The Crazy Suburban Mom: More reasons I like the Sony WX1 Camera...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More reasons I like the Sony WX1 Camera...

Besides this one...

pan beach

And this one...

pan beach1

The panorama feature is really wonderful, yes.

But that isn't the only feature I like.

There are other great shooting modes and I'll show them in other posts because this camera...


Is really good and it looks like they dropped the price 50 bucks in the last few weeks.

So, besides the panorama?

The back screen is huge. Perfect.

I'm going to be honest, my last camera drove me crazy because I had to turn it on with my right hand and take pictures with my right hand. It made taking a quick picture awkward - Like if I happened to see something and want to shoot it quickly?

This camera has the on/off button on the left side the shoot button on the right.

Perfect and brilliant. And the way it should be.

Want to help SONY give away some cameras to a school?

Go here and pick your favorite picture (or pictures). The winning photographer will get to pick a school to receive the cameras and SONY will provide them.


@eloh 12/12/09, 7:40 PM  

Are you taking the pictures that you post here?

Shelle 12/12/09, 8:34 PM  

wow those are great photos....I used my panorama a few times...but they don't turn out like that. I have a canon.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/13/09, 8:03 AM  

Yes, these mine with the sony camera.

heidi 12/13/09, 9:18 AM  

oooooooooh i've been having serious camera envy lately. snuggie envy, too. but it's the camera envy that's really hitting me where it hurts. good to know this would be a good go-to. nice pix!

Hazel 12/13/09, 10:17 AM  

I dunno if it's near or farsightedness or if it's my reading paleontology this morning, but I thought the first photo was a dinosaur. I'm a Sony user too but dunno much about photography so that's about the extent of my know-how.

Thanks for letting me know you dropped by thru my flashback post. It's fun. Why don't you join? :)

mama-face 12/13/09, 10:29 AM  

Nice link...and I had no idea about panoramic photos. I need a smaller camera and I will definitely check this one out. I thought perhaps you were going to give one away...

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