The Crazy Suburban Mom: Another Rhinestone Button Giveaway! (and some bitchin')

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Rhinestone Button Giveaway! (and some bitchin')

This is my second post today and I'm cranky, hot and whiny. If you would like to read the first one, and I wouldn't blame you a bit, it's here. It's a lovely post about some sewing trim from the 1940's, a craft project and the winner of a huge vintage rhinestone button the color of the Hope Diamond.

Or just cut to the giveaway - it's at the bottom...


What's my problem? Well, the first one is, I'm rethinking my love of giant purses which I rattled on about in July

But I need to back up because today's crab-on started out at an estate sale a few hours ago. Normally, I love estate sales but I don't much like the ones given by certain companies. The reasons vary with the companies but this is one of those companies and I should have known better. I left the sale with nothing in the van and the beginnings of a headache.

Because I was out anyway I moved on to several pending and annoying errands, like going to the bank;which ended up being way more annoying than I could have imagined. When I get to a bank, not my usual branch, I can't find my debit card because my purse is the California-King of purses and this is what my it looks like when you open it to find something.


And I am so not kidding. That's what it looks like in there.

So I walk back out of the bank and into my van to dump all that junk out. No debit card. 20 minutes later after going through everything like a migrainejillion times I remember my purse fell over a week ago and, Oh! Maybe the card fell out. So I get out, go around the other side, open the door and, Yep. There it is on the floor by the passenger side door.

And I'm really hot and cranky about now because I've totally been in the van without running it because, How long can it take to find a debit card in a purse, right? HA! So I'm all sweaty and raggy and I still have to go in the bank 'cause there is no outside in front of the building Mac machine. So - In I go and there is no INSIDE Mac machine either but I think maybe I missed it so I ask the bank lady and she says I can use the one cars use, which they never say to do. I'm hot and tired and cranky. And I'm passed the point of thinking and just go to the car only Mac machine and wait behind an actual car.

And it's pretty uneventful until a car pulls up behind me and is quite annoyed he has to wait behind a person and starts revving his motor at me and for the love of everything on four wheels I am thinking to myself, WHAT IT'S TO HIM? And of course it's a him because men have no patience but I don't say anything because the man in front of me is as slow as oatmeal going uphill in February and the man behind me is acting like a jerk and I'm no match for a metal bumper but I decide next time he revs me I'm going to yell, What's the rush, Dude, you catch some bad Scampi at lunch or something?

But I don't.

But now on top of everything else I can't stop thinking about scampi. And also I can't stop thinking of being wedged between these two cars for real.

And finally. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. Slow dude finishes balancing the federal budget in front of me and drives off and I get to withdraw my $30 and move on. Yeah, hardly worth all that aggravation was it?

And I still have to go get something for dinner and can't even think about anything but Scampi. But don't want to actually deal with cooking anything and who knew there was this? Because I didn't until I was wandering aimlessly down the frozen food aisle.


Stuffed shells in shrimp scampi sauce by Bertolli

All I have to do is bake it and I hope it's good and will get me past today's scampi obsession.

The other thing I bought in the grocery store was these.


I had a subscription to Real Simple for years but I had to cut back on things, as many of us have. Subscriptions were a casualty. But today after my purse frustration when I saw these I grabbed them up and can't wait to dive into them after dinner.

And that's about it for that... On to button giveaway number 2!

I got another pretty rhinestone button for you!


It's very pretty and I'm sure it's old. It's got a metal self-shanked back.

You'll love it! It will be like winning a tiara.

Leave me a comment by Sunday September 20 at 9 pm eastern time.

Basically you have whole week-end to comment!

I know this post was hopelessly random.


icedteaforme 9/19/09, 12:48 AM  

total broach material!!!

and ps I am super bitchy too, even after a celery juice sleep cocktail....mega bad mood here in the mountains!

One Creative Queen 9/19/09, 3:31 AM  

You poor thing!! I can't believe you wanted scampi - when what you *needed* was a margarita. And some girl talk. And air conditioning. lol

I would love to win such a gorgeous, magnificent button! I would definitely use this on my doll. You've got to quit making me drool...I'm ruining my computer. ;)


lee 9/19/09, 3:34 AM  

i would love to have that button, it's the most beautifulest button in the world! if i win, i will sew it on my black leather coat, as the top button- jewelry that's functional!

great giveaway, great hostess!

Lynette 9/19/09, 6:13 AM  

Yes the button is beautiful!
Hate those kinda days dontcha.
Me too! Yeah, we all have em.
And you know maybe a cold beer or a warm bubble bath would have helped.
But I am glad you was willing to vent with us too!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) 9/19/09, 8:01 AM  

Mmmmmmm...the oven baked scampi looks good. Now I'm craving. How was it?


Lidian 9/19/09, 11:06 AM  

Why is it that the person in front of you on a bank line is indeed working on the federal budget (I love that! will remember next time am in bank line, for a laugh) and the one behind you is equally Important and in a tearing hurry?

I hope that scampi was excellent and that you had a nice cold drink of something fortifying (i.e. booze) to follow.

Those days always happen when it is really hot out (or really cold). They do around here, I know that!

Hope you are having a MUCH better weekend :)

Mary 9/19/09, 6:23 PM  

That doesn't even make sense. Mr. Douchebag would have had to wait for you regardless of whether you are in a car or on foot. The sheer moronicness of some people blows my mind.

You know what's worse than a huge purse? A hobo style purse. I got the cutest one a few weeks ago but it is HORRIBLE because it doesn't stand up and you can't freaking find anything in it.

I love Real Simple - lots of eye candy. This weekend I saw 2 magazines that I wanted sooo bad. One was the Halloween Family Fun and the other was the Sandra Lee Christmas. Since they were special editions they were $9.99 a pop. So I guess they'll wait. Sigh.
(When I comment you I have to enter my blog manually because yours will only let me comment as a google user. I wish I wasn't computer illiterate. lol.)

Mom Mayhem says: 9/20/09, 4:46 PM  

Ooh pretty button- I want to win!
And Sorry you had rough day :(

Gloria 9/20/09, 5:28 PM  

What a very pretty button!Certainly a neat giveaway!

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