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Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's been Retro Tuesday so long it's Retro Tuesday on Vintage Thingies Thursday...

It's Retro Tuesday again and again and again!

retrotuesay stamp

I've wanted to do a post on this book forever.


Retro Style : The '50s Look for Today's Home

The Author is Marion Haslam who is based out of England so the focus is both England and the United States. Amazon's Editorial Review: "Recalling the home fashions of the 50's, this volume offers today's home decorator a more discerning perspective on an era that evokes endless nostalgia. With functional household products-kettles, toasters, hand blenders, and more-being fashionably designed, these stylish accessories make chores at home far more glamorous."
I couldn't resist the book despite some spectacularly meh! reviews on Amazon. As in all things, you can't make everyone happy.
But I've loved this book since the day I got it. The text is informational with it's mix of designers and design trends, fabrics and appliances, whole rooms or just a chair... or a cup ... or a radio... or a clock...
But it's the pictures that really grab me...
Some of the items are vintage retro and some are things that are so fabulous they were in productions 60 years ago and are still today.


There are a few project ideas...


That's done with a 24 pocket vinyl CD/Photo holder and
the small scraps of vintage fabric you love and can't part with but
are too small to actually do anything with. Till now. Wow, huh?

This is a clickable image if you want large instructions.

What's not to love?


There's something for every retro taste.


And no matter how many times I've already looked at it...


I keep noticing new things...


I've looked at this photo a hundred times and never seen what looks like a jadite lamb in the right corner....

I so want that jadite lamb.

That's what I call my son...


Oh. I call him, Lamb...Not Jadite.

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Postcardy 11/5/09, 8:55 AM  

The ideas are creative, but I am guessing this book does not appeal to purists or anyone who actually remembers the 1950s and 1960s.

Lynette 11/5/09, 8:56 AM  

love this book too and what a great idea on the cd cases and fabric.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/5/09, 9:00 AM  

Postcardy - There were a variety of reasons people werent jazzed. Some thought the projects were too hard although most were pretty easy actually. Some thought it was too 'glossed over' and I think some took umbrage that there was a mix of new things and retro things. But I guess thing thing is the book is about 'the style of' and not a vintage encyclopedia. So yes, I think you're right. For a purist it would not be good. But for someone who wants to recreate the look with some history thrown in - it was really great.

Lynette - I loved this book. And there were some other really doable projects. A few needed tools I didn't have - like a sewing machine ..but I think the ideas were like planting seeds.

LV 11/5/09, 9:23 AM  

What an interesting and informative post. I loves seeing all the ways that used to be. The pink toaster is my favorite. Thanks for a great showing and visiting my post.

Jingle 11/5/09, 9:49 AM  

Those pictures draw me in, too! I love that look! I could totally live in each of those fabulous rooms!

Maureen 11/5/09, 9:50 AM  

Now we're talking! This stuf I love. The colors are great and I love the curvy lines of a couple of the chairs.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/5/09, 10:08 AM  

LV- I know that pink toaster - My mother had a whole pink kitchen - and while I made so much fun at the time of her pink oven, stove - fridge...counter top...floor...etc. Id love to have it now.

Jingle - Oh yeah! me too!

Maureen - Seriously! Me too! The book has some bent plywood chairs that are crazy amazing!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville 11/5/09, 10:11 AM  

LOve those pics...but that pink toaster, it stole my heart! Thanks for linking up to Tales from Bloggeritaville Thrifty Thursday.
Tales from Bloggeritaville

CC 11/5/09, 11:08 AM  

Oooo, I know I would love that book. I love,love that pink toaster. Happy VTT and hope your weekend is a fun one.

Susan 11/5/09, 12:29 PM  

What a fun post! It is nice to get ideas from good books.

Vonlipi 11/5/09, 12:38 PM  

Beautiful book! I love the pictures and the wall hanging is soooo cool! :)

Coloradolady 11/5/09, 1:05 PM  

I can certainly see why you love this book, it is full of great pictures and it! I love that cd wall art for fabric, thank you so much for posting the instructions....great!

Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

Jane 11/5/09, 3:13 PM  

This book looks like it has some great ideas...I too love the cd wall art...I've got a lot of scrapbook paper scraps that might work for this.

Kirby3131 11/5/09, 3:49 PM  

I would really enjoy that book, I can tell just from your photos! Thanks so much.

I thought you called your son Jadite Lamb, so I'm glad you explained. lol

Kristin - The Goat

Elizabeth 11/5/09, 4:22 PM  

Love the idea for the artwork with fabric!
I thought maybe you called your son Jadite, and his real name was James or something.LOL

Lidian 11/5/09, 4:36 PM  

I really, really want a pink toaster now! ;)
Looks like a great book!

~~Carol~~ 11/5/09, 5:07 PM  

I want that book! Did you see that pink toaster?! Of course you did! And that red kitchen! And the green one! I'm adding this book to my Christmas list!
Happy VTT!

heidi 11/5/09, 5:09 PM  

thanks for the head's up! i can't wait to thumb through this book. i just wish i could plunk my butt in one of those xx-wide chairs and laze about reading/oogling it...

Robin Ennis Willson 11/5/09, 5:40 PM  

Interesting...that pink toaster is something, huh? You have a cute little lamb :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/5/09, 5:58 PM  

I think its that pink toaster that has everyone wanting it...there really is more though. I loved a lot about it. But the post was already picture heavy

Maureen 11/5/09, 6:08 PM  

Your mom had all the pink appliances - I am so jealous!

Kammy 11/5/09, 8:21 PM  

Retro ? I am not in love...but I do like the pink things !

concretenprimroses 11/5/09, 9:33 PM  

what a fun book. Love the colors of the furniture and kitchens and everything.