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Friday, September 18, 2009

Rhinestone button winner and changing the form of your clutter, is it good or bad?

I took my son to school last Wednesday and it's been a changing thing.

I sleep more. A lot more.

I used to get up in the wee hours. Today I got up at 8:30 which, for me is practically a month from next Thursday. And all I want to do is eat. I've been looking for things to do that don't involve food so I've taken up commando decluttering as a lifestyle. I keep finding things I forgot I had. And do I want it? Should I have bought it? Am I going to use it?

No really, Tracy... Are you really going to use it?

And than I tell myself to leave me alone and go away.

This morning I had to make a decision about some beautiful trim from an Estate Sale. The woman running it gave it to me because bits and bobs of old things rarely have value I've noticed. Especially on the last day of a sale. They weren't even with a lot of sewing items; they were stuck in an old hat box with hats.


When I untangled them from the piece of cardboard they were around I found this.


The hat box was old, the hats were old, in fact most of the things at the sale were very old and I think the trims were that old as well. 1940. Wow, that's some old trim.

I tried to sell them once and no one bought them. I started the bidding at two dollars on eBay. Nothing. Maybe the woman at the sale was right and no one cared about old trim and what a sad comment that is. I never relisted them.

I had my own plan for them which didn't involve sewing because I don't sew. I bought the fusible web and than threw the whole lot of it (plus some antique trim from my Grandmother) in a drawer and promptly put it out of my mind.

Until today when I had to decide.

Since today was donate or use day and I still want to eat but really don't want to eat I decided why not?

I bought this key fob a while back at Akane's etsy shop.


She sewed her trim on and added some buttons and I love it to pieces.

I immediately thought of this project when I needed to use the trim. I found another shop that sold the fixin's for the the fobs, Bag Lady of SC, and placed my order. Months ago...

The stars were aligned today. Today was craft or get off the pot day. Use or donate. I got all my stuff out and gave it a try.

I made three. One with the old 40's trim and two with Grandma's..


This is one of the 1940's trim.

It's got a shabby chic thing going. Or just shabby depending on how you feel about things like this. It isn't perfect. Marks, flaws... But I don't know. I kind of like that.


This is Grandma's trim.

Her's looks almost brand new and I have three color versions of this trim.

And Grandma's again...


I may add some buttonalia to the first one but I'm not sure yet. And honestly I'm not sure if I've done the trims justice by using them. Perhaps these old beautiful things would be better suited to grand garments than fobs? On one hand I love that they could be used and viewed daily. On the other hand should they really be used (and with fusible web yet) on a thing like a key fob? Or should they be used on a sweet little child's shirt?

I'm a bit torn really. And also have I really decluttered? Or just changed the clutters form?

And last but not least although late, very late...

The winner of the button is

blue rhinestone


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Kathy B! 9/18/09, 11:25 AM  

How cool! I love the invitation that fell out. For me it would have been an invitation to spend a good half an hour daydreaming about what it must have been like...

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/18/09, 11:41 AM  

Kathy, You and me both. When I first saw that thats what it was like for me. That is the coolest thing about the estate sales for me. I go and I always hear dealers and I know for them its always about resale. And I resell but its not the primary thing for me. I almost never buy to resell primarily. Its almost always about - what was this like when it was new... or why did someone buy this? Or how much did they love this? Or stuff that happens by accident, like this

Mary 9/18/09, 3:20 PM  

I totally love those key fobs!

As for your quandary ... are you ever really going to make a grand garment? Probably not (since you say yourself you don't sew). So then it comes down to this: save them in a drawer for a grand garment that will never be made? Or use them for a key fob that you will use and enjoy every day?

I vote for the latter.

Also, since I shared that bit of wisdom, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you sent me one! lol. :p

ladyjanewriter 9/18/09, 4:33 PM  


*ahem, composes self*

Oh, and I LOVE the key fob thingies too!

Vonlipi 9/18/09, 5:38 PM  

I ove the key fobs! Especially the pink and green one! :)

icedteaforme 9/19/09, 12:52 AM  

I love those key fobs!!! I totally need to make some...I have tons of old trim, thanks for some inspiration, now can you fix my sewing machine? lol

One Creative Queen 9/19/09, 3:35 AM  

You did a fantastic job!! Whether they are suited for something else or not, I love what you did. :) And now you've got me wanting to go make key fobs. At. 1:35. AM. So thanks. ;)

Lynette 9/19/09, 6:15 AM  

very very cool key chains. great idea

Mom Mayhem says: 9/20/09, 4:42 PM  

I LOVE those key fobs! Great way to use the trim! I couldn't say for sure if it's just changing the clutter. But, I'd like to think that it does have more a purpose now :)

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