The Crazy Suburban Mom: The first Hey, New Jersey's not ugly...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The first Hey, New Jersey's not ugly...

I'm late posting today. I listed a bunch of things to sell,
woke up late...Washed my hair. I don't know. I guess
I'm just all turned ass backwards today.

It feels like I'm posting tomorrow!


I decided to do my first NJ's not ugly post


And I know I post a lot of 'down the shore' pictures
and by the way that's what the NJ beach is called so
if you don't call it that everyone will know you
aren't from NJ.

If you ever want to impersonate
some one from NJ and you say, Let's go to the
beach. The jigs up.

The Secret Sits

Anyway, this is one of my favorite pictures and
it wasn't even taken down the shore. It was
taken out the car window... Okay, okay... I was on the
way down the shore but no where close yet.

I'm not even sure where I was. But it
screams 'happy place' to me. And my
blood pressure drops like 80 points
just looking at it.

sunset in bedminster

This is outside my front door with the sun
setting - so see, I don't even have to
move much to find something not ugly.

Which is really appealing to me.

Another thing I love about where I live happened two nights
ago. So, I leave my house and it's like 2 freaking degrees and
the storm door locks behind me. And I'm in my bare feet with
no coat on and pretty much screwed.

So I called 911 and had the police help me break into
my own house. Now try that in Los Angeles...
I'm thinking the dispatcher would have
hung up on that 911 call - Um - could you help me
break into my house, please? Or sent a car to
investigate. So yeah.

The only downside is what I need to replace
as a result of breaking into the house
...but whatevs... I was freezing.


Beach Drive Cape may

I love the quirky little motels that dot the Jersey shore.
Actually I love the quirky little motels that dot NJ period.
I think maybe I will start taking pictures of some of them
because they are so crazy fabulously odd. This one seems
like it should have a Bruce Springsteen song playing in
the background, always. Something about that sad vacancy
sign. I don't know. Maybe I'm just feeling all oddly
nostalgic for high school or something.



catsynth 12/30/09, 12:49 PM  

I grew up in New York, we actually did not get down to the Jersey shore very often, though. Not sure why...

Snowcatcher 12/30/09, 1:41 PM  

Your dusk/twilight pictures are just beautiful! Very calming and inspiring.

Amanda L. Caldwell 12/30/09, 4:08 PM  

It's funny, but once we had to call a locksmith to try to break into the house of people we were cat sitting for (door locked behind us, couldn't get hold of them, long story), and I was astonished that he didn't check our ID or verify why we were trying to break into a house.

I have close friends from New Jersey, so I will have to pass on your series to them. They will appreciate the love.

The Recycle-ista 12/30/09, 4:27 PM  

gorgeous pics!
i checked out your new stuff you spent today the buttons! funny, i was listing buttons right now when i came to check my blog.

i love the abalone buckle!!

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