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Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Monday afternoon post...

I've noticed something really really, odd.

All the TV channels are running commercials at the same time. My (uneducated) guess is that it's an effort to spoil my channel-surfing fun.

See, a commercial was my cue to flip around and see if there was something better to watch on one of my other 154 channels. The sad thing (TV people is...) I don't even grab the remote because the ads themselves annoy me (Swear!)... it's because the commercials get louder and THAT annoys me.

I think the TV people are on to me and everyone decided to put all commercials on at the same time so I wouldn't find anything better on... Because nothing else is on. At all. Well, except more really loud commercials.

After a few months of noticing that every time I switch; I get nothing... I now switch to QVC for the duration of the commercial interruption.

Which has had a few unintended consequences. The last one being this...


The Ninja Master

Which they said would pulverize ice cubes into snow...and WOW! it does...

I pulverized several ice cube trays just this morning for kicks...

And a smoothie.


Anonymous,  10/26/09, 6:30 PM  

Shoot, I almost bought the Ninja that day QVC had it on special, and now I wish I had!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/26/09, 6:49 PM  

Yep, I got the Today's Special Value Ninja Master in Platinum and this morning I was a crazy snow making machine.

Well, it was.

mama-face 10/26/09, 7:39 PM  

bahaha. Blame it on the commercials! Genius.

Toronto Yardsaler 10/26/09, 10:03 PM  

Best blog title ever. I get mad at our TV too. I'm sure they time the commercials so there's dick all to flip to. It kills me when I'm watching the evening news and I change the channel to avoid the business report, only to find more business reports. Or commercials. Ugh!
Rock on!

Maureen 10/26/09, 10:15 PM  

The volume issue makes me crazy! I don't need more crazy...

@eloh 10/27/09, 4:15 AM  

Huh....I have been contimplating the Magic Bullet....Ninja ya say....Huh

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/27/09, 8:17 AM  

Mama-face - works for me :)

Toronto Yardsaler - Love your blog and I visit you all the time...did you know that? And yep theres timing all over tv and its sort of new - last few months Ive noticed all commercials are on at the same time.

Maureen - me too! And why they increase the volume is beyond me. Its what makes me change that channel. sheesh

eloh yeah, i was thinking about that one too. I watch that infomercial all the time. That one and the sandwich machine vickie lawrence does cause I totally want to make the mini doughnuts! But this one came with several large containers and the magic bullet has smaller containers - I didn't think it would work for me. But I hear that one gets great reviews for power too... One reason I got this one is the wattage - think that was the word -is 400. And thats the same as my stick blender. I wouldnt get anything lower and anything higher is usually restaurant equipment and much more expensive. Anything I've bought less than that burns out

Keely 10/28/09, 1:58 PM  

I just ordered mine the other day! It's supposed to come in sometime next week--I can't wait!!! I got mine from Target...had a $20 gift card so that ended up being the cheapest way to get it :)

Shelle 10/29/09, 9:32 AM  

I can't stand tv for the very reasons you stated. We haven't had one in our marriage, but when we stayed with mil I watched a little hgtv and found I could do all my housework & cooking during the ads.

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