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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A hamper named Joan - VTT

One of the blogs I read regularly is Colorado Lady, every Thursday she does Vintage Thingies Thursday and I love it to pieces. It's not just the vintage things that tweak me but it's that so many of you buy things to recreate and make into art. You buy a piece of furniture for a dollar or two and make an heirloom! But I'm not gifted with your vision so....

My Vintage post isn't about repainting furniture.

See, I fell in love with these flowers at an estate sale in kind of an old house. Really retro. The kitchen was totally 50's atomic aqua, with melamine pink plates. Amazing!

In the wood-paneled den were Naugahyde orange couches - I mean quintessential 50's. I was walking through the house and in what used to be a little girl's bedroom (I guess) - all pink and everything, I saw the metallic gold leaves catching the sun from a window across the room...


And above the flowers was this amazing plasticy
marbley kind of iridescent top


And on the sides it had amazing hoop earrings.


Okay, carry handles. Sorry about that, but by than I'd already named
her Joan and knew I needed to give her a home.


And yeah, Joan is only a hamper if that's all you see, but she's
really, really lovely from the top of her frosted pink hair
I mean bench-seat, to the bottom of her little pink kitten heels.

I mean feet. Feet's right, isn't it?

Or would it be knobs?


I think calling them "Joan's little pink knobs" would just be wrong.

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Kathi Fly 10/8/09, 9:09 AM  

Ha! Joan is beautiful! I think my grandmother had a hamper similar to this now that I think about it. I would have loved to see that house, orange naugahyde and all!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/8/09, 9:17 AM  

Kathy, It was really a cool house. There were radios too. Im guessing bakelite, and pyrex coffee pots, tons of stuff that was probably bought for very little at the time. I bought Joan, for $10! Amazing right? And I didn't know what I was going to do - obviously my bedroom is kind of a watery aqua color - but I picked up that hamper (no really lifted it - and its metal, by the way...and never put it down till I got to my van. I was quite the ridiculous site.

Vonlipi 10/8/09, 9:42 AM  

I love Joan! I love vintage hampers.It's art and fontionality at the same time! What's not to like?

blueviolet 10/8/09, 9:46 AM  

Yes, I see the treasure there! That's a great find!

@eloh 10/8/09, 10:38 AM  

Joan is lovely.

LV 10/8/09, 10:49 AM  

What a different twist to VTT. I go to estate sales but never took pictures inside the homes. Some of the homes are really old and would make for great vintage shots. Nice job. Thanks for sharing and my visit.

Maureen 10/8/09, 10:52 AM  

Clever post! At first I thought you were going around someone's house taking pictures. Lol

Pink Roses and Teacups 10/8/09, 10:53 AM  

Wow, what a great hamper. I like that your named her Joan, and the earrings on the sides. lol


Anonymous,  10/8/09, 11:15 AM  

Love it, the hamper, the post, awesome.

Postcardy 10/8/09, 11:23 AM  

Interesting description, and the name adds a new dimension to a utilitarian object.

Cindy 10/8/09, 12:31 PM  

Judging by the kitchen description you were standing in the middle of my dream home. I would love nothing more than to settle down in a nice 1950's ranch... complete with a little pink hamper named Joan. ;)

Carrie 10/8/09, 12:59 PM  

Wow, what a clever post! Your hamper is a beautiful design, and how nicce that the top is padded to double as a seat in the bathroom.

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood 10/8/09, 1:00 PM  

Cute post. You had me. I thought you were in an over the top vintage home. Thanks for sharing!
Living it up at Lakewood,

Elizabeth 10/8/09, 1:09 PM  

My parents still use a hamper in that style. I just use a laundry basket.

Jingle 10/8/09, 1:20 PM  

Very cool!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/8/09, 1:25 PM  

Thanks everyone for the super wonderful comments! I love some of the things I get at these sales and it's so much fun sharing them with you...

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/8/09, 1:25 PM  

Oh and Cindy - Yes, the house was a ranch. Sigh.

racheld 10/8/09, 1:31 PM  

I love Joan, and we'd hope that all friends should be so sweetly and gently descriptive of us as you are of your new friend, I think.

