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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Birds, Bees, Sex, Dollars and Sense

Birds, Bees, Sex, Dollars and Sense...

When I had 'the talk' with my kid and how it went

Check it out on NJ Moms blog.

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Ann 12/13/09, 8:13 AM  

What a great approach, why didn't I think of that way back when. Either way, whatever I did must have worked because both are in their 20's and still single and childless.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/13/09, 8:23 AM  

Oh anything that gets you there is the point :)

ladyjanewriter 12/13/09, 10:46 AM  
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ladyjanewriter 12/13/09, 10:47 AM  

Geeenius. I also thought of getting preggo as a financial decision, and there were quite a bit of boys in my high school who didn't feel like forking out the money to their kids, and it was really expensive and almost impossible to be a teenager and get a paternity test in 1985-89. It was much easier to call the girls sluts and walk away scot-free. It's never left me, and I think that's part of why I'm still childless. If I were to have a kid, I automatically assume that I'm gonna be a single mom. I don't think most women can financially afford to think otherwise.

I wish that people understood that the concept of choice and being responsibly sexually active are FINANCIAL decisions. Kudos for you, pointing this out to him at just the right time.

Maureen 12/13/09, 11:51 AM  

I agree - great approach. I made it very clear to my three girls that the single most important thing that they could do for themselves was to be financially independent. Then IF the day came that they decided to have children (p.s. girls - children are a choice not a requirement) it would be because they CHOSE to do so and could AFFORD to on their own.

Oh, and dear daughters while we're on the subject, I've already had my children and have no intention of raising any more.

And that's just the way it is.

blueviolet 12/13/09, 12:18 PM  

Now that's a route I've never heard of! And it totally worked! You rock!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 12/13/09, 12:31 PM  

LadyJane - Most people don't think of that, I didn't when I was that age. Believe me.

Maureen - I have friends who do not have kids. And they have no kids by choice and love it. Kids are not what everyone wants.

Blue - I told a few of my sons friends a few of the tidbits along the way. They were equally horrified. Who knew that was something they'd never thought of?

@eloh 12/13/09, 5:31 PM  

All those good talks.... I blame myself for not being a grammy when others my age are already great-grammys.

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