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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Retro Tuesday's salute to Jello

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I have a morbid fascination with scary Jell-o recipes.

Not fascination that makes me go, Nom, nom, nom to the fifth power, I would SO eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.... but the way you look at something and can't turn away because it's just so freakishly weird and I'm embarrassed to stare but I can't help myself so I'll peek through my fingers and pretend to be covering my eyes.

I've always wondered what made people serve these jiggling jeweled-colored protoplasmic wonders. I've seen the photographs; they look like everything that was meant to be thrown down a garbage disposal was instead suspended in florescent awful for posterity. Had these shining gel-encased time capsules not been eaten I'm sure they could still be on display.

Maybe they still are. I should write the Smithsonian and ask.

I ran across an ad this morning that must have made gel cookery irresistible to young wives.


Easy, fun, nutritious, man-pleasing, low cost...

But still.

Who could eat this?


I mean?


What made Dream whip, mayonnaise, chicken and jello....a good idea?

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Christa 8/4/09, 11:10 AM this post is nothing on yesterday...this one deserved a warning!! LOL
I'm a love for jello molds is supposed to be in my DNA...I think I'm gonna be sick.

@eloh 8/4/09, 11:10 AM  

Jello and jello made products were husband #3's favorite food. All colors/flavors/food stuffs.

He wasn't what you would call stupid, just horribly uneducated. He really ticked me off one time, so WHILE we were enjoying some "jello" I clued him in on the ingredients.

Followed by him gagging and refusing to eat it ever again. Oh I laughed and laughed.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/4/09, 11:31 AM  

Christa - LOLOL... Gotta admit that pic of the chicken jello thing is grosser than verna :) And I saw verna!

Eloh - lots of people liked those things not that can fathom it... I took that pic out a whole cookbook devoted to jello recipes - tons of them. I mean, horrifying ones...ones with blue cheese and nuts and jello. gross,right? Its not just me. And there were lots of those cookbooks around. He was not the only one who loved them.

natalee 8/4/09, 1:00 PM  

LOL!!! I ALMOST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH......You are so.. funny Hugs.. Natalee

El 8/4/09, 1:07 PM  

I remember my mother and the other housewives drinking Knox Gelatin in plain water because it supposedly strengthened their fingernails. I would get soooooo grossed out -- but reading that recipe, I think they were taking the easy way out!
(Thank gawd it's 2009 and we have biotin for that!)
Anyway, I'm glad I haven't eaten yet because the thought of bleu cheese and jello anywhere near each other makes me want to hurl.

Vonlipi 8/4/09, 1:37 PM  

My mother's family was totally adicted to those gelatin recipes...I remember a a ring of lemon jell-o with chopped celery and avocado...GROSS!
And the italian green pepper. make a tomato juice gelatin, pour it in a hollowed out green pepper, let set and cut in rings and serve with a white sauce UGH! But the mostest disgusting was the ring of ham,gelatin and miracle whip (I puked that one for days...)

Lidian 8/4/09, 3:33 PM  

I share this exact syndrome with you - the Horrid Retro Gelatinmania! ;) It used to be in my Kitchen Retro tagline (I think...)

I still collect Joys of jell-O and its little friends, SO much fun. Thank you for my daily dose of visual gelarity! :)

DogsDeserveFreedom 8/4/09, 3:36 PM  

Hello Jello.

Just thought I'd say HI. I came over from Harriet's non-comment challenge.


Kristen 8/4/09, 7:53 PM  

Oh my gawwwd! That is repulsive. I thought jell-o was only for dessert.

Frantic Holly 8/5/09, 10:58 AM  

UMM YUCK. Not only does it sound disgusting it looks it too.

Mom Mayhem says: 8/5/09, 1:10 PM  

I've tried a few different Jello dishes -Salads,Desserts,etc. But yeah that whole chicken jello thing-Yuck!

Misguided Mommy 8/7/09, 11:36 AM  

omg what is that stuff. nooooooo i'm going to puke. it looks like chicken guacamole jello

scuse me must puke now

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