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Monday, September 14, 2009

Vintage button giveaway for the Like a Virgin Declutter Fest

Had a busy week-end rocking The Like a Virgin Declutter Fest...

I accomplished a lot this week-end although looking around, I don't know. It looks the same around here despite having a(nother) van-full ready to go to the VNA rummage sale, which concerns me. Why is that it that no matter how much you give away, what you have just multiplies to fill the available space? That is why I'm glad my house is small; I'm almost afraid if I had a bigger house, I'd just have a bigger pile of crap to deal with.

On to the Like a Virgin Declutter Fest...

Here are some of the things I'm keeping.

Two major things I had to find places for or let
go were a lamp I loved and a 50's Naugahyde hassock.
I think I've worked it out.


Both were large and had moved around a lot. This week-end I moved a chair to a corner and created a reading nook, something I've always wanted to do. It's not a place you can view the television and that is kind of the point. I'd like to change the pillows but other than that, I'm happy with the main placement.

I like glass. I like the shine and the glow of it. I really like the colors and the art of glass.


This vase wasn't expensive but I love the design. The silver thing I believe is a butter dish that I got on the last day of an estate sale a few months ago. I paid four dollars and was told it's silver plate, very tarnished at the time, although the man who sold it to me looked like he thought he made a mistake about that, kept turning it over and over in his hand but didn't want to say anything to me. I really don't know.


I can't identify the mark on the bottom...


But I think it might be what is called holloware. Something used a long time ago and generally plate and very heavy. This is very heavy and looks hand wrought. Its irregular, not machine made and it's spitting in some of the crease areas. According to wiki
holloware is:

Holloware (or hollowware[1]) is a term that refers to table service items such as sugar bowls, creamers, coffee pots, teapots, soup tureens, hot food covers, water pitchers, platters, butter pat plates and other metal items that went with the china on a table. It does not include flatware. Holloware was constructed to last a long time. It differs from some other silverplated items in being made with thicker walls and more layers of silverplate.

Dining car holloware is a type of railroad collectible (railroadiana). The relative value of pieces depends on their scarcity, age and condition, and the popularity of the trains the items were used on.

I am keeping this one, it seems to have an interesting history either way because it's totally banged up.

This is something an Aunt gave me.


It's a large glass chip and dip bowl with a metal frame that fits over it, holds the middle smaller dip bowl and three edge tooth pick caddies. I'm keeping this probably more emotionally although I do use this for company. I think she had this at least 50 years.

More glass.


A yellow and brilliant blue Blenko vase and similarly colored inexpensive bowl.
Keeping them because of my glass fetish.

Now these...


I'm torn about these. They tweak my love of
vintage kitchen things and my love of glass. I'm having a harder time deciding what to do with these...

I bought them to use them but haven't. And I don't know what to do with them but I can't bring myself to load them into the van and donate them so I'm a bit verklempt about what to do with these. I'm putting off my decision about these.

I did let a bunch of stuff go to keep this vintage Pyrex...


This restaurant platter...

green restaurant ware platter

And the one with this rim...

blue platter

And half the buttons...


But I decided since everyone was grooving on the buttons
I'm going to have a vintage button giveaway...

Or a few!

I'm going to start with the big rhinestone buttons
, since those are the ones everyone loved.

blue rhinestone

The first one is going to be a short one to see how it goes. But the thing with the giveaways is I can't always find the winners and what's up with that? Don't you want this button? I mean I know you do!

So do me a favor - help me out.

Help me find you, please.

Tell me what you want to do with the really, really large beautiful vintage rhinestone button in the comment section...

And subscribe to this thread, leave your email, link to me in your blog...Something ladies!

This contest will run until Wednesday September 16, 2009 at 12 am. eastern time and I'll announce the winner that day. I need to hear from the winner by September 18.


DogsDeserveFreedom 9/14/09, 9:51 AM  

Hi there

Just wanted to pop by and thank you for commenting at my blog last month (August). I appreciate your input.

I’ve been making some changes to the blog so feel free to let me know what you think of them!

@eloh 9/14/09, 2:55 PM  

I love's been on my "profile" since day one....what would I do with that button? Hummmm, I'd have to dream on it awhile. A brooch maybe.

Your fridge dishes...another love, do you have a place to display them...filled with colorful buttons?

You know me..already...I've been doing a Blog-O-The-Week thing over at my place. As soon as I do another nice lady blog post I'm gonna stick you up there...unless of course you beg me not to. I've been pretty careful remembering who uses naughty words and who doesn't and so far have behaved myself accordingly.

icedteaforme 9/14/09, 3:53 PM  

I love the button!!! I would put it on a winter polarfleece vest like a broach or if multiples then I would replace the buttons on a sweater for some glitz, I have use for them!!!

my blog
my email
my flickr email glitzypursegirl

have a great week!

Lee 9/14/09, 4:39 PM  

I love the butter dish... jewelry.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my bathrooms... very sweet words.

I enjoyed looking at your blog too!

Lidian 9/14/09, 5:24 PM  

I am glad you kept all those lovely things. I also have a small house, but there are things I just have to hang onto. Plus it's less space to dust, right?

I would make that lovely button into a pendant necklace for one of my girls for Christmas, probably (or get my eldest to make it into a CHristmas present for her younger sister, she's good at that kind of thing)

ladyjanewriter 9/14/09, 11:02 PM  

I want to give the button to my dear friend, Knittykat, who crochets. She is grooving on that exact shade of blue, and adores sparkly things. I am guessing she would use it as a closure for a crocheted capelet.

Thank you so much for this giveaway, it's so purty! Purty Button Love to the Universe, see?

ladyjanewriter 9/14/09, 11:03 PM  

Oh, yes, sorry, and I think my gmail is available via my blog.

chicamom85 9/14/09, 11:13 PM  

I love glass, I collect depression glass and I go nuts for it. The pyrex is killing me. I need to find some estate sales soon! We recently had our kitchen redone due to a flood( so the insurance helped out!!) Now that I am putting everything back, I wonder where did all this crap come from, I can't find places to put it. I think I might do a give away soon myself. I am not a button person so I will let someone else try for that.


One Creative Queen 9/15/09, 6:24 AM  

I have the same crap problem...boy, that sounded wrong! ;) I've just decided if I didn't have all the junk my kids keep, I'd be just fine. Most of the stuff that clutters up my house is art stuff.

What would I do with that scrumdiddlyumptious button? Mmmm Besides stare at it? (I have several objects like that - I hang onto them because I just love how they look and feel)...I would probably use it to finish off this collage of a Queen I've been working on for YEARS. I haven't finished it because I need something special for the main part of the crown - and your stunning button would be just the thing. I love it!

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Lynette 9/15/09, 9:55 AM  

make them clasp for the purses my mom makes
also love to see them as a necklace with a thin black cord or make great pins for my college girls scatchel she carries. has it covered in cool buttons

Pollyanna 9/15/09, 8:28 PM  

Congrats on the clutter fest! I managed to de-clutter absolutely NOTHING this weekend.

I sure would love that button. You can always find me here: Life Makes Me Laugh

daisybud5 11/2/09, 5:44 PM  

i know im a late poster but if you havent picked a winner yet i would use this as my something blue in my wedding on 06/12/10, i was thinking of putting it on my shoe and then maybe someday pass it to one of my kids, but anyways its beautiful.

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