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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Low light with my Sony WX1

I woke up kind of late today... 6:30. Almost too late to take my low light pictures.

The technical mumbo jumbo of this camera is it can take low
light pictures without a flash
using the back illuminated
Exmor R CMOS sensor, and increasing sensitivity by 2x to
reduce noise. If that means anything to you.

I will be honest, that meant zilch to me.

So back to my pictures... It was still dark enough to do low-light (no flash) but not early enough to do too many.

I tried shooting some glass.


The room itself didn't have any lights but it caught the light from another room.
The camera picked it up better than I did because I didn't notice the reflections until
after I reviewed the shot. I guess my eyes aren't what you'd call low light.


You can see the sun was coming up but that the room is still dark.
Those are my new blinds by the way. I'm so happy with them.


Still in the bathroom and this was close-up and low-light.

I put my paint brushes on the toilet tank and took this.
Me taking this picture was a stunning visual in itself and I'm relieved no
one was behind me with their own low light capable camera.

But I think it came out really well because this
was a shot in dark room, of a bunch of small objects ...All
at different focal points.

I was surprised it came out at all! Much less something I liked.

So the good news is you don't have understand words like
exmor, cmos, or know what back lit illumination is and you can
still get a rockin' pictures of your paint brushes on the top of
your toilet tank in the dark. If you want too. Not that anyone really would.

But you get my point, right?

Please go here and vote for your favorite picture or pictures and help SONY give some cameras to schools!

If you voted already you can vote again.
The person who took the winning photo gets to pick the school.

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