The Crazy Suburban Mom: Day 6, No Car

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 6, No Car

No car
Day 6

painting 2 work in progress

Although I admit...

painting work in progress

It does allow me to focus on other things...

I haven't done artwork in a long time and I've started to paint again. I understand abstract art doesn't float everyone's boat but when I couldn't see well enough to paint realistically, painting like this saved my life.

And I've gotten to love them beyond my appreciation for said sanity.

These paintings are large. I haven't measured but one is four or five feet across... And the other one's even bigger. They are latex house paint and acrylic artist's paint on raw canvas in mostly neutral colors.

I'm including these paintings in The inspired Room's Beautiful Friday Post even though I know to everyone these paintings will not ring, beautiful. To me, they will always be so. For anyone who doesn't see abstract art as beautiful I hope you can look beyond that and see what just being able to paint when I couldn't see meant to me. And that was beautiful.

*They aren't framed, I added virtual frames for the aesthetics of it all.*


ladyjanewriter 9/25/09, 11:45 AM  

I like the 2nd one, it's very soothing somehow!

Lynette 9/25/09, 3:32 PM  

I love the first one, but I do see them more in a lobby. Have to have a really modern house to pull off an abstact.

Gina 9/25/09, 4:32 PM  

I love these-and art is art, sometimes it's all about the process of creating that makes art so meaningful to the artist/creator.

@eloh 9/25/09, 5:04 PM  

I love them..and the Louve was once my favorite place on earth (I hate that glass crap they slapped up in the front yard)...

When your page first opened...I had the "no car" on my mind, granted, but I thought picture number one was heavy frost on the uncut grass that you had had to walk through. I didn't realise it wasn't until I saw numer two and started to read instead of admire.

Lidian 9/25/09, 5:12 PM  

These are just beautiful. You are ridiculously talented!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/25/09, 6:05 PM  

Ladyjane - thank you , I think it's the neutral colors maybe and the empty spaces. At least thats what does it for me.

Lynette - Thanks and yes, I agree. They need a large modern - almost empty space. And I really don't have anything like that. And they are much too big for any wall I have.

Gina - I totally agree! Its whats behind the art... it always is

Eloh - Thank you. For real, I always love when you look at my artwork. I don't post much of it here and I haven't done much over the summer - I can't really do what I'm doing inside the house (its too messy). And it's rained so much. Ive hardly painted in months. But without my car, I'm looking to be productive, I guess. I'm rambling, sorry. But I want to thank you - you always take a lot of time looking at what I post, I can tell by what you write and I wanted to say, thank you.

Lidian - Thank you! And OMG, silly you! But thank you for the compliment....


Christina 9/25/09, 9:10 PM  

Very nice. I actually love abstract art. I'm not a big fan of florals or landscape or bowls of fruit. I always was a little different.

Charlotte 9/27/09, 6:41 PM  

I also enjoyed the second piece. I didn't know you are an artist too, that's awesome.

Mamatoosi 9/27/09, 7:55 PM  

I think they're beautiful! I'm especially keen on the first one. It feels like there is depth to it -- like I could put my foot in it and it would sink into it.

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