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Monday, October 5, 2009

Son of stuff I don't get

This is post 2 today, if you want to see the resolution of my cell phone fa la la click here.

I've done "Stuff I don't get" before, got another one...

1. What's with the toe nails?

I've seen more than a few gals in sandals recently with toe nails that extend past the ends of their toes. I don't read fashion magazines but am I missing something here? I'm not getting the long toe nail thing at all. Not even a little.

2. I don't get the virulent hatred of Sponge Bob.

I had a Sponge Bob Square Pants answer tone for about a month and every single person who called me hated it. I mean, loooooathed it. Many took an extra step, calling my land-line to tell me they wouldn't be calling my cell phone because they never wanted to hear that again for the rest of their lives. And that listening to my answer tone must be what Hell is like.

My own family would not call me.

Even as I write this, I'm thinking everyone is going to say they would have stopped calling me, too.

3. I don't get my dog.

Ginger eats every day at 4:00 pm but at 2 she starts the daily nag-a-thon. I guess she thinks after 10 years I'll forget to feed her or something. Anyway, she nags, whines and follows me around, jumps, barks and so help me, if I go to the kitchen and do food-prep things - It's worse. She doesn't give me a minute's peace.

What I don't get is how she can be so insistent about this, spending two hours every day pasted to me, never letting me forget she has needs. And the rest of the day and will get off the couch without so much as a howdy-do glance backwards and pee-pee on the floor.


And than jump back on the couch all, Dude I didn't want to interrupt you're TV viewing pleasure.

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@eloh 10/5/09, 2:49 PM  

1. Twenty years ago my son had a girlfriend with fingernail creeped me out so bad, made me want to gag. I don't GET IT either

2. I've never watched Sponge Bob because my children were grown thank God because in advertisements his voice was just so damn irritating...I would have stuck a pencil in my ear.

3. Maybe two is when she gets hungry and wants to fuel up before the Oprah show. Maybe it's angry love? Feed her at two when she starts her "me now" dance. That ought to please her, make her think all that harassment has finally paid off.

Quilt Works 10/5/09, 2:57 PM  

What if you feed her at 2pm rather 4pm?
Maybe that would fix it!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/5/09, 3:24 PM  

Gals, I've thought of that! If I feed her early... at 4 she's like WHERES MY DINNER???? shes used to eating at 4 and if i feed her early she's cool with it but its a bonus! Not her dinner....

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/5/09, 3:27 PM  

eloh, oh and the last gal I saw with the toe nails had a manicure - very very long fingernails which are fine with me and a pedicure with long toe nails so it wasnt like she couldnt reach them or something. she had them pedicured and polished and all like that. i was, wow.

chicamom85 10/5/09, 3:38 PM  

Sashy does that to me also and I haven't figured out a solution. I am afraid if I start feeding her earlier that she will start bugging me earlier lol.


The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/5/09, 3:44 PM  

Yes, thats exactly what sashy will do!

L. 10/5/09, 6:40 PM  

Those toenails gross me out.
Also fingernails that are long enough to curl gross me out.

Christa 10/5/09, 8:58 PM  

Long toenails are so gross...ugh. I don't keep mine super short, but they don't go past the end of my toes that's for sure. I wish my fingernails gre as pretty as my toenails... well except for my pinky toe, it's rather claw like. As a kid my mom would wait for me to go to sleep to cut it because it would hurt when she cut it.
Anyway, SpongeBob... my children LOOOOOOVE him. It makes me feel like a bad parent at times, but I take full advantage of their love. How else would I get my blogging and the dishes done?
Our dog thinks that if I wake up at 2 oclock in the morning to pee, that I should let him out. This has become a problem now that I'm pregnant. I get up like 10 times a night, he thinks he needs to go out 10 times a night. I usually bang on the wall and say "be quiet!!" rather than take him out though.

Helene 10/5/09, 11:49 PM  

There's something really gross about long toenails. That's just nasty.

And what's up with the Sponge Bob hatred? I don't get it either. My kids gravitate to him, even though they very rarely watch the show!

Lidian 10/6/09, 9:48 AM  

1. Long toenails are upsetting to me.

2. So are children's TV show characters, for the most part. I logged a lot of hours watching them, several years ago. I may never recover. Barney, Elmo and friends, I'm looking at YOU. SpongeBob I don't know about, but I probably wouldn't care for him.

3. Do not understand our cats' schedules, either. I envy them all the power naps, though. It always looks good to me.

Lidian 10/6/09, 10:09 AM  

Oh and 4. I only just remembered that it is Tuesday (I know the Retro Tuesday widget is right there at the top of your post, what can I say? I am really not functioning mentally this morning, good thing my post was written last night)

I edited accordingly, though. Just about managed that.

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