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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Retro Tuesay all week long with too much sodium

retrotuesay stamp

I haven't done an old recipe in a while and really want to.
I love chicken and leeks so I picked:


My first thought was....

Whoa! That's a lot of cans...


My second was who has a pot that big?


(The Duggers?)

But Emma of Louisville...


Seemed so sure about it and she looks like my Grandma....


And who am I to argue with the guests of someone that looks
like my Grandma? And I haven't heard any 'ahs' in quite some time ....

Assemble your retro mise en place...
(That's French for Ready, Set, Go! - Well, loosely...)


And man, I still think that's a lot of cans....


As near as I can figure this is sort of a roast stuffed chicken cooked under....


vegetables... Which is sort of, okay....Odd. And not exactly a soup. More stewed?

And you're not going to get the roasted chicken thing going on and I haven't seen a fowl at the grocery store, ever. But you know... Since I've been writing this post I've sort of softened on this recipe a bit.

I think there was a love of canned soups overall, in 1955 which was the year of the magazine I took this from. And a lot of cookbooks in that time - elegant cookbooks - I've found recipes with canned soups. A surprising amount. I think they must have looked at cream of mushroom soup a bit differently than people do today.

So I'm not sure I can make this for a ton of reasons, the swimming pool size soup pot, the fowl.... the 7,500 mg. sodium serving size... I'm thinking I might be able to figure something out to cook the chicken a la Emma. I'll have to give it a shot sometime.

And there was no picture of the finished dish.

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Vonlipi 11/7/09, 10:51 AM  

The amount of cans is astounding! And the salt OMG! lol

I guess people didn't have the same health concerns as now!

Maureen 11/7/09, 12:03 PM  

Fowl? lol

Lynette 11/7/09, 3:59 PM  

no pot that big
no able to do so much work
too much of a whooosie


actually was so neat to see but your right the amount of sodium alone shows why heart attacks were the number one killer of the time

heidi 11/7/09, 9:28 PM  

holy hell - was she planning to serve all the boys as they came home from war?

and where is she getting those cans? i'd be wary per the labels.

but i am a retro foodie vouyer - so thanks for feeding us that recipe!

ladyjanewriter 11/8/09, 11:28 AM  

And, of course, there's the chocolate cake recipe that calls for Campbell's Tomato Soup. It's surprisingly good.

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