The Crazy Suburban Mom: It's been raining in New Jersey so much my van needs a diaper...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's been raining in New Jersey so much my van needs a diaper...

Okay, see, I know what you're thinking.

Yeah right, you're thinking...


She's just being dramatic.


Her van is not "wearing" a diaper, per se. She's using a diapered van as a metaphor,an allegory, a written image to portray her frustration with the almost constant, droning, endless rain in New Jersey.

To that I say...



And to anyone who thinks I bought adult diapers to write a funny blog post?

Son of HA!

There is a clogged drain by the driver's side windshield wiper leaking, leaking, and leaking onto the driver's side carpets, which haven't been dry since June. (Post is here.) I brought it to the service station and the first suggestion was to let the van dry out. And I have no idea how to do that with no garage and sunny days coming so infrequently.

To the horror of my family, I got the most brilliant idea. I covered the flood-prone intake areas with gigantic adult diapers. Pretty much, unless I'm driving, Depends stay on the hood of my van like sentries because who knows when it's going to rain again? It rains every freaking nine or seventeen hours, I mean how I can risk taking the diapers off?

I'm all over the idea as Einsteinian, while my family is ready to buy nose glasses and only leave the house in the dark. Or when I don't have the diapers on my van. Which is never.

The life of a genius is so lonely.


Julie 8/16/09, 5:38 PM  

Hahaha...great post! I'm off to

Anonymous,  8/16/09, 6:31 PM  

This may be the weirdest manifestation of empty nest syndrome EVER!

sheila 8/16/09, 6:56 PM  

Now that is funny, lol! And why not? Sounds like you guys have have some wacky weather too. I'm in Ohio. Summer finally came full throttle this weekend. But we'll have 4 days of rain starting tuesday, which according to my thinking...should be hitting your way by weeks end. :( sorry.
Thanks for comin over from Harriets, that was a total surprise for me.

Lidian 8/16/09, 7:49 PM  

They laughed at Edison and the Wright Brothers too. And the other Edisons and Wrights were wearing the Groucho disguises. So you must persevere! It really IS a clever idea, PLUS you got such a great post out of it too, so yay! ;)

A Lil Enchanted 8/16/09, 9:58 PM  

What A clever solution!... and I must say you probably have the only van in the world that wears now just hang a pacifier from your rear view and you're all set!

A Lil Enchanted,

Veronica Lee 8/17/09, 3:16 AM  

LOL, that was funny and very clever too!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/17/09, 6:01 AM  

Julie - Hope you liked some of the others, although there were none quite like this one :)

El, oh man, ya think? lol

Sheila - No, say it aint so! More? Rain? omg...

Lidian - See thats what I was thinking :)

A lil - Ohhhh, the pacifier thing is brilliant...

Veronica Lee... thank you, actually your blog is really funny and clever so it pretty much means tons coming from you! Hugs!

shelley 8/17/09, 10:08 AM  

o my goodness that you for my monday morning laugh! it is so funny how "creative" we have to be at times... and as for the rain, i'm am sooooo over this rain this year, just hope whoever is doing this "rain dance" will stop dancing! hope you are staying dry today and your car too!

Theta Mom 8/17/09, 10:44 AM  

LOL! You are too funny with that brilliant idea of yours! I live in NJ as well and the beginning of the summer was such a drag with that rain!

Kathy B! 8/17/09, 11:31 AM  

Console yourself with the fact that genius is rarely recognized in the present, but through the lens of history is almost always celebrated!

MyHaloSlips 8/17/09, 7:23 PM  

HAHA!! I love it. Very ingenious of you!

Mamatoosi 8/17/09, 11:30 PM  

brilliant! i wouldn't be embarrassed about the adult diaper on my vehicle. i would be embarrassed about having to buy them at the store. "they're for my car, I swear!"

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) 8/18/09, 5:17 PM  

You are a genius!! :)

Jen 8/21/09, 2:18 PM  

OMG you are funny! Yeah that rain was insane. We had water dripping from the a/c vent in the bathroom ceiling.

My back patio looked like a lake.

The basement was hit the hardest. Water everywhere. Busted out the good ol shop vac and got up as much as I could. I have a finished basement so the area rug was drenched.

Thank goodness for de-humidifiers and fans. I think the stink is finally gone.

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