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Monday, October 5, 2009

And because it's only fair...

A cell phone update. Last week I was not happy with AT&T and did a lot of complaining here. I spent several days investigating all manner of cell phone plans. The front runners were AT&T and Verizon and now that AT&T has rolled out the A-LIST plan( adding 10 unlimited phone numbers to your family plan) both plans are quite similar.

With the A-List the main differences are Verizon's unlimited calling to all Verizon cell phones and AT&T's accumulation of unused minutes as roll-over minutes.

What happened was this: AT&T customer service called me twice and said what I've been waiting to hear - They thanked me for being a valued AT&T customer, several times. Companies underestimate how important it is to hear this. FYI -They didn't say it because they had visited this blog - I looked at my stats. They haven't been here. The price was also in AT&T's favor because there are price quirks in all cell phone plans - AT&T has an unlimited family texting plan for $30. If you have it, and who with a teen doesn't, you can add unlimited web and email for $9.99 per phone. Because I was adding this to my phone it tipped the scale away from Verizon.

And my family thought this was quite hysterical with me being on Day 15, No car and, oh what a laugh we all had. Mommy's getting web access on her phone and she's the only one who doesn't leave the house. A jolly laugh was had by all since Mommy no longer goes anywhere what does she need access to the web outside the house for anyway? Which also begs the question, am I the same person without my minivan? I so miss her.

I had several conversations with Richard, an AT&T customer service rep, and worked out the bulk of my issues. I also went to a mall store to get my son a phone over the week-end. His phone needed to be replaced as it was 10 years old. Because his contract was one of the ones not up until November it could not be done online. This was another example of AT&T working with us, and thank you. There is normally a $75 penalty and a higher phone price for an early upgrade, as well as the $35 phone upgrade fee. It gets pricey. The $75 upgrade fee was waved.

I think this is the phone he got, the Samsung Impression.
(But I got a bit bleary-eyed after a while and they started to look the same)

I ordered this one for me Saturday morning, Motorola Karma. Free after rebate.

I love Motorola. The 10 year old phone my son was using was a
Motorola V551 and if he breaks the Samsung (because they all
break when he has them "Poof" Spontaneously )he will go back to
using the V551 as he has done... for the last 10 years.

So that's were it stands at the moment.


Christa 10/5/09, 10:20 AM  

When those commercials hit the TV for the A-List... I kept saying I hope she didn't change phone plans!!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/5/09, 10:42 AM  

Christa - I went last week to the stores and they told me that before the commercials hit the air but without the 'thank you for being our valued customer' it wouldnt have been enough. That meant the world to me. It may be silly, but I was waiting for that.

Lidian 10/5/09, 10:54 AM  

It's unbelievable how much time one has to spend on trying to find the right kind of necessary item - or, in my case, shopping for the stuff I left off the grocery list that I thought was so clever last Friday.

I think we should get those hours back at the end of each week to do fun stuff, or go to a spa. Or both!

icedteaforme 10/5/09, 11:24 AM  

Thanks for the are so right about the thank you meaning something, my husband and I have not been on a family plan before because my cell# has a different area code and up until now they would not let us have the numbers on the same plan, we were ready to switch my phone number and now they say we can combine for a family plan....I need a new phone....been looking online, now need to touch and feel them, I love motorola as well, and will now check out your phone choice, my current fave is the sony cybershot, but I have to feel them, I hate plastic phones....miss my old metal motorola! oh and ps they want to charge us 18bucks to move my cell phone to my husband's billing on our home phone, I am fighting that, hello we are saving them paperwork! ok enough about me....congrats to you and your decisions!

Mom Mayhem says: 10/5/09, 11:56 AM  

Glad to hear it's working ok for you -Except the car thing-Ugh! But,I agree it is important to hear that your a valued customer :)

JUST ME, THE MOM 10/5/09, 12:52 PM  

I've just been enthralled with the cell phone updates:) So glad you found something really cool. I just recently got a new cell phone and have had NO time to figure it out. Maybe today:)]


The Crazy Suburban Mom 10/5/09, 1:16 PM  

Thanks everyone. And yes, it take so much time to do everything... lots of time.

And a day at the spa sounds great! lol

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