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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why I love my dad...

Every year around this time my father sends us a huge box of oranges and every time I get one, it's a surprise. I guess life fills my head with lots of other nonsensical details and I forget about the oranges. The thing here is, I don't have a window in my kitchen and while I wish it was bright and cheery in there, it's not.

But when my dad sends me oranges, and I fill bright gold Pyrex bowls with them... I don't know...


It brightens my kitchen like the sun was streaming in...

And knowing it came from my dad brightens my life. There are a million, million big reasons why I love my dad but it's the little kind things that make me realize what a wonderful man he is.

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Coloradolady 11/19/09, 10:02 AM  

Yes, these oranges do brighten up a space...and especially because they were sent with your Pyrex bowls and your story...really touching!

Have a great VTT and a wonderful holiday week!

Lynette 11/19/09, 12:30 PM  

oh what a wonderful blast of sunshine
he is great to remember you that way

and the bowls heck i could finger them just because thats the way i roll

Allison of Dominant Hands 11/19/09, 1:24 PM  

Your bowls runneth over with love! Thanks for the nice story.

Susan 11/19/09, 1:43 PM  

Gifts sent with love brighten any place. And the oranges in the pyrex bowls are a perfect match.

concretenprimroses 11/19/09, 1:46 PM  

GReat idea to brighten up. The bowls are wonderful.

My Grama's Soul 11/19/09, 2:28 PM  

What a nice post - you can tell how much your father means to you!!



Happy Cottage Quilter 11/19/09, 2:41 PM  

How sweet! Where does your Dad live. We are in Florida :-) Happy VTT


Maureen 11/19/09, 3:34 PM  

It's the little things in life.....

Debbie 11/19/09, 4:44 PM  

Sunshine in a bowl, what a great display.

~~Carol~~ 11/19/09, 5:39 PM  

Those are such great bowls, and with the oranges in them, it's just like Debbie said: sunshine in a bowl! I've developed a great appreciation for Pyrex lately, and now I want more!
Happy VTT!

fortheloveofthrift 11/19/09, 6:47 PM  

Beautiful post! Brings it home that life is all about giving gifts of love! Happy VTT

JUST ME, THE MOM 11/20/09, 5:42 AM  

A great example of how a simple thing can mean so much - it's not always the grand expensive packages that matter the most . . .


Serendipity Handmade 11/20/09, 4:26 PM  

Great bowls...I so love Pyrex! Happy VTT.

Thrifted Treasure 11/22/09, 8:26 PM  

Sniff, that is so lovely your Dad does that, I can just imagine them arriving like a blast of sunshine at the doorstep :-)

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