The Crazy Suburban Mom: Weekly Weight Watcher Update with a musical twist

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekly Weight Watcher Update with a musical twist

Back from Weight Watchers and it's still all that and a bag of baked-not-fried chips for me. I under estimated just how important finding a meeting that you're comfy at really is.

I won't do that again.

My total weight loss so far can be represented on 12 strings...


Those 12 up there.

My son loves music, guitar music especially. He's been known to bring home all manner of stray instruments but his real love is guitars. I have no room left for his love of guitars.


He's going away in two weeks to learn to take them apart, to put them together, to fix them...Maybe to build them, but I'm not sure about that. He's going to learn to be a luthier. From wiki - A luthier (pronounced /ˈljuːti.ər/) is someone who makes or repairs stringed instruments. The word luthier comes from the French word luth which means "lute".

So back to my point -This weight loss moment is you you, baby.

Total loss so far is a Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard and a Fender American '62 Jazzmaster. The retail on those guitars? About $8200 - ouch!

Weight Watchers is definitely cheaper.

I did RETRO TUESDAY HERE if you missed it!

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Anonymous,  8/27/09, 9:24 AM  

congratulations as always!

"luthier" sounds to me like either
a) a word verification word
b) a job performed at an upscale restaurant, as in, "Could you send the luthier over, please?"
c) a really hot Frenchman, as in "Luthier is tres magnifigue in les bedroom"

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