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Monday, October 12, 2009

Clutter Hammers O' Doom

At this point (Day 22, No car), I'm stir crazy.  Compared to most people in New Jersey, I don't (didn't) drive that much (5,000 miles a year) but still, I got out of the house, right?

It's funny, you know...When I was out more I was able to ignore the accumulated miscellany of clutter; the yard sale SCORES! and paper piles, the coupons and untried recipes,  the Oh yeah, I'll get to that tomorrows, and those darn to-do lists everywhere.

And really when to-do lists start adding to you're clutter you're pretty much screwed and should have seen the need for an intervention coming.

Since I can't get out I've become the mole in a surreal clutter version of Whack-a-Mole, except there's no rubber mallet just these menacing Clutter Hammers O' Doom every foot and a half.   I walk to the right and see them and to the left and see them and they are all going:

Yoo-Hoo! Hey! Bam!

Right in the face .... And my face can't take much more of this.

So I think...Like I when did The Jamaican Declutter Fest of 2009, and The Jersey Shore Declutter Fest of 2008, it's time for The Day 22, No Car Declutter Fest of 2009 or I will lose my mind.

I'm going in....Cover me, girls.


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Anonymous,  10/12/09, 9:02 AM  

Imagining yourself as the mole in whack-a-mole...I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!

There is one bright side. If you HAD a car, you'd probably be driving around buying MORE CLUTTER! :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/12/09, 9:14 AM  

It's really a thing that looks one way, depending where you're sitting kind of thing...It's like I'm stuck but if I wasn't I'd be making it worse but wouldn't care cause I wasn't stuck...but since I am...WHACK

mama-face 10/12/09, 9:18 AM  

I have my car; haven't had to do without for al long as I can remember; and I have papers everywhere, projects undone, to do lists on my kitchen and bathroom counters; cuz how can I be expected to remember by the time I get downstairs or vice versa? The problem is not my car; it's the fact that I have my computer; plus the family one if I really need it. ha.

Funny post. :)

Lynette 10/12/09, 10:58 AM  

Go for it is a massive declutter hammer that I used for the Summer 09 declutter fest here in Texas. Yeah that is where all those high winds came swinging the hammer.

I know you will find a house under there somewhere. You may also find a garage sale or two to help add some $$ to the future car.

Pollyanna 10/12/09, 1:54 PM  

I can't image that much time without a car. I suppose if I didn't drive to work, I'd get fired and then I'd be in a whole heap of trouble. Let's all pray my car doesn't break down.

Good luck on the declutter fest!

ladyjanewriter 10/12/09, 2:04 PM  

I've found the "clock" method helpful. Mentally call a part of the room 12 Noon and go clockwise. It helps take over that sense of panic and chaos and put a sense of order to the whole scheme.

I'd say that day 22 without the van might be a twisted form of blessing? But you have more clutter, so, therefore you have more things you can chuck at me and whip at my head. So I shan't. ;-)

*hugs* Good luck! Check out, too - she's a bit to Jesus-y for my taste, but I still do her 21 fling boogie exercise.

Mama Kat 10/12/09, 4:56 PM  

I would feel so trapped!

Maureen 10/12/09, 11:31 PM  

Been there, done that! DROVE.ME.OUT.OF.MY.MIND!!!

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