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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If you're really looking....New Jersey's quite lovely

Since the Sony Wx1 Contest is over I thought I would show you
which entries were mine. (I couldn't before now because
the contest was anonymous.) I didn't win but thanks to
everyone who voted because a school will get 10 cameras, winners choice.

jersey shore

Before this camera you had to use software to 'knit' many pictures together...

fallen leaves

With this camera all I had to do was push a button and move horizontally...

jersey shore 2

It was pretty remarkable, really...

trees in black and white

Since I was posting all the photos, thought I'd use it for Wordless Wednesday...


Although it's not so much Wordless as Wednesday...

But these are some of the best photos I've taken lately!

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You can go check out the camera at Sony...


Lynda 12/23/09, 7:47 AM  

I just love these pictures! Wow!

Janet 12/23/09, 8:19 AM  

Thanks for popping past my blog! Boy! Your photographs are awsome!!

Magical Mystical Teacher 12/23/09, 8:20 AM  

The forest beckons—
will you heed the call and walk
in wild, wondrous ways?

My Wordless

Katrina 12/23/09, 8:51 AM  

Fantastic pictures!! I'm completely in love with the B&W trees.

bookbabie 12/23/09, 9:10 AM  

Very cool, you know my camera does that but I have yet to try out, thanks for the inspiration!

Leslee 12/23/09, 9:31 AM  

Oh my word! What awesome pictures! I had no idea there was a camera that had this feature!

Whew! I wonder if I can sqeeze out another camera, since I just purchased a Canon DSLR earlier this year! This appears to be a much smaller (pocket size) camera, yeas??

Thank for sharing...

Coffeedoff 12/23/09, 9:48 AM  

Great photos!

The Accessory Lady 12/23/09, 9:58 AM  

I love these! So beautiful! :-)

Ann On and On... 12/23/09, 10:06 AM  

Fantastic photos! I hope those are on your wall somewhere.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/23/09, 11:04 AM  

Thanks everyone! Bookbabie - yes you should try that function for sure its amazing and Leslee - Its a pocket size- just a tad wider than my last pocket but not by much. And it has a solid feel. I like it very much. And they dropped the price by $50 in the last few weeks.

catsynth 12/23/09, 11:21 AM  

Nice panoramic pictures. I will definitely look into this camera.
You're right, New Jersey does have a lot of nice places. The wooded images remind me of where I grew up in Westchester County, NY.

Brooke 12/23/09, 11:30 AM  

WOW that is so much easier than having to edit AND looks soooo much better... Those are wonderful photos you took.. Sorry you didn't win but glad some school will be getting some cameras.

Susan Anderson 12/23/09, 12:00 PM  

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love these photos. They are wonderful. You should check out my Sunday post that I did about the storm. I had a nice snowy tree shot. Not as good as these, but still nice.

Maureen 12/23/09, 12:03 PM  

I haven't seen much of New Jersey but I have been to the Jersey Shore and loved it! Although I found the badge system in Ocean City a little funny.

The pics are awesome. Did you get to keep the camera?

Adventure Mom Janna 12/23/09, 12:27 PM  

Oh I want all of these for my house on canvas! Just beautiful and so peaceful to look at.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!(tea party)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/23/09, 12:33 PM  

I got to keep the camera, absolutely! That was a really wonderful thing! And I was very happy about that because it also takes wonderful low light pictures and MUCH better (omg much better) close up than my other camera

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/23/09, 12:33 PM  

Mom Janna - Wow thank you so much for the compliment!

Quasi Serendipita 12/23/09, 12:48 PM  

Wow, these are gorgeous!

caite 12/23/09, 12:49 PM  

And thank you for your defense of

Manic-Momma 12/23/09, 12:51 PM  

Wow-after seeing these pics I know it's definitely time for a new camera. I love these photos. So peaceful and serene!

Happy Wednesday!

Titaxy 12/23/09, 1:05 PM  

lovely pics...the first and the third ones especially.

Grampy 12/23/09, 1:08 PM  

Wonderful Photo's. I have to show them to my wife.

Beth F 12/23/09, 1:49 PM  

What an amazing feature. I want that on my next camera!

Gena 12/23/09, 1:52 PM  

Soemthign different - I really like your pictures!!!!!

lareine 12/23/09, 2:05 PM  

This is a BREATHTAKING series! I'm torn between the 2nd and the 3rd photo, but I think I'll go for the second one.

Have a great holidays!

@eloh 12/23/09, 3:09 PM  

I went four times... I voted for your pictures twice! Am I surprised! Pic # 1 & 4 as you have them posted here... also voted for the B&W street crossing and the sky line of the tall buildings.

I find this oddly odd. I guess I really do like your art, and, sadly, I am oddly odd.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/23/09, 3:14 PM  

I like my pictures too :) I really did like mine a lot and did think I had a good chance of winning - I almost won with picture one actually. And I think I was winning until the last day. But really, the prize was some cameras for school kids so who ever won - it really didnt matter... know what I mean? The contest was going to be a benefit no matter. I was really fine with whatever result!

Lin 12/23/09, 4:30 PM  

WHAT?! You didn't win?? I demand a recount.

Desiree 12/23/09, 4:52 PM  

Dang it! Here I spent all this money on the kids' Christmas presents and I could have bought this camera for myself, instead!! LOL

Ann 12/23/09, 6:04 PM  

Those are great, my favorite is definitely the black and white.

Toronto Yardsaler 12/23/09, 7:00 PM  

Great pics - and no skank from Jersey Shore! LOL
Thanks for your support of my blog. Your comments always crack me up. I remember becoming a follower of yours. Let me know if I screwed it up.
Merry Christmas!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/23/09, 7:05 PM  

Ack Erin, I don't know... I guess you can click follow and if it says - Unfollow you know you're following? If it acts like its going to add me, than you arent following already. You know the odd thing is I guess I added you to my blogroll but never followed you ...which is so weird. But hey, Im weird :)

Merry! Merry!


Snowcatcher 12/23/09, 7:09 PM  

You were totally ripped off! I don't know what won, but your shots are fabulous. I wouldn't have have been able to choose between the middle three. Good job! Such variety!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/23/09, 7:15 PM  

Snowcatcher! I thought I had a good chance of winning, I'll admit! It was by an anonymous vote and all I could do was drive people there, I didn't tell anyone anything... You could vote for picture or pictures so people could vote for more than one at a time... But it was nice to participate because Sony sent me the camera so I could use it and I got to keep it! Which was really wonderful, its the best camera I've ever had. So its hard to complain, win or no win! LOL

But I appreciate your very kind comments!

Helena 12/23/09, 9:16 PM  

These are gorgeous photos! I especially like the two shore shots.

Thanks for your visit earlier. I really appreciate it.

Merry Christmas!

Shelle 12/23/09, 9:32 PM  

Wow those are fabulous photos...another thing to add to my wish list!

Sparkle 12/24/09, 12:33 AM  

Wow, these are fantastic! If my human had a camera like this one, she'd have a much easier time taking photos that had all three of us cats in them.

@eloh 12/24/09, 3:19 AM you have a new camera that is now YOURS!

There WILL be pictures posted for us.. oh yes... there will be more pictures!

Ish 12/24/09, 6:53 AM  

Dropping by to say Have a Happy Healthy Holidays to you and your family!

Amy @ Six Flower Mom 12/26/09, 8:38 AM  

What beautiful pictures, you are very talented! If I can get a focused picture I feel happy! These are really gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by Six Flower Mom.

just bookmark 12/26/09, 2:01 PM  

nice picture

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