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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old pictures, memories, thoughts...

The girl who swallowed herself...

Do you suppose there was a time before I was me when I was really me?


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Crazy Suburban Mom


Mary 9/2/09, 9:02 AM  

I can't see the picture because for some reason my computer won't let me see pictures today. (??) So I hope I don't sound like a fool when I answer your question.

The truth is, I don't understand what people mean when they talk about "really being me" or "finding myself." You are always you, aren't you? I mean sure you can grow and change - but those changes are also part of you. You can act like someone else for short periods of time, but in the end, you are still you. Even the act of acting like someone else is part of your personality.

I've never been good at abstract thoughts - so maybe that's why I don't understand. lol.

blueviolet 9/2/09, 9:39 AM  

I think our me changes every single day.

I love the photograph!

Calico Crazy 9/2/09, 10:25 AM  

Fun photo & filtering. The rest I'll have to contemplate.

Calico Contemplations

Shelly 9/2/09, 10:40 AM  

Which me was I when I was me in the first place? lol

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls 9/2/09, 11:32 AM  

Interesting question - will have to think about that one. :) Happy WW!

Grampy 9/2/09, 1:16 PM  

Excellent photo. Happy WW

@eloh 9/2/09, 10:13 PM  

Neat photo effect. I prefer the me of my 30's...the world was my oyster...I was just too dumb to know it.

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