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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog Hop Encouragement Mcklinky

This week’s Blog Hop theme is “ENCOURAGEMENT quotes”.

I don't do a lot of these but I like this one a lot and it reminds me of a Wayne Dyer quote - I love Dr. Dyer.

He says: There are so many people in this world looking for occasions to be offended and they’re almost never disappointed.

So true, Dr. Dyer, so true. If you spend your life looking for opportunities to take offense, get angry, feel insulted.... You will rarely be disappointed.

This is Dr. Wayne Dyer's newest book, Excuses Begone.

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Lucky Canuck 8/4/09, 6:10 PM  

Hello from a fellow Blog Hopper,
Just wanted to stop in and say a "hello" to you!

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