The Crazy Suburban Mom: Weekly can't go to weight watchers but doing an update anyway....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekly can't go to weight watchers but doing an update anyway....

So I was having this conversation with Kmart yesterday...

Oh wait, let me back up.

I don't Twitter much because unless you're Demi Moore no one cares if you go and eat pita chips.

So, tweeting this...

Is just stupid.

Yes, I did tweet that - but just to make a point and deleted it right after. So, yesterday morning my mind was wandering, which is dangerous on Twitter, because than I just started tweeting what I was thinking. This time it was harmless - It's time to buy some new clothes.

But listen.

One of the coolest aspects of Twitter is talking to companies. One on one. Out of nowhere one day Chevy tweeted they were sorry my van died. I mean really, how cool is that?

And yesterday morning I was tweeting about wearing some sad and saggy clothes, being mid-diet and not wanting to buy new stuff. You know how that is?

How do you know you are done, weight-loss speaking ? And do you ever feel thin enough to justify spending the money? I haven't be able to go to weight watchers in um, 60 days, no car - but I'm probably around, Oh...maybe 30 pounds down.

My family refers to my attire as diaper pants. Supposedly from behind I look like I'm wearing a diaper, nice right? Moving on.

Kmart sent me this:

How cool is that? And...

Kmart is right. I shouldn't be wearing diaper pants. Well, Kmart didn't say diaper pants per se... They are far too polite, unlike my family.

So what I want to know is, How do you decide when it's time to buy new things if you've been losing? I threw that out to Twitter and got one response - someone who suggested it was the wrong time of year with the holidays and all. I'm guessing that person thought buying tight fitting pants before Thanksgiving was ill-timed and I should stick with diaper pants through the New Year.

But I think Kmart might be right and that person might be wrong. What do you guys think?


icedteaforme 11/18/09, 9:38 AM  

I think you should go to a proper store, not sure what that means, but one that will have a variety of sizes with nice attendants that will then mark and have the clothes altered to fit you perfectly.....just get 1-2 outfits now for the holidays and if you are down more in january get more or have the new stuff re fitted.....I bet you will be down 3 sizes!!!! that will feel great won't it?

Ry Sal 11/18/09, 11:11 AM  

I could be wrong.. but I would never suggest diaper pants.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/18/09, 1:11 PM  

Icedtea - I think you could be right about the number of sizes. I'm thinking I should go with some moderately priced clothes you know? I have so much to replace - um, well everything... I have some things left over from long ago but other than that nothing. I have one pair of jeans I think, a, might have a black pair of pants - they might fit. Not sure. Its all hit or miss -

Ry - So right, diaper pants is never a good look.

@eloh 11/18/09, 4:21 PM  

We have a couple very very nice second hand store... You can get designer clothes that look like new for far far less than you would pay for new cheap crap.

Check out the yellow pages.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/18/09, 4:25 PM  

Eloh - you know, I've kind of been looking all along at estate sales and stores - but well, first I'm tall (you're tall too right?) I'm 5'9 and finding pants is hard enough at stores - rarely, no wait - never have I found them second hand. And also I think I'm about a I cant say it...oh hell, a 16 I think. And rarely are those sizes second hand.

Okay I said it. Sweating like crazy now.

mama-face 11/19/09, 8:53 AM  

You will totally feel fantastic with some new clothes that fit you right now; you don't need to go crazy, just a couple of things does make a difference.

You make me want to start twittering again. :)

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