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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The kitchen table of my dreams...and a few blog tiaras

I read a lot of blogs. I spend more time reading other people's blogs than I do working on my own which is a bit odd, perhaps. I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately and I think I do this for the same reason I read non-fiction instead of fiction; there is so much I wish to learn. So much that interests me.

This post is actually about Fall Nesting, a theme I picked up from The Inspired Room. But stick with me for a minute because that blog got me thinking the blogs I read are as random as my interests so I want to give out a few Blog Tiaras.

blog tiara

A Cat Named Anabel
Because she is an amazing writer and funny, oh! So funny.

Vonlipi's Favorites
Because she has the best Pyrex karma of anyone I know.
Pink, for Pete's sake. She finds pink!

Because I never know what she will say, and I love it all.

Dealing in Subterfuges

Because if you love the shows Top Chef and
Project Runway, you will love this blog more.

Okay, now on to my point.
Fall Nesting.

Over at The Inspired Room the talk was of fall nesting and what it means to her; nurturing. I agree and I had a funny experience this week at the A&P. I walked down the produce aisle and was hit in the face by the smell of cinnamon, in a good way. I finally found the stack of scented pine cones it was coming from.

Fall is almost here, I thought.

Yesterday I saw a local estate sale advertised with many high end 50's and 60's items. One item I really want but can't afford. An original Saarinen table and chairs; priced at $3000. I want it because it reminds me of the one my friend's mom had and it was a place I spent a lot of time. A happy place. A place I felt good.

I have a table and chairs, of course. A nice one, a wood one. I never eat there, it's not comfortable. I eat on the sofa. I've been thinking in the last few months that if I had a table and chairs like Diane's mom,I'd eat in the dining room. Than yesterday this sale came up, and I saw the table and the almost chairs (hers were a bit different).

I think nesting is a good theme for the fall -perhaps not just the fall - and in my estate sale forays I should seek out the table and chairs that would a joy to sit at. Make my own home the home of my memories.


I found this dining set at Sudio 50's ; a site worth checking out. This is the set my friend's mom had; those are the chairs. Although the dream-chairs had atomic aqua seats, Diane's mom did later recover the chairs in a dusty moss. I would need chairs in maybe a gold color?

Someday, perhaps if my retro karma is really good.


Beth Dunn 9/3/09, 12:15 PM  

Sitting around a table has a lot of positive memories for me too. Thanks for the reminder! xo

blueviolet 9/3/09, 12:23 PM  

Oh that is retro! And I picture game playing there too!

@eloh 9/3/09, 1:21 PM  

Thanks; I'm up to no good, as usual. Looking at my dashboard, it appears blog world is suffered some malfunctions during the night.

I know what you mean about spending too much time on other blogs...I tried a poetry week to take a little break and write...all I did was read stuff on the net.

I wish you would have a day to showcase your art. Maybe call it Pictures/Paintings and Potluck Mondays or Sundays..whenever. You seriously underestimate your talent. Or our of the two.

And thanks again for the "flair", I can always use more flair.

Those chairs today...they look very comfy.

Anonymous,  9/3/09, 1:39 PM  

Oh, Trace, thanks so much for the tiara and the praise, coming from you it means so much.

The kitchen set is adorable and the memories sound lovely, so I hope you can score it to feather your nest!

Lidian 9/3/09, 4:46 PM  

I am cleaning little things up and looking forward to cool weather, I know just what you mean.

And I like non-fiction best too - there are just so many amazing things out there, and weird stories. I like mystery novels and Victorian novels but otherwise, no thanks to fiction (mostly).

The chair and table set is divine! The chairs look really comfortable, too.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/4/09, 4:16 AM  

Beth Dunn - Good memories can come from all kinds of places...and things

BlueViolet! Isnt it though?

eloh - I don't know if I want to put aside a whole day to me. I don't think its all that interesting, the artwork and're right I dont.... and I havent done that much in the last year cause I couldnt see well. Also I have to paint outside and its rained so much that I don't have many paintings except what Ive posted. Im going away in the fall and maybe I'll have more photography after that if I can see better than I had....

L - I hope to have a kitchen like that soon! and you're welcome :)

Lidian - I need to clean a lot! Looks like who did it and ran around here!

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