She's quite attractive, and the name Joan de Hamper has quite a ring to it. Brava.


Lidian 10/8/09, 1:44 PM  

I have not seen the likes of Joan since I saw her sister at my grandmother's house. She (my grandmother, not Joan's sister) had a pink black and silver bathroom which I would give anything to see again. Never mind give anything to pick out some retro goodies from that house! All gone though, alas...

Joan is a beauty! So glad she is under your aegis, and all that.

Lisa 10/8/09, 2:04 PM  

Love the hamper...and her name!

The Elegant Thrifter 10/8/09, 2:17 PM  

Joan is divine! And a saucy gal, I might ads...what a treasure. I love that you named her.


~~Carol~~ 10/8/09, 2:26 PM  

No, let's not talk about Joan's pink knobs! Oh, what a great find! If I had been at that sale, I might have been completely rude, and ripped her right out of your hands! And then I would have named her....Thelma Lou!
Happy VTT!

Lynette 10/8/09, 3:19 PM  

too cute and i love pink
my signature color you know
so if joan can not find the right setting in your place i would add her to mine
of course that means special trips to deliver her
ready for a visit? I have my pearls and heels all packed.

Coloradolady 10/8/09, 3:43 PM  

Oh Goodness....JOAN would look so WONDERFUL in my newly remodeled laundry room! I seem to remember my grandma having a pink hamper of some sort, NOTHING like this one...So pretty!!! I just love it and now, will start looking out for the colors of yours!

Have a great weekend and a wonderful VTT!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville 10/8/09, 3:59 PM  

What is not to love about Joan? She has character, elegance and class...all in a hamper. I think I love Joan too! Yes! I do! What a great thrifty Thursday find! Thanks for linking up, friend!
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Jeanne 10/8/09, 4:39 PM  

Yes, I do love Joan de Hamper. She is very beautiful and your description was so elegant. I agree about not using Joan's little pink knobs. LOL.

Hugs, Jeanne

Debbie 10/8/09, 5:54 PM  

Joan fits her well, she is a classic!

Gwen 10/8/09, 6:16 PM  

Too flipping funny! Hello Joan!

Mimi 10/8/09, 6:26 PM  

That hamper is really cool...what I mean is Joan sure is a beauty! She would fit right in my MB which just happens to be pale aqua.

viridian 10/8/09, 6:31 PM  

Lovely. Happy VTT!

Happy Cottage Quilter 10/8/09, 8:35 PM  

woo-hoo how cool is that! I'm just getting around to visiting the VTT blogs. It's always so fun to see what everyone is sharing.


Sandy 10/8/09, 8:42 PM  

Joan is a perfect name!!!! She is very cute! :)

Anonymous,  10/8/09, 9:23 PM  

Joan is just the cats meow! I'm a little envious of her kitten heels but still, she's lovely.

Teresa 10/8/09, 11:44 PM  

Great hamper! My mother in law had one very similar and I was too young to appreciate it. Wish I had it now!

Miri 10/9/09, 1:15 PM  

Totally cool hamper! :)

heidi 10/9/09, 3:55 PM  

I have been Joan-sing for a hamper since Marge was born! Bea-u-tiful! I tried to haggle w/a lady at a flea market in september and she said, "but it's really old. it's vintage!" and my retort? "I KNOW! that's why I want it!!" by before I could finish my snobby retort I could tell we weren't going to be friends so the buck stopped there. Damn.

- and I dig your 'hardest textbook' comment circa 6th grade.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/10/09, 3:14 PM  

Thanks everyone for the fabulous comments on Joan who I did find in the house I described ... It was a retro ranch house. I guess the owner passed away and they were having an estate sale. And really, if I had could I would have bought the house and just lived there - if was pretty terrific.

But yes, the aqua kitchen...the Naugahyde couches, yes thats where I found joan.

JEWELGIRL 10/11/09, 2:34 AM  

I love going through old homes that still have
older items in them. That hamper is probably at
least 50+ years old! Fun!

Suzy 10/12/09, 12:28 PM  

I can see how you couldn't leave something to perfectly pink behind. Sounds like a neat estate sale to attend. I've been to a few like that where you really step back to another time.

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