The Crazy Suburban Mom: We couldn't clean up because Yoda's head wouldn't dry...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We couldn't clean up because Yoda's head wouldn't dry...

As most of you know, I'm an early riser. About seven o'clock in the evening I start fading and by eight I'm cursing that all my favorite shows are on too late for me to watch ... and at eight oh five it's pretty much over.

But cut to three or four a.m? I'm wide-eyed and ready to go.

This morning I get up, go downstairs and make coffee... But no matter how awake I am....

I'm never, never ready for this...


The disembodied head of Jedi Master Yoda greeted me this morning.

And not just Yoda but all the flotsam and jetsam associated with
bringing the full power of the force to New Jersey. And it must have been a
mighty battle because look at my kitchen...

Looks like Armageddon was fought in there...


Total economic damage of said battle? My son tells me, $91 worth
of cake mix, frosting, dyes, fondant, pans, skewers, and other general
Ace of Cakes type materials ...Plus a healthy ration of pizza for several teenagers.

Two teenagers are still asleep on my floor, one went home and
my son was up playing the guitar waiting to head me off at the Yoda.


I'm thinking a blast from the Death Star would have been neater.


Although my son assures me it was much worse before they cleaned, and they
could have finished cleaning if Yoda's head had only dried, plus it took some
time to get the dog unstuck from a frosting container....
After it somehow fell to the floor, Ginger dove in.


But they are sure Master Yoda will win today's
day camp cake contest, which was the point of recreating
the epic final battle of The Empire Strikes Back in my kitchen.


I guess the force is really with me because I had another
pivotal moment amidst the chaos and random crumbs .

For all the times I heard my mother coming out of my mouth and cringed... and thought, Oh God, I promised myself I would never say that.

The fact that I could walk into that kitchen (at 4 a.m.) and not scream , and not even feel a scream welling up in my throat... and have a sense of humor... and just clean it up glad they had a good time... Makes me realize I was right and I am different.

I am the kind of mother I promised myself I would be.


You don't know how many times just by being yourself you've helped me realize I am what I've always wanted to be. What a gift you are.

Love you,


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natalee 8/6/09, 8:26 AM  

AHHHH!!!!!! I am cracking up....Star Wars.. I would have peed myself .Star wars..the bane of my existence.

Christa 8/6/09, 9:11 AM  

you should send this Jen at Cake Wrecks...not that it's a wreck but she LOOOOOVES Star Wars and would be impressed teenagers managed to make it.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/6/09, 9:30 AM  

Natalee - It's too funny, although I am still picking frosting off the dog. Who is indignant.

Christa - Okay, I wrote her. And asked her to be gentle :)


jenn 8/6/09, 11:12 AM  

That's a pretty cool cake for some teenage boys to be making! I don't' think I could do that good of a job!

Mom 8/6/09, 11:24 AM  

OMG, that's awesome!

Yoda would be proud..."Hmmm. Delicious, it is. Bake or do not bake, there is no try."


Vonlipi 8/6/09, 11:39 AM  

Ok I admit it I would've FREAKED! Totally! Maybe it's because I don't have kids...

Never wanted any and my biological clock never started LOL. Well at least I know it!

My mother would've gone NUCLEAR...really! I can't tell you where the container of frosting would've been inserted.....It is after al a family blog!

Anonymous,  8/6/09, 3:40 PM  

Day Camp Contest???
what kind of a day camp is it, cake camp?

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/6/09, 3:47 PM  

Jenn, It was really terrific :) One of the teens was a girl whos a DARN good baker...

MOM - that was hysterical!!!

Vonlipi, so would mine :) And I have a friends with no kids, and are happy. never wanted any never had any!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/6/09, 3:48 PM  

LOL! nope just regular day camp - I hear there were lots of cakes 'entered' but just regular cakes and yoda was the only theme cake and all were impressed

Kathy B! 8/6/09, 5:08 PM  

That is the best story ever! I can just picture your dog covered in frosting :)

And good for you for not tearing those boys a new one, and being the mom you always new you were. Feels good doesn't it?

Lidian 8/6/09, 5:26 PM  

Oh, it's always fun to hear yourself and think, I sound just like my mother! ;) Back about a million years ago I said (like we all do) oh, I'll NEVER say [insert maternal phrase here].

Yeah, right.

That is some kind of thing to wake up to, I would need a nice shot of brandy in my coffee I think. For starters. But it is very impressive, and you are a fabulous mom! :)

Six Feet Under Blog 8/6/09, 10:14 PM  

yeah, I sound like my mom all the time and then I smack myself-lol. Great cake!

Kristen 8/7/09, 1:41 PM  

OMG! The mess! But it came out great!

Toni 8/7/09, 4:19 PM  

Am I the only one that would LOVE to come downstairs and see that?! lol. Talk about putting in the effort. The inter-galactic war that appears to have been fought in the kitchen is well worth it!

Pollyanna (formerly the Laughing Idiot) 8/7/09, 5:37 PM  

Isn't that just the cutest Yoda ever? Was this the same son who "cleaned" his room and got ticked off because you blogged about it? Well, I guess if you love him at all you gotta love all of him.

@eloh 8/7/09, 8:06 PM  

Well, tell us what happened at camp with the cake.

Good for you and your attitude, far better than what I would have done.

I guess my only defense would be that my kids would do that, whereas, I would not have dared touch anything in my mothers kitchen.

chicamom85 8/8/09, 1:04 AM  

I have been away nursing a back injury, what a fun post to come back to. First of all 4:00 a.m.!! Are you nuts?? The cake is too funny, I hope they won.


bettyl 8/10/09, 2:31 AM  

You are a good mom! We are proud of you! And, I sure hope they win!

Artfulife 8/10/09, 1:26 PM  

That is awesome! I don't see how they couldn't win, that cake rocks!

Ms Snarky Pants 8/10/09, 1:53 PM  

You showed amazing restraint! I would be totally proud of them despite the whole not cleaning up thing!!! That's an awesome cake!

TeaLady 8/10/09, 1:56 PM  

OMG that is just too funny!!! That would be enuff to make me want to MOVE AWAY!!!

Anonymous,  8/10/09, 8:39 PM  

That. Is. Awesome! (Okay, the mess...not so awesome. But still.)

Of course, I have nurtured my boys' love of Star Wars like a good geeky mom. I've got a few years before they take up midnight projects on their own, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm glad the cake impressed the judges!

CatLadyLarew 8/12/09, 12:37 PM  

I hope they won! Kids just don't understand about cleaning up after themselves... but then again, neither do I.

Venti Vixen 8/16/09, 1:47 AM  

That is awesome. I totally want one for my birthday!

Lynne 8/17/09, 5:04 PM  

OMG! That's incredible! I hope they won the cake contest and that the force was with you when you went to recover your kitchen!
By the way,tThanks for stopping by the Sewing Mom!

Reluctant Housewife 8/18/09, 3:56 PM  

Yoda cake. Awesome it is, yes... mmmm.

Messy that is, yes... help you clean, he will?
I hope so!

You're a great mom for not flipping out.

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