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Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm a Happy Peekster

I've complained on my blog- and off my blog to anyone who'd listen- about my Fred Flintstoneon cell phone. The short version is; it's old but it's works.

I've tried upgrading but always go back to this phone because the newer phones are always lacking.
The problem than becomes I can't access newer features efficiently.


Except texting. Having a teen age son makes unlimited texting a no-brainer. I've had unlimited texting for quite some time. But that's the extent for 21st century phone technology.

My phone texts reasonably well but sometimes I need to check my email. And I would, at a per kilobyte charge.

Reading email on a very small screen with a phone not really meant to do the whole email thing was awkward. The phone constantly refreshed itself to get the entire message. Multiple times. Every. Single. Email. And each time it refreshed I was paying.


I needed a way to access email when away from home and I found it.


That's my Peek Pronto

I found out about the Peek Pronto on Twitter and checked out their website.

This is what I found:

Peek is a simple gadget that allows you to send and
receive email while you're on-the-go. For as little as
$15 a month you’ll never miss another email again.

When I checked out my cell phone carrier rates it would cost me at least $120 a year more than Peek does which was really appealing to me. I tweeted Peek about trying one of these out and they provided me with a Peek Pronto and three months of service. If I wanted to keep the unit after that I will need to take over the account. I will be keeping it.

Here are my thoughts about my Peek Pronto

1. The Peek Pronto is very easy to set up, right out of the box. It has intuitive controls and on-screen hints. There are some short-cuts that make functions a bit faster and I had the Peek Pronto up and running in less than 5 minutes. Probably way less. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts about 2 day depending on use but I normally plug mine in at night. You can access 5 email accounts through your Peek.

2. For me it's very cost-effective. I could not get unlimited email from my cell phone carrier for what I pay for my Peek service. It would cost me at least $120 more a year to upgrade my cell phone plan to allow me to access unlimited email. Taking off unlimited family texting would save me another $120 a year.

3. I can start and stop the Peek service at any time. There are no contracts.

4. I would have to upgrade my cell phone. I have not been happy with the phones that are offered as free or low-cost promotions and a higher-end cell phone would be a minimum of $200. On a good day.

The Peek Pronto is at most, less than half of that and on sale it's frequently quite a bit less than half that.

5. I can also access text messages on my Peek Pronto and it's wonderful to do that. The Peek Pronto's screen is a HUGE compared to what I was using before. It's like going from trying to read a book on a toenail to reading a book on a, well, book.. Fabulous!

6. The Peek website has a technical support forum that is very active. I haven't used it but I've watched it. People post questions and the company addresses them, quickly. That isn't something seen very often and it's impressive.

When I had technical support question I contacted customer service via email and we corresponded in a series of emails. Good customer service is priceless. While it's rarely thought of when you purchase something; poor customer service can make any purchase a nightmare. I am all about customer service. Peek has shown some good quality customer service and I adore that.

What I contacted customer support about was when the controls became sluggish at some point and I thought I had a mechanical issue. It turns out that when the inbox and trash become fuller than the Peek can handle, things slow down. This is fixed by emptying old emails. However, once the Peek slows down trying dump hundreds of emails is slow and the easiest way to clean things out is to reset the peek. It's not a bad option and not as dramatic as it sounds. Your emails remain on your computer anyway, the peek retains your account information and all you need to do is put in you email accounts again.

There is a short-cut that allows you to scroll, highlight all and than delete but for whatever reason that isn't effective for me with a somewhat full Peek. If there was a 'delete all' function it would make deleting the old emails easier and I hope this is in the works.

That said, that's is the only peeve I have about the Peek at all. And I think that is pretty great, personally. I certainly have way more peeves about my cell phone and cell service than that... And my laptop and internet service than that... And my television and satellite service than that... for that matter. And they all cost me way, way more than my Peek does. Every. Single. Month.

The Peek Pronto works great for me. It's all that I need for a price I can't match anywhere. Before I got it I searched around for some reviews and they seem to fall into two categories: People who love their Peeks and people who say, I can get my email but ... than go on to list what it doesn't do. And I really don't get those reviews. It's like buying a house without an indoor pool and than complaining that it has no indoor pool.

As they say on the Peek website:

Peek is a simple gadget that allows you to send and
receive email while you're on-the-go. For as little as
$15 a month you’ll never miss another email again.

My Peek Pronto is great, I love it. It's what I need right now. It would be perfect for people in my situation who want to access their email away from home or people who are looking to reduce their cell phone bill and really don't need all the features they are paying for.

Peek is available directly though the Peek website, at amazon. com, Radio Shack and Target stores. And be sure to follow Peek on Twitter, they do a lot of promotions directly through Tweets.


mama-face 8/15/09, 11:52 AM  

WELL, I have never even heard of this gadget before now, so thanks for the info. I must check into that. No contracts (or very short ones) fabulous. I am totally sick of the 2 year thing.

Thanks again! :)

Dylan 8/16/09, 2:40 AM  

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chicamom85 8/16/09, 4:48 AM  

That was informative, thanks.


@eloh 8/16/09, 7:30 AM  

All this cell phone stuff on is over my head. I feel lucky to simply make a phone call on one.

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