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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Retro Tuesday with a bow

 Anyone want to do Retro Tuesday with me?
People did last week and it was fun! Info at bottom of the post!

I have a House Beautiful Magazine from 1960 that I haven't look at in a while so I picked it up this morning.  It's huge - over 300 pages.  It's the largest vintage magazine I have, or have seen and the first one I noticed a huge "Christmas equals gift giving" thing going on.  I've seen it in other magazines but not to the point where they add 200 extra pages and the products are all sporting red bows...

All the ads for this Retro Tuesday, I mean Wednesday, came from this one magazine.  I think it will take me a lot of Tuesdays (or Wednesdays) to get through with this one.

retro wednesday

The first ad I found was for a company that made small kitchen
appliances, Cory.  I've wanted to do this
ad a few times before.  Any ideas why?


Yes, I do think their Crown Jewel Automatic
Percolator is fab looking, but that's not it.  


Does that woman look like Barbara Eden or what?

And look at her in main picture....

It even looks like her I Dream of Jeanie costume for crying out loud!

So this next one ad got my attention fast because these ovens came in Sunny Yellow, Mayfair Pink, Turquoise, Aztec Copper (and than they say after a hyphen) "plus satin chrome" - which sounds like stainless to me... which I'm so over.  Raise you're hand if you're over stainless appliances.  Hey!  That sounds like a facebook group doesn't it?  I'm so over Stainless Steel Kitchens.


And I kind of loved the oven but really, this....


Not feeling that so much...

Nesco's been around for ages...


Although this is sort of an unfortunate name...


Imagine giving the Sprinkle Spray Iron to someone
as a gift and signing, Thinking of you...

Just seems wrong.

And this...


Baking on the table sounds good and all, but a
500 degree thing sitting in the middle
of  my childhood table?

We didn't get along that well....

Okay, so this Drexel Ad?


Isn't the furniture fabulous?  The lay-out too... The colors...


There was even attention to detail in the details... Look at that rice bowl and aren't there chop sticks?  Although why, I don't know but that's neither here nor there... I couldn't even see them until I scanned it.


I love that bench and that divider thingy, even the floor ...everything....


That lamp, that chair....Well, I have to stop because I'm drooling.

So are you wondering what I'm going to say about this ad?

Everything about this ad is totally right on.  I go from picture to picture and thing to thing in the picture and I love it all and than go to read the text and it's a... well, I don't even know how to describe it.  But clearly the copy editor wasn't the same caliber as everyone else involved ....


How many ways are there in the world could they have picked to start describing that dream above?

And they pick sleek as an otter?

You can do the MckLinky on the bottom, but please link back to me and than have at it! Post something Retro-Tuesdayish. It could be an an ad from a Vintage Magazine, Pyrex, antique mugs....or an old recipe from a community cookbook, a button, something you bought, be creative...

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@eloh 10/14/09, 6:25 PM  

Tonight I will have a nightmare. I will be three feet tall and unable to pour or reach my coffee pot without getting my cheek burned.

Then, when I turn around, my kitchen will be a mix mash of faded pink and turquoise appliances with slick metal handles all missing one screw.

I love my coffee...I think that picture caused my mind to "tip", from there it just ran wild.

chicamom85 10/15/09, 12:54 AM  

I have somethings I will have to take some photos. My MIL's old nesco and some vintage pyrex from my Mom. I will work on it.

Maureen 10/15/09, 2:12 PM  

Have a very merry Cory Christmas? C'mon.

I do love the yellow dress but can say with fair certainty that it would not make me feel like a queen! Talk about brainwashing! I don't know if it's just me but nothing about being in the kitchen makes me feel like a queen.

Miri 10/15/09, 7:11 PM  

I absolutely loved seeing the ads from your vintage magazine! (and yes, I hopped on over from VTT!:)

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