The Crazy Suburban Mom: A boatload of Valium in my future...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A boatload of Valium in my future...

"You know you look like you sleep in a blender, don't you?"

That was the answer I got when I asked her why she bought me new pajamas. And I was torn, ya know? It was kind of sweet about the pajamas. On the other hand it was kind of a drag knowing I'm a mess.

On the other-hand I already knew I looked like an explosion at the fabric store remnant table.

On the other-hand, who wants to hear that out loud?

I could go on but I was out of hands several hands ago.

That happened several days ago and hadn't intended on posting about it but I was just sitting here going through a Good Housekeeping magazine from 1954 and found this ad which is a Random Retro Moment for today.


The ad is for LUX products, producers of the Lux Hollywood Theater
every week (on TV I'm assuming).


And here I was in my not-new pajamas but my explosive ones, sitting... Okay, schulmping on my chair looking at Miss Lux doing housework in a dress, a perfect pressed dress, no less, hot red high heels, earrings and stocking with straight seams. Seams, for Pete's sake!

At first I felt bad and than I thought, Well it's just an ad. Than I read the ad and I realized they were selling stuff to wash stockings and I felt a little better. Than I felt bad again because I really do look awful.

I thought about it a little and realized that woman in the 50's aspired to this but probably couldn't keep up either which is why by the 60's most of them were on Valium. But than I felt bad again because I really am a mess.

Hope there isn't a boatload of Valium in my future.

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Mary 8/27/09, 9:02 AM  

Well she shouldn't have been looking at you in your pajamas anyway! ;)

L. 8/27/09, 9:25 AM  

"I could go on but I was out of hands several hands ago"

Bwaaaaaahahhahahahaha! You are so funny!

Lidian 8/27/09, 9:32 AM  

I wear mismatched pajama bottoms and old T shirts at night, designed by the House of Schlumpi (they are Swuss, possibly), so I can relate entirely.

No one on this planet at ANY time, 50s or not, ever was like this. This is one reason that they are so strange and fascinating - they are visual memos from a parallel, made-up world.

You find the best ads! :) Love the colors on this one, and the loony smiling lady (I suspect that 2 seconds after the photo was taken she went and plopped down in a chair and put on some slippers)

Happy almost-Friday!

Lidian 8/27/09, 9:32 AM  

Swiss, not Swuss. I don't even know what Swuss is.

Buckeroomama 8/27/09, 1:28 PM  

I love the ads that you find!

(Oh... I only wear matched pajama sets during winter. In the summer, I wear old tees and shorts!)

Stacie's Madness 8/27/09, 2:54 PM  

awe, you're funny, that should count for something right? ;)

TheClayMuse 8/27/09, 4:24 PM  

you are not alone, my fiance had to throw away a pair of shorts i had been wearing to bed, you don't want to know how large the ill placed hole had grown before he snuck it in the trash!

@eloh 8/27/09, 5:13 PM  

My sleep and "lounge wear"...oh the horror, the horror.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/27/09, 5:43 PM  

Thanks everyone for letting me know Im not the only explosive one out there...

And @eloh, I probably could have just written

Oh the horror, the horror

as my whole post and left it at that. That pretty much sums up my negligee wardrobe. what the heck happened to me?

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) 8/27/09, 7:38 PM  

The other night when going to bed, my husband asked if I knew that I looked like a clown in the circus...

I said, "YES".

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