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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wanchai Ferry Giveaway Nom!

How cute is this?


It's part of the Stay-At-Home Prize Pack I got from Wanchai Ferry and MyBlogSpark.

Want one?

I really like Asian food. It's my food of choice when dining out. I also shop at an Asian market so I can make stir-fries at home. It's not hard to do but you need a lot of different ingredients to get an authentic taste and you need to prep and cook in steps. First, chopping the ingredients, than cooking each item separately so everything retains it's own character.

Truth is, I've tried frozen Asian dinners before and they have really fallen short in either flavor or texture. Or both. The biggest reason being that everything is dumped, frozen, from the bag to the pan and cooked together.

I was really surprised by the Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken. In a good way. When I opened the main package there were a few smaller packages. At first I'm all, It's 5 minutes after dinner is late already how long will this take? But in the back of my mind I had this growing admiration thing starting because I remembered hearing on Top Chef that frozen dinners should be packaged in parts (like this) for optimum quality.

I looked at the directions, and really, the separate pack thing? No biggie. No really, I think it even cut the cooking time and definitely improved the texture of all participants involved.

I put some oil in the pan and added the chicken....Cooked till golden...Removed chicken to a plate.... Added veggies, sauce, some water.... Cooked a bit....Added chicken back give a few stirs and... Done. And the rice is cooking while you're doing this in it's own microwave package. The package times were accurate for me.

The package contains two servings and the website has suggestions for side dishes (here). I had mine with a salad (because that's how I roll these days - a salad with almost every meal), and some melon for dessert. The portions are entree-sized to be part of a meal and you will probably want to include a side or two to round out your dinner.

This was really good. We all liked it. The kid who likes nothing wasn't eating home that night but I ran to the door with a forkful on his way out. I caught him mid-eye roll with his mouth open ready to say, No. Stuck the fork in and even
he had to grudgingly admit it was really good. Now, that was fun.

You know how the food you make never looks as good as it does on the package?


Weirdest thing... I was looking at it after I cooked it
and grabbed my camera....


I thought mine looked better so I took a picture. That is the first time that's ever happened. It was all colorful, and bright and juicy looking. Cool, right?

So, want to try it? I have another "Stay-At-Home" prize pack like that picture at the top - the bowls and chopsticks and place mats - to give away. And it comes with 2 coupons for the dinners! Best part, right?

Normally, I'm kinda lax with the rules but this time I have one. Because this is only sold in the United States the giveaway is only for U.S residents.

Ginger will not be monitoring this giveaway because when I was cooking the chicken I stir fried a piece right out of the pan. She grabbed it like it was Christmas and ran. Than came back for more. I can't trust her.

So I've enlisted Taz to monitor the one entry per person thing.


She's got a small beak but she pecks like a eagle. And if I haven't mentioned it
her pet peeves are getting covered at night, Ginger and double commenters.

Leave me a comment to win. Maybe tell me what your pet
peeve is? Since you now know Tazzy's....

That's all you have to do. I'm sure you all do other giveaways where you do other things, right? Subscribe, tweet, link...other stuff...all that. If you want to, you can. Just tell me what you did, I'll look around and if I can find the extra stuff I'll give you the extra entries.

This giveaway will run until Friday August 14, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. Please include your email address in the comment section and subscribe to this post or I can't find the winner! I've had a few unclaimed prizes and, dude I hate that. Since this is a giveaway sponsored by MyBlogSpark and Wanchai if the winner hasn't contacted me by midnight August 20, 2009 I will pick another person.


Stephanie Reed 8/12/09, 10:49 AM  

Yo, Taz! My pet peeve is reading something that should have been edited, like a newspaper, a crawl on a newscast, or a book, and finding typos. Lucky you--Tracy is a good speller (and a good writer).

PS Taz, do you Tweet?

Sofia Smils 8/12/09, 2:54 PM  

Taz rocks! I remember when you were a pretty pitiful looking little birdie -- you're looking good! But of course you've got a super Mommy!

I have tried the Wanchai Ferry and I really like them. Angie & I substitute little cubes of tofu that we stir fry til they have a crispy outside, and that's way yummy!

Oooh, pet peeve: loosing weight instead of losing weight, and the continued mixup of affect and effect. Oh, and typos on news subtitles. PEEP!

Kate 8/12/09, 4:03 PM  

My pet peeve is people that type in "internet speak," saying "u" and "ur" and such.

I'm a new reader around here, but I saw this and love asian food, so I had to try!! :)

Kat Sparks 8/12/09, 4:22 PM  

I just found your blog & it is great!

My biggest pet peeve is the whole "your" rather than "You're". My skin literally crawls when I see that.

RobinAnn 8/12/09, 4:45 PM  

Looks like we're on a grammar roll... I hate it when people say they are bringing something somewhere rather than taking.

Debbie 8/12/09, 5:44 PM  

The older I get, the more pet peeves I have! It is terrible.
I'd love to win this:)

Therese 8/12/09, 6:19 PM  

My pet peeve is people who are constantly late. Even if I tell them a half hour before we really have to be somewhere, they are still making me late!

@eloh 8/12/09, 7:12 PM  

I have peeves too numerous to mention. I really love Oriental food. It looks like those chopsticks might be made out of metal..?
If so, one could eat and protect ones meal at the same time...much as the knife in a European place setting. You know I am into this stuff.

Sandy 8/12/09, 8:18 PM  

Well! I don't want to be accused of double posting, but I don't see my first one either, Tracy! SO I'll try again. I WAS #2, LOL.

My pet peeve is coffee grounds from Ron's single serve coffee pot dumped into the kitchen sink. It can use the individual Senseo bags, and those are EASY but EXPENSIVE. SO we bought one of the refillable pods from amazon and he can just use regular coffee...but he dumps the grounds in the sink, even if it has dishes already there (which it ALWAYS does, LOL) ICK, I hate washing them out!

Vonlipi 8/12/09, 9:04 PM  

I know I know I'm not elligible! LOL!

But I couldn't stay away...I have a lot of pet peeves....Like cyclists who think that road rules don't apply to them...And people who don't eat anything...And people who drop blobs of toothpaste in the sink and leave them there ( i could write a book! LOL). I'll keep some for next time! Say hi to the pets!

AMH615 8/13/09, 10:24 AM  

My pet peeve: 'A lot' is never, ever, ever one word! (alot) I see it written as one all the time and I cringe. I wrote it as one word on an English paper my sophomore year and the teacher wrote all the way down my paper: A lot is never, ever, ever, ever.... one word.

BTW, you have to try the Wanchai Ferry Kung Pau Chicken! It is the BEST home Kung Pau I've ever had. I have 3 of the kits in my pantry right now!

Nessa 8/13/09, 11:46 AM  

I just wondered over from MBC and am so glad I found you. I will be back to visit more often!

My pet peeve is when I am reading or working and someone comes and reads over my shoulder! It drives me nuts!

Thanks for the chance to win1

Sun 8/13/09, 10:52 PM  

I was reading The 7MSN Ranch and found you in the comments. Really neat giveaway! My pet peeve is when people sing the same one part of a song over and over and over (since they don't know the rest of the song). ARGHHH!

Looking forward to reading more in the future! :)

throuthehaze 8/14/09, 5:11 AM  

Count me in please!
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

JC 8/19/09, 10:29 PM  

My pet peeve... I can't stand people picking up fruit on the stand by squeezing every single one!

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