The Crazy Suburban Mom: Is this a crack about my weight?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Is this a crack about my weight?

Sunday morning I was surfing around, minding my own business... You know searching for Mom Blogs to read? I went to We Magazines Bloggers to watch list because I found some great Gal Blogs on their last list.

I love their icon 'cause it has a green eye like I do.

Well, I have two, not just the one.


I read Heidi Richards intro....

Every few months I share a list of women bloggers whom I have come in contact with either by a link to their blog, by twitter, google alerts and referrals from other women bloggers. This list of 100 women bloggers was particularly challenging to create. First because there are so many wonderful blogs, how does one pick just 100? And second because I decided to do something different. So instead of just a random listing of women bloggers to watch with a link to their blog, I decided it would better serve our readers to alphabetize the list and include a sentence about the blog.

Please do leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts. And more importantly visit these exceptional women bloggers and LET THEM KNOW where you heard about them!

By the way, if you would like to submit your blog for consideration for a future post on Women Bloggers to Watch, please leave your blog title, the url and a one sentence description in the comments section. I personally review EVERY Blog that is on this list before listing it, and would love to do the same for your woman edited, published, or owned blog. And if you happen to be one our bloggers to watch, CONGRATULATIONS!

I started making my way through the list, visiting, coming back, laughing learning... enjoying... going to get more coffee...reading...

And than I got to number 19 and I'm thinking, Whoa! And Crazy! And Hey, that sounds like me 'cept she lives in the city, right?

And Wow, she's got the same name as me, too...What a coincidence, right? Someone with the same name, and almost the same blog name made the list.

Insert cricket noises here because I am that slow. So very. Very. Slow.

It eventually dawns on me, it's me. But of course it's a mistake so I continue making my way down the list.

Than I get down to number 26 and, Boom.

No really, like Boom. I'm freaking out because there I am again, right? But, like this time it's me. Really me. My blog name, my name. Unmistakably. Me.

See? Here's the list...

19. Crazy Urban Mom with Tracy Reinhardt Don’t judge me til you’ve driven a mile in my minivan

20. Create Your Own Reality Now With Nan Akasha Free your mind and the wealth will follow

21. The Curvy Fashionista with Marie Denee Created as a resource for the Curvy.Confident.Chic. Plus Size Fashionista

22. Customers Rock with Becky Carroll focuses on customers, their experiences and how businesses can make sure their customer experiences rock

23. The 14 Day Experiment with Sheri Collins premier social goal setting blog

24. The Domestic Diva

25. Donna Payne is The Web Coach ~ Insights on marketing and social media, classes and more

26. Crazy Suburban Mom with Tracy Reinhardt Don’t judge me till you’ve gone a mile in my minivan ~ Suburbia, it’s so weird

So, I'm 2 of the woman bloggers to watch in 2009?

I couldn't find a link to email to Heidi so I left this comment...

Heidi, I love, love, love you for making me 2 of the 100 more women bloggers to watch for 2009….but just one would have been fine :)

You’ve got me down as the Crazy Urban Mom and the Crazy Suburban Mom… Technically, I could be either, but I am in the suburbs so lets stick with that one :)


But than I started thinking. Never good, right? I've been on Weight Watchers, okay? And need to lose weight. This week I said I lost a propane grill, last week I said I lost a Hello Kitty bowling ball...

You think I've made myself sound so big I couldn't possibly fit as just one woman blogger to watch? So they made me two of them?

You think being 2 of the 100 woman bloggers to watch makes my ass look fat?


Anonymous,  8/9/09, 9:37 AM  

Trace, congratulations, that's terrific!
Hope you get lots of new traffic from this!
(p.s. sometimes a typo is just a typo! It's not about your fat ass but your fat minivan and your absolutely obese imagination :)

Mamatoosi 8/9/09, 2:24 PM  

It's not fat... it's Phat! ;)

@eloh 8/9/09, 5:33 PM  

Congratulations times hundreds.....Your ass looks fine from here, and your blog deserves all the accolades and more. . .

If I were this woman's boss, I might check out if that is "Irish" coffee she is drinking....Quote: ""I personally review EVERY Blog that is on this list before listing it, ""

Thank God she got it right the second time!

Blog on Tracy, Blog on.

the7msn 8/9/09, 7:30 PM  

I found you 'cause of that crazy WE list. I've been perusing their choices alphabetically and thank god I finally got to the Cs 'cause yours is the first one that is actually worth watching. I don't live in suburbia, but you make me laugh anyway.

chicamom85 8/9/09, 7:50 PM  

No it has nothing to do with your ass, goofy! You have one great blog, it is too big to fit in one space, so it had to be divided among 2 spots. Your blog has a big ass, not you.

giggle Anne

blueviolet 8/9/09, 9:34 PM  

Woohoo! That's such a cool thing. Congrats on being watchable! :)

@eloh 8/10/09, 12:52 AM  

Can we pet Ginger while we watch?

Anonymous,  8/10/09, 1:57 AM  

Congrats! There are only chosen few. I wish you well in all your endeavors! By the way, there's a new social networking site dedicated to parents and kids, it's called - it's a place for Moms, Dads, and Kids! Now, there’s even a chance to win a free iPod Nano!. It would be so nice of you to join our parents’ forums and polls. Thanks a lot and have a great day!

Helene 8/10/09, 4:56 PM  

Wow, congratulations!!!! That is very exciting indeed!!!!!

Deb 8/10/09, 11:15 PM  

Congrats, Tracy!

BTW, I tweeted your food bank post--hope it helps you get your 30 comments.

Mom Mayhem says: 8/11/09, 11:53 AM  

1st Congrats!! I think it just means you're doubly worthy of watching -I always enjoy reading your blog! :)

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