The Crazy Suburban Mom: A head cold, really?

Friday, November 13, 2009

A head cold, really?

So I'm laying here, ya know, dripping. I wasn't even going to post today because what could I contribute to the world? The current tissue count?

In the 1,000's

How much I resemble Rudolf...


Quite a lot.

The score on the car search?

I did learn an interesting fact. The difference between a
minivan selling for $15,000 and one going for $5,000 isn't $10,000.

It's 100,000 miles on the speedometer.

Other stuff I learned today.

1. Despite the fact that my neighbor's dog never comes when she is called he still lets her out to doody on my lawn. I know this because I hear him screaming for her every day and when I let Ginger out she beelines it to a doody weighing about 7 pounds. 4 pounds less than Ginger's total body weight. And while she fancies herself a big dog in every way there is no chance that giant, steaming pile of dog doody I just picked up was Gingers.

peeking ginger

But don't let that do anything to your self-esteem, Ginger.
In my eyes your doodys are gargantuan.

2. They don't make the tissues I love anymore! I have used Posh Puffs every time I've had a cold forever. Or at least I thought so. So I went online to find a picture and no Posh Puffs! The closest I could find was these:


Puff Ultra

The are supposed to be Ultra soft and strong.
Oh, I hope so, my nose is in need of some
soft and strong tissueing.

3. Coffee doesn't agree with me when I'm sick.

'Nuff said.

4. I tweeted Chevy that I missed my van and they tweeted back to me. No kidding!


And the Traverse is fab, for sure and would easy the pain of losing my ....

Chevy van

Maybe... I just can't *cough* afford it.

But the tweet made my day!


Mom Mayhem says: 11/13/09, 1:32 PM  

Ugh -I hate colds! As far as any tips you can check out a recent article I wrote for cold/flu tips/home remedies -Maybe there's something that will help you and for anyone that reads this-Should check it out ;)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/13/09, 1:36 PM  

Mom May - Know what that was great and it reminded me of a few things I can do right now that I haven't been. I can gargle with salt water, I can do the hot liquid/honey...I did it yesterday but not today. And I can do the neti pot - I have one but honestly Im not up to that today.

Thanks for the reminders Im off to gargle and drink something warm.


Lynette 11/13/09, 3:47 PM  

colds heck they make you feel so yuck all over
but you can try the ol wives tail of vicks vapor rub on your FEET yeah, Feet. Post'a help.

Tweet was nice. Nicer if you got tweeted a big ol discount too! LOL

Lidian 11/13/09, 7:45 PM  

Oh my stars - I hope you are feeling better very very soon! I would bring you some hot tea with honey if I could -

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