zero sense. Less than zero actually. It's like paying people to take the stuff I buy. Um. Don't think so...


No one who doesn't sew needs skatey-eight jillion buttons.

4. And along with #3 - I have to list the stuff that's just laying around because #4 is really about clutter. I have to really work on the clutter this year. Can't take it anymore. Nope. Can't take it.


Even though Ginger adores hot laundry fresh out of the dryer...


It's still messy and if I'm being honest...I leave it way
longer than she's interested in it.

I guess it's time for the first declutter fest
of this decade...


Let the parade of garbage bags commence
as the Declutter fest of 2010 begins...


Lidian 12/30/09, 4:59 PM  

I will try and join you in the Declutter Fest next month, because it looks like I'm starting a Museum of Clutter, complete with basement archives. And the gift shop, specializing in mismatched gloves and half-empty hand sanitizer bottles, is right by the front door.

Maureen 12/30/09, 6:05 PM  

Doing the thrift store thing can really bog you down. I have spent 2 years downsizing and although I cut out about 80-85% it isn't hard to slip back into it. Now I stop and ask myself what I'm willing to get rid of to take this home or where are you going to sell it. I'm actually pretty good about it now. In case you're interested, there is a good book called 'It's All Too Much' by Peter Walsh. It's about more than collecting clutter but collecting other things too, like weight. I should probably re-read it. I'll be with you on January 13th.

Ginger is so darn cute.

heidi 12/30/09, 6:16 PM  

i'm w/you.
BUT i could use some of those buttons. i just started my button jar :)
ginger is too cool.

Lynette 12/30/09, 7:02 PM  

wanna do the same here....need to get rid of all these cobweb catchers. maybe I should send it all to you?

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/30/09, 7:11 PM  

Lidian - LOL! We have the same 'front door' gift emporium!

Maureen - I read it, isnt that awful? and Im still a mess...and his other one...does this clutter make my ass look fat?

Heidi - Nooooooo, no collecting! You'll regret it!

Lynette, I sent you an email just now!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit 12/30/09, 7:37 PM  

The first few sentences of this post sum up *exactly* how I'm feeling right now: where did time go? I feel like I need to get myself in gear, you know?

And I, too, am terrified of looking at the scales! Coincidentally I promised myself that I wouldn't have to look at the scale until 1/13... as long as I go to the gym every day from now until then!

Lin 12/30/09, 7:43 PM  

I'm not a "saver" per se, but it does take regular de-cluttering to help with that. I find paperwork has a way of collecting. Ugh.

I haven't made any resolutions yet, well, other than to lose weight. Again. Maybe join a gym? Nah. But I think about it a lot. Does that count?

mama-face 12/30/09, 8:16 PM  

Ha. I'm eleventy billion years older than you and I have no idea where the years between high school and today are. Looking forward to your part 2 list. :)

Frogs in my formula 12/30/09, 9:05 PM  

While you're on your Declutter Fest tour could you stop by my house? Please?

Mama Zen 12/30/09, 10:25 PM  

I'm in on the Declutter Fest!

Whimsical Creations 12/30/09, 10:48 PM  

I am sooo with you on declutter fest 2010!

And yes, time is going by way to fast!

EastCoastLife 1/1/10, 10:49 AM  

I need to join the Declutter Fest 2010 too. :P

My wishes for you,
Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
Peace for March,
No worries for April,
Fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec,
Have a lucky and wonderful 2010!

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