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Thursday, December 24, 2009

My holiday baking...Er, melting...

I was visiting blogs yesterday because, well I visit blogs everyday...And found a recipe on Miz-Cellaneous's blog that I had to make.


If not sooner, but today was the best I could do.

Miz-Cellaneous doesn't know what they are called but I was so there with them! This morning when I was out buying stuff for the family soiree later - Well, okay actually I bought the desserts, I'm going to order...Well, I'm actually not sure yet. Probably a variety of things from a great local Italian place.

Anyway... So I was at the store getting the desserts and everything I needed for my holiday baking - Well, make that holiday melting.

Just follow me here...

You lay out pretzels on a lined cookie sheet...


Put a Rolo (or Hershey's Kiss) on each pretzel


And bake for 3 minutes at 300 degrees...

They look the same when they come out but they are oh so meltly and squishable! Go ahead and squish a pecan into the center and let cool. I put mine out on the porch (It's a balmy 26 degrees today) because they didn't seem to harden back up and, Oh Mommy! Are they good.


My son doesn't like nuts so I did about twenty of them with a caramel Hershey's kiss instead of the pecan because what could be better than caramel and chocolate sitting on top of more caramel and chocolate?


And apparently the answer is... Nothing. Because those rocked hard.

So, I know it's late for a new recipe but these just might be
worth going back out to a grocery store and facing all
the hostile people in parking lots.

And what's up with that anyway? Why do the very same people who
just, in the store, said Happy Holidays! Try to run your sorry butt down
if you try to get into a parking space that apparently had their
name on it?

Can you tell me that?

FYI - You can't use Hershey's caramel kisses instead of Rolo's. In three minutes at 300 in the oven they melt into a pile of goo that is really, really unappetizing. Just trust me here and do not make me describe it.


Lin 12/24/09, 1:13 PM  

Those are the same people who wish you "peace" at church and then run your ass over in the parking lot. Those do look yummy! Could you send some over right away?? :) Merry Christmas, Tracy!

Stacie 12/24/09, 1:18 PM  

I have seen this recipe before and these do sound fantastic! I am going to try these for next year. Happy Holidays.

Sandy 12/24/09, 2:00 PM  

I've made these for YEARS and they are yummy and easy, aren't they? I do the rolo version, but we also make them with a Hershey kiss and an M&M pushed down in the center. We use red m&ms and traditional shaped pretzels and we call them "reindeer noses" :-)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/24/09, 2:02 PM  

Sandy, I just went out to try and buy more rolos and the store was out and they werent any where else. So I tried to do it with the caramel hersheys kisses and what a mess - I guess the solid ones are fine but the caramel ones melted into a pool of goo in 3 minutes. Definitely only must work with the solid ones...

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit 12/24/09, 3:17 PM  

Oooh! My mother-in-law was telling me about these yesterday! She said she was going to make some today; and now I've seen what they look like here, I really want to try them now!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/24/09, 3:27 PM  

Richard, Prepare to be wow'ed!

Lidian 12/24/09, 4:21 PM  

Those look divine - delectable AND easy, my kind of recipe ;)

Have a wonderful holiday, Tracy, I am so glad I have got to know you this year! :)

xx Lidian

Jen 12/24/09, 4:40 PM  

Woo - yummy!

@eloh 12/24/09, 4:43 PM  

Oh, we had these at our Christmas quilting party.... man they are good.... I JUST KNEW those had to be rolos!

The Recycle-ista 12/24/09, 6:31 PM  

Hi! Glad to have found you!

The Recycle-ista 12/24/09, 6:32 PM  

oh my goodness...are those buttons you sell on etsy? me too...i'm gonna go look. just a warning..i have a button obsession!

Anonymous,  12/24/09, 6:52 PM  

What a great idea for the culinary challenged (ahem...ME)

My hubby would LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

Anna 12/25/09, 12:41 AM  


John @ Family, Fitness and Finances 12/25/09, 8:04 AM  

Yummy, looks delicious! We didn't do any holiday baking this year... :(

icedteaforme 12/25/09, 9:56 AM  

looks perfectly yummy!!!! wish I had some rolos to make them.....i have cheddar flavored pretzels though, so maybe I can do some with cheese and sausage instead of candy....just thinking savory as an option! I want rolos NOW

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) 12/25/09, 9:25 PM  

OK, now I seriously need to go pick up some pretzels and Rolo's. :P)

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas! :)

santhy 12/26/09, 2:34 PM  

The cookies look yummie..
Have a happy merry christmas!

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