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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why not all things vintage, rock....


I do tend to go on about the vintage thing but man, oh man...

While Carol up there is smiling and pretending she's Our Lady of the Happy Curler I am not buying it.

I'm sure it was a necessary evil but there is no way anyone was putting on a smiley face for real about all that hardware no matter what the Better Sleep Company says about their Inflatable Curler and Hairdo cushion of doom.

I'd rather wake up looking like Shrek.

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The Crazy Suburban Mom


chicamom85 7/25/09, 2:53 PM  

I am with you, but I do remember sleeping in those wicked rollers and waking up in pain.


The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/25/09, 4:50 PM  

I've actually done it because I'm spastic with the blow dryer and my hair is thick and curly and frizzes unless you blow dry 3 hairs at a time but omg - I got an old bonnet dryer and the curlers...did the curler thing (I was a teen ager) it took like 3 hours to dry...I fell asleep and woke up with burns from the hose. So I tried the sleep thing. Woke up with curlers going in random directions. Gave up. Just gave up.

Anonymous,  7/25/09, 7:17 PM  

I'm dating myself here but I remember when my sister used to set her hair using a single Campbell's soup can. Usually Tomato. It did NOT look comfy.

Nanny Dee 7/25/09, 11:04 PM  

My Nana used to look like that! Some nights she would wrap her entire rollered head in a silky turban -- like jiffy pop at the end of it's popping phase!

Vickie 7/25/09, 11:44 PM  

Ewe! Big ouch! My mom used to put curlers in my head. But, it was the soft kind that ties.

Sue 7/25/09, 11:50 PM  

I remember my grandmother sleeping with her hair pinned up and a hair net on.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/26/09, 6:45 AM  

El, I used to do that too. When you have 'big hair' that never goes out of style. You will do anything to keep it down.

Nanny Dee - lol, jiffy pop! thats too funny

Vickie - Im trying to remember if my mom did, she might have but not too much - she woke up with some pretty funky hair a lot so I'm thinking not much if she did

Sue - sue ... Oh the nets! Right lol...they were freaky too! Thanks for visiting back :)

MammaMania 7/26/09, 7:34 AM  

Oh holy hell! That is just WRONG. She is only looking happy because she is dead from sleep exhaustion. She froze that way. No, seriously. That is the only answer.

Anonymous,  7/26/09, 8:04 AM  

Tracey, My sister used an EMPTY Campbell's soup can. It was to maximize her FLIP. Remember the flip? I can never forget as long as there is Campbel's soup. That can really flipped her out!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/26/09, 8:19 AM  

MommaMania - It is so wrong. Funny I thought about writing about her being dead

El, I used empty cans too, the other way...the minimize any possible shape. Two cans on top of my head with the rest wrapped around it. It didnt work for me

Jessica Cangiano 7/26/09, 12:08 PM  

Oh my, she does seem to be trying rather hard to force out that smile. I think sleeping on rollers is very tricky, it takes a deep, soft pillow and even then you toss and turn all night.

When I put my hair up to curl it overnight, I almost always go with either pin curls, rag curls or foam pillow style rollers (the later two are even comfier than pin curls), with a scarf or bandanna tied around my head to help keep the curls in place while get my beauty rest.

Thank you very much for your comment on my blog, I hope you're having a gorgeous weekend, hon!
♥ Jessica

Venti Vixen 7/27/09, 7:44 PM  

How embarrassing is it for your mom to pick you up from school in rollers and an obnoxiously ugly scarf? Really embarrassing.

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