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Monday, July 13, 2009

Why I love community cookbooks...

Perfect example.

This one?


Is a community cookbook from a hospital in the 60's

There are a bunch of pages in the beginning about health, dieting, calories and illnesses as well as some cooking stuff. This being a hospital and all I guess they were going for health.

But the first page of the cookbook proper is household hints. The first hint is this:


And the first recipe is this:


Is it just me? Or is it just bizarre that the first hint is about an ashtray? And that the very first recipe (that has followed a whole section on diets, calories and health) contains:

31 eggs
1 pound of ham
1 pound of bacon
1 pound of salami
1 pound of pepperoni
1 pound of famer's cheese
and a cup of oil or Spry (which is like Crisco, I think)

and that's almost all there is?

I mean. What in the world could this have tasted like?

Or felt like when it hit your stomach for that matter?


El 7/13/09, 6:13 PM  

Does it mention that Aunt Angie was married to a cardiologist?

JUST ME, THE MOM 7/13/09, 6:14 PM  

I love old cookbook also, but it's true you never know what you're going to find inside. One from my Grandmother is a treasure - but it certainly has some interesting recipes.


Christa 7/13/09, 9:16 PM  

oh I wish I had passed on the sausage links tonight...

chicamom85 7/14/09, 2:09 AM  

I am a cookbook collector and I am nuts for these church cookbooks. They can be so funny and sometimes you really come up with an old favorite. The pie recipe is killer, I bet her Aunt Angie didn't live real long, God rest her. I have one from a friends school that is about 20 years old and I use it all the time.


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