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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Retro Tuesday All Week Long's Salute to Pink Kitchens...

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I've talked about my mom's pink kitchen and bathroom before. I grew up in a 60's house with a pink kitchen and bathroom. And I made horrible fun of both; goes to show how little I knew.

Everything was pink. The oven, stove top, counter-tops...floor, walls, phone and sink. Looking back I think the only thing that wasn't pink was the fridge.

The dishwasher was even pink.

So when I found this Caloric ad:


I had a nostalgic moment and wished all over again I'd kept my mom's original appliances when she renovated in the 80's. And guess what color she renovated too? Mauve. A huge fail if ever there was one. I didn't even like mauve when it was popular.

I've mentioned Pam at Retro Renovation before. I've even given her a blog tiara. I've never mentioned the other site she has called Save the Pink Bathrooms! I thought about it this morning because it also mentions pink kitchens. But I don't know, I sort of think if you like one, you like the other.

Here's what Pam says:

This little website grew out of mid-century home lovers’ concern that pink bathrooms were being ripped out of 40s 50s and 60s homes way too hastily. We believe that to know them is to love them. Pink bathrooms are a wonderful part of our home design heritage. And there is no doubt in our minds whatsoever that they are poised for a comeback — starting here, starting now.

Of course, pink bathrooms are emblematic — we love vintage yellow, blue, green, beige, peach, salmon, lavendar and grey bathrooms, too. Hi, I am Pam Kueber, publisher of and this related pink bathrooms site. Come sit in my 1963 aquamarine kitchen to read more about me and my passion for mid-century, middle class, mainstreet homes, published daily over on my main site,

But before you do, hang out a while here on Save The Pink Bathrooms. Leave a Comment to Take the Pledge. Spread the world. And most importantly: Love the house you’re in.

Go check it out!


Christa 11/8/09, 3:21 PM  

I said out loud "pink kitchens" and my husband said "don't even look at it, you'll pass out." LOL He knows me all too well.

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