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Wednesday, July 22, 2009



@eloh 7/22/09, 4:03 PM  

Are there technical difficulties again?

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/22/09, 4:10 PM  

eloh - kind of a long short story. I took my blog from to just I bought my way out of blogspot, basically.

The problem is I didn't realize that I would have to re-reclaim the blog on technorati - which also means my rating went from 44,000 to the somewhere past 3 million. oh. man. Its a popularity rating and I'm back to the beginning.

I lost the rank on the blog. Everyone who had had a link on their blog to mine... all the rating, I'd built up. Everything 'poof' pretty much.

oh well, better now than in a year I suppose.

But this is what I had tried to do over the week end that screwed everything up - at least the transition worked, albeit with unintended consequences.

Christa 7/22/09, 8:43 PM  

Well now that I read your comment I can't say my comment...ah what the heck!

Very insightful! By far my favorite post to date! Keep up the good work. lol

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/23/09, 5:34 AM  

I agree. That post was deeply insightful and very moving. Poignant, even. In fact Showtime wants to make it a series for their fall line up.

Tracy :)

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