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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just a quick howdy-do and gift update...


Got some of this, Mmmmm.
There are a few versions of Angel but the original is
my favorite. It smells like BOMBSHELL! to me.

And one of these...


And with my first mp3 player (and it's a whopper of an mp3 player, too.
I can connect to wi-fi with an iTouch) I enter the 21st century, musically speaking.


See's Lollipops... Oh! My! Stars... All I can say is.... Wow!
80 calories and they take forever to eat. So far I've tried the
Butterscotch and heaven, just heaven...

And look what I gave...

You put the 'sticks' in the ground (in this case around my walk way)...and Voila!
Solar powered snowflakes!
And they were lit all night. Man, I love these things

I watched these for a ridiculously long period of time last
night which goes to show you how interesting my life is...

By the way, it's pretty much pouring out, can you hear the rain?
But I still had to video these and show them. Again, no life.

I get an iTouch, and I'm videoing color changing snow flakes,
I don't know - that seems weird to me, too.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!


Maureen 12/26/09, 1:29 PM  

Sweeeeet! You get to smell nice while trying to figure out your electronic gadgetry. I have...mmmm.."issues" when it comes to figuring these things out. I have a hard time answering a 2nd call on call waiting yet I can set wireless network. Go figure. All in the head me thinks.

Love the solar snowflakes. I think the technology is finally catching up to what it is supposed to do, work properly!

Daisy 12/27/09, 6:44 AM  

Angel is our favorite perfume!

Lin 12/27/09, 12:51 PM  

All very cool gifts, Tracy. Just don't bring the Ipod Touch anywhere near a high school! ;)

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