The Crazy Suburban Mom: A little like losing you...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A little like losing you...

When I was pregnant everyone thought I would lose you...


...except me. I trusted you.


Not for one second did I think I would lose you.


Thirty-six weeks later in a flurry of anesthesia, and
scalpels and doctors, there you were. Perfect and calm.
And born.


And everyone was shocked.


But me.


I knew I wouldn't lose you.


But honey, yesterday? Driving you to find a place to live at school...


...felt a little like losing you.


Although I guess it's just another kind of being born.


And I'm going to have to trust you on this one, too.


I'm so proud of you.


Theta Mom 8/15/09, 7:47 AM  

You tugged at my heart on this one!!! It reminded me of when I had to leave my 10 month-old son at day-care for the first time. Life changing experience.

Excellent post.

Anonymous,  8/15/09, 8:52 AM  


mama-face 8/15/09, 11:54 AM  

I'll be doing the same thing on Monday. This is my 3rd child, but it doesn't get any easier.

Such a sweet way to blog about it. I am definitely bringing my camera along.

@eloh 8/15/09, 2:43 PM  

I'm going to have it rough when my "baby" leaves.

With the older three, it was just the normal process...kinda like the last cookie in the box.

Stephanie Reed 8/15/09, 6:19 PM  

Just got back from another college apartment run, and she drives down on Wednesday. So hard.

Lidian 8/15/09, 7:40 PM  

You made me misty, too. My oldest is only a couple of years away from this, and I can't even imagine what it must be like. A virtual hug to you!

Deb 8/15/09, 9:37 PM  

Very sweet post. Good luck!

Helene 8/15/09, 11:30 PM  

Oh this was such a sweet post!!!! I can't even imagine what that day will be like with my own children. This post brought tears to my eyes. My big twins will be starting kindergarten next Wednesday and I'm having a hard time with just that...I can't imagine them leaving for college!!

sheila 8/16/09, 6:59 PM  

Oh now that was just so sweet! I take my oldest on Thursday. *sigh*. Always a new (and scary) adventure, huh?
Good luck to you!

Sofia Smils 8/16/09, 7:08 PM  

It's definitely not just you... broke my heart, this one did, now that Angie is talking about living off on her own. Sigh.

Pollyanna (formerly the Laughing Idiot) 8/16/09, 10:55 PM  

I got teary eyed. I thought it was tearing me up to send my baby to kindergarten on Wednesday, I can't imagine sending her away, away.


Mamatoosi 8/17/09, 11:32 PM  

Aww... so sweet. :)

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