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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Retro Tuesay with a crafty edge Blog Hop

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I'm into crafting; it fascinates me. I'd always seen it as an art form. But since I started reading old magazines I've realized what I used to see as crafts - something to be done in my leisure time - were really essential skills.

Almost every magazine, no matter the genre, had some kind of project. I look at them with 21st century eyes and am pretty much all, Whoa! They range from complex linen table 'fashions' with tatting, to knitting the likes of which I never seen and wood-working. Wood-working? I mean, wood-working... They don't even have shop in our schools anymore.

The change in how these projects were seen seems to come in the late 60's and early 70's because that's around the time I started seeing ads for whole kits, instead of patterns within the magazines. They were also touted as being easy and money-saving. I think at one point making things was less expensive but now... I don't know... lots of times it costs me more to make things. What's up with that?


This was from an American Home Magazine, 1970


An eight page spread of all kinds of kits...


I'm loving that tree and it's BIG. 12" x 30"
For $7.98


A kit for everyone from the easy...


To what looks pretty complex to me, wow


And from kind of folksy


To current events... Dunno about this
a walking on the moon cross stitch seems so odd to me...


All styles...


And projects...


And bling...


I would so have made that. And I so could have -
No sewing, just glue.

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Vonlipi 11/17/09, 8:45 AM  

My mom was crazy about crewel...we had a lot of crewel cushions! Love the zinnia bowl!

Lynette 11/17/09, 9:31 AM  

oh oh oh how i wish i had the patience so many had.....i love the crewel purses.

mama-face 11/17/09, 9:43 AM  

I remember my mom making a lot those things! She passed on her love for needlework to 2 of her daughters. (I'm one of them!)

My mom sewed ALL of our clothes for years; and I do not exaggerate. Maybe not our underwear. It was because it was much less expensive. Around the time my oldest was born; 24 years ago, the prices of patterns and fabric shot through the roof. It is much cheaper to buy most clothing now.

I'm curious...and maybe I just missed this somewhere; but where do you find these magazines? :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/17/09, 9:49 AM  

I think Crewel might have been the most popular for a while ...

Mamaface - the first bunch I found at an estate sale but the rest I got on ebay. They are always available there but they vary in price a lot - sometimes they can be had for a few dollars for many to quite a lot of dollar for just one!

And some of them are pretty moldy smelling , so you have to be careful :)

Mom Mayhem says: 11/17/09, 11:36 AM  

Ahh Crafts- Gotta love em! I only wish I was talented enough to sew or knit or something. I am more of a kit type person -those were some lovely vintage ones! -The moon landing thing does seem a bit odd =D
Oh and I know what IS up with making things can cost more ?!

@eloh 11/17/09, 12:49 PM  

Well, I'm a quilter and seamstress...fancy dresses, prom, wedding gowns..etc...all in my past now. Better and cheaper when I did it myself. Things to be passed down from one generation to the next with pride.

But... now we have access to a far away land of exotic goods and handmade items. The secret land of porcelain and firecrackers....unfortuneately... all their goods should be treated as such... cause that is about the shelf life of most of their items.

You can buy one of these exotic quilts, made from exotic fibers with exotic hands for under 50 dollars (it might even live long enough to see the washer before it dies).... since the cotton mills of the south were shut down and torn down in favor of these exotic fibers... It would cost me at least a hundred and fifty dollars( probably more) for the materials of 100% quality cotton fiber... then comes 50 or 100 hours of work....

I can't compete with China. But I still do for myself.

Maureen 11/17/09, 1:11 PM  

The crewel is cool! (I cannot that just came out of my brain - lol!) I love the purses and the strawberries. In theory gluing is easier than sewing but I've recently had a misadventure or two with spray adhesive. Have you ever used that stuff? Suffice it to say that it really does adhere - fingers and all!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/17/09, 1:26 PM  

Mom-mayhem - how can crafts cost more? they just assemble the stuff they dont make the thing????

eloh -Ive gotten clothes and one wash and they are shot. I would bring them back and they ask me how I washed them. How did I wash them? what did they think i did? beat them against a rock? One shirt i had got hit with a squirt of lemon from a drink - the color came out i tried to bring it back and they said nope. thats normal. I said, with bleach thats normal. not a lemon? not to bleach it to white? they said nope. sorry...

maureen... No, never used the spray stuff but i hear its some strong stuff!

Six Feet Under Blog 11/17/09, 2:06 PM  

The crewel is cewel-get it? lol

Maureen 11/17/09, 2:13 PM  

Ohhh...Six are on the ball! Haha!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit 11/17/09, 7:21 PM  

What a fascinatin post: you make a really thought-provoking point about the change in perception/nature of crafts in the 60s/70s.

Anonymous,  3/14/10, 11:32 AM  

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous,  3/15/10, 5:23 PM  

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