The Crazy Suburban Mom: Weekly Weight Watcher visual with a woof

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekly Weight Watcher visual with a woof

So my total loss as a visual?


Is that little mink dog bed the cutest thing ever? Faux mink, people. Faux!

I was looking for something a little different this week and I couldn't find anything. Ginger was no help; when I asked her she ignored me.

Except when her eyes said, Unless this involves a dog cookie go away.

ginger and the doody in the gym bag...

So I was on my own pretty much.

But Ginger did get me thinking dog related items and that's how I found Blingblingpuppy and this totally stylin' dog bed.


I've lost so far about a dog bed plus a dog depending on how much the dog weighs, I suppose. Granted this is a piece of furniture for a very small dog...But Hey, it's a piece of furniture! And I'll take it!

And so would Ginger but she's going to need a major attitude adjustment before she gets a $600 dog bed, Young lady and don't you forget it!

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Kathy B! 9/16/09, 11:41 AM  

Shoot, I'd be happy with that! Good job :)

@eloh 9/16/09, 11:46 AM  

Good going!

beth 9/16/09, 11:50 AM  

wow! impressive! good for you!

jan 9/16/09, 12:58 PM  

Cool bed, but in my house the dogs would ignore it, preferring people furniture and it would end up as a magazine holder.

Lidian 9/16/09, 9:36 PM  

Yay for you!

Also, that dog bed is totally OTT! My cats would like something equally de luxe but couch-sized (they like couches).

Anonymous,  9/17/09, 9:36 AM  

Congratulations, you're doing so well!

Do you ever cheat?

Debbie 9/17/09, 10:45 AM  

I'd like a bed like that!

Vonlipi 9/17/09, 8:43 PM  

Hello Ginger! You are such a cutie pie! Big cuddles.

one gal's trash 9/17/09, 9:47 PM  

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is funny and lovely...two of my favorite things. The mink dog bed is really the cat's meow!

Lynette 9/19/09, 7:07 AM  

with 5 doggies could not get a bed big enough oh wait they use mine!

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