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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Retro Tuesday Healthy Version

retrotuesay stamp

Most, if not all, of the recipes you find in old magazines and cookbooks are horrifically bad for you. This ad for Quaker Oats stands out like a sore thumb against a back drop of chicken jello and artery clogging fare.

oatmeal meatballs

It's from a Good Housekeeping Magazine, 1953 and the thrust of the promotion wasn't health but saving money. Today's advertisers would be all over the oatmeal cholesterol connection but it was a simpler time.

I'm so going to make this recipe.

I may zhoosh it. Add garlic...something.

An aside on zhoosh - that's how you spell it, I looked. Although I would have thought it had more z's....


to zhoosh (third-person singular simple present zhooshes, present participle zhooshing, simple past and past participle zhooshed)

  1. (rare, transitive, Polari and British, slang) To tweak, finesse or improve something (for example, one's hair).

I'm doing a Weight Watchers Update later today!

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Vonlipi 8/26/09, 7:33 AM  

I might actualy do the meatball recipe! It does need some zhooshing....

Lidian 8/26/09, 9:26 AM  

You really do find the best ads, Tracy!

I am concerned that that little guy head is going to plop into the meatball dish though - and those meatballs are bigger than he is. He sure won't be going "m-m-m-m" then, will he?

Kathy B! 8/26/09, 10:02 AM  

Forget the meatballs... can I zhoosh my house?! It sounds very efficient...

Mary 8/26/09, 10:27 AM  

I can't remember if I commented here or somewhere else about the 1950's Good Housekeeping magazines I found...

But anyway. They had all these adds for sugar and how sugar is essential to growing children because they need it for energy! haha. It actually recommended to mothers to give their children sugar to keep them energized! What a hoot.

Since I can't link to my blog when I comment for some reason, is it okay if I put the address here? Thanks.

Anonymous,  8/26/09, 10:30 AM  

Agree, that actually does look good. Look forward to your post about the zhoosh'd version.

zhoosh! aha! how did you even know it started with "zh"?

ladyjanewriter 8/26/09, 4:28 PM  

zschoozch? Maybe it's the PA Dutchie in me, but I'm tempted to spell it that way.

I can't figure out why the mock drumstick recipe seems oddly alluring. Maybe because I skipped lunch.

chicamom85 8/26/09, 6:20 PM  

I like it, we could all try different versions and report back to you. I love your header, it seems different every time I come to visit(or maybe I am crazy). Horrifically bad, must be the worst of all bads.

Venti Vixen 8/27/09, 2:06 AM  

I heart this post!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/27/09, 2:17 PM  

Vonlipi, Me too. I planned to make it for my son who imformed me he saw it and it sounded awful. I can't believe it. Whats in it that even sounds like it had a flavor?

Lidian - LOLOL!

Mary - LOL, sugar is for kids!

L, no idea it started with a zh - took me half an hour to find that word

ladylane - there are tons of recipes for that because chicken was more expensive than beef!

chica - yeah ive changed the header a few times but im sticking with this for a while :)

Venti - i like this recipe alot :)

Unknown Mami 8/29/09, 3:14 AM  

Thank you, I was looking for a way to cut my meat costs and increase my oatmeal intake. Two birds with one stone.

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