The Crazy Suburban Mom: Day 1, Car....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 1, Car....

Well, I didn't get the convertible...

When push came to shove it wouldn't have worked. Besides needing room for the estate sale finds (although I am pretty sure I could have adjusted) my van - may she rest in peace -

Chevy van

Had other benefits...

I would have totally felt rockin' in that convertible but there were things I couldn't do with it, important things... I needed the room and my new car has room...



This last Father's day, I went to pick up my Mother-in-Law for a family party. Well, she's like my Mom-in-Law, my partner's mother. And she was too ill to go so I told my family to go without me, I'll hang with Mongo (That's what we call her).

Every year when the family goes to the beach; I stay home to do the Jersey Shore declutter fest. Mongo used to go to the shore too... But the last few years she hasn't gone so we hang together during the day. This is a picture of Mongo and Ginger during the Declutter Fest of 2008.

mongo and ginger

To continue...

This last Father's Day ended with Mongo and I riding to the hospital in an ambulance. That poor woman has not been home since. Think about it - It's about five months now... I used to take her around in my van because she didn't drive and now she's just at the point that maybe (hopefully) she can go places again. While Mongo would love to tool around in the convertible I don't think it would fit her wheel-chair....

Disappointed as she will be to hear that.

And really, I used to take my whole family to get-togethers - It was great to be able to pick everyone up and just go. That way my father didn't have to drive either. So I went with something that would fit everyone I love.


And all my son's guitars, too.

It's a really nice van...


And looks remarkably like my old one which is great...

Chevy van

I don't adjust to new cars very well.

Plus the mileage isn't bad considering it's a 2003...


It's a Chrysler Town and Country Limited and it has all these unexpected bells and whistles. Thought I was having the mother of all hot flashes. Turns out I have seat heaters.


Who knew there was such a thing?

And that's just one of the million things in there...

Lots of buttons...


Buttons, buttons, everywhere...


And this bunch especially worries me...


Because I'm afraid I'll get all those millions of buttons
set and hit this one by accident and BOOM...


I've reset them all...

So, that's pretty much it. I've got a car and I'm very happy that it's a lot like the one that I had. I don't adjust to new cars very well, in fact I dislike driving any car I'm not used to very, very much. It will take me hundreds of two mile trips before I'm really comfortable. Hope that happens sooner than later.


Vonlipi 11/20/09, 9:03 AM  

Congratulations my friend! You are mobile again!

I'm looking forward to seeing the things you pick up at estates sales. I hope you get to drive Mongo around real soon.;)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/20/09, 9:26 AM  

Vonlipi - I'm so excited and havent gone anywhere...I pretty much start it in the drive way. lol... Im hoping to get mongo for thanksgiving - if she can? She hasnt been anywhere but a care facility since june. I dont know if she will ever be able to return to her apartment - which is what kind of spurs her on --- but at least if she can get to go other places? I dont know. Im actually considering going out for thanksgiving so she can go to a restaurant?

Maureen 11/20/09, 11:51 AM  

Hurray! Hurray! Now I feel better! I was so feeling it for you. Two years ago I was in the same position for 3 months and I was out of my mind!

I know what you mean about driving cars you aren't used to. I'm a stick in the mud about that!

Mom Mayhem says: 11/20/09, 12:51 PM  

Congrats! The new vehicle looks fab! Sorry to laugh but the seat heater thing was -LOL! I don't have that -but, we do have some of those buttons in our van. It looked like you have the display for temp,direction,etc. I hate when someone wants to mess with the buttons cause it takes forever to get it back the way I like it =D Oh and it takes me awhile to get used to a different vehicle too. Hope you get to take Mongo out in it soon :)

ladyjanewriter 11/20/09, 12:55 PM  

Yay! On the road again! Or, in the driveway. :-D

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/20/09, 1:03 PM  

Maureen - Yes, its going to take me a good while before I say I love my car, it always does. Than I'll be doodling little hearts on it...

Mom- Mayhem ...Yes, temp I think, outdoor temp which means like nothing to me and direction I think too. Since I have zero sence of direction Im thinking knowing Im going southwest is just going to confuse me more! lol... And man, that seat heater! Scared me to death. Seriously, first I thought there was some sort of short in the car, than thought there was some sort of short in ...ya lol

Its still in the drive way, havent moved it a foot.

So, yes, lady jane.... in the driveway!

heidi 11/20/09, 1:19 PM  

Hip Hop Hooray!

@eloh 11/20/09, 1:22 PM  

I'm running down the path to Oz a little faster some days. I had a big ole comment here yesterday (or was it the day before?), right after a short comment I had made. I jumped back to see what you thought of my idea and it was nowhere around... this has been happening to me more and more lately.

I figured folks are just plain getting fed up with my crackpot ideas and hitting the erase button.

My daughter walked up behind me last night and pointed out that she had just watched me type a comment on a blog.... then happily dash off to the next without pushing the post button............Oh.

I had only suggested that you talk one of these dealers out of an SUV.

I like the new one. Seat heater? It would make me think I had wet myself...again.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 11/20/09, 1:59 PM  

eloh - Nope, I've never erased any of your comments ...not a one. I can only think maybe they werent posted?

My son just got home and asked if I drove it yet, I said, no he said, of course you havent.

yeah he knows me

@eloh 11/20/09, 5:32 PM  

I was forgetting to push the post button.

Maureen 11/20/09, 8:06 PM  

Tracey - I had an afterthought and was coming here to post when......I saw the "proof in the pudding". The result of my 3 month lockdown 2 years ago was that I had become accustomed to being stuck at home and had a hard time leaving! Don't let that happen! Get back in the game!

Lynette 11/21/09, 5:28 AM  

whoot that new car smell and not just in a bottle ha ha ha
and seat warmers heck in the winter i could sleep in your van
hummmmm low to stretch.....its do-able?
if you push the red button does anything pop out, eject or explode?

vickie 11/22/09, 10:20 AM  

I'm new here, but I like you already! Mongo is fortunate to know you for sure.

Lin 11/22/09, 12:46 PM  

The "menu reset" button is for the miles per gallon/miles left until an empty tank/trip odometer readout. I reset these every single time I fill the tank. Pressing this isn't going to do any damage to any other buttons. Go ahead, press away!

